Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 547: The United Crowd

The skeletal ape devoured the sun and moon with great authority. The earth cracked before its coming with terrible chasms. The mountains nearby became victims of its steps. As it walked around, its head was slamming into the stars, rendering them to pieces.

Everyone gasped after seeing such a gigantic monster. One of this size was definitely a top existence in any epoch.

“Boom!” The pieces of the stars descended like meteors. Each could pierce the earth, resulting in an apocalyptic scene. After they crashed, they made lava gush out from the impact spots.

No one dared to get close after seeing this scene. Even High Gods were staying far away from this battlefield.

The ape opened its palm. The five skeletal fingers blotted out the world and instantly stopped the slash from the young emperor. Even this imperial attack couldnt cut off its fingers.

“Buzz.” Li Qiyes Death Chapter emerged with billowing death energy. A series of clanking laws imprinted the mark of the chapter on the dead ape.

“Rawr!” The skeletal frame suddenly had flesh then fur growing from it. In the blink of an eye, an alive and jumping ape appeared before everyone.

Its golden fur was shining. From the distance, it looked like a mountain of gold, emitting a very tempting light. This behemoth was majestic with a pair of solar eyes. A scorching heat emanated from them. It looked like this ape didnt need to do much to annihilate the earth in the blink of an eye.

Everyone became slack-jawed. Was this really rebirth for the ape?

Of course, this wasnt the case. The Death Chapter merely allowed it to revert back to an older state. It was still only a skeleton

“Just an illusion, cant reach the apex!” This didnt fool the young emperor for he could see the truth.

“Boom!” His Heavens Will unleashed an endless power. The three swords hymned and slashed down in unison, capable of turning all things to ashes.

“Roar!” The ape retaliated by opening its mouth to fire a sun-moon beam across the sky. The world became bleak, robbed of its colors!

This beam contained the essences of the sun and moon, and far from just one each. The beast had devoured countless suns and moons in order to possess this attack. The beam could travel through time itself with endless power.

“Clank!” The beam stopped the three swords once more.

Li Qiye found it boring to play with someone at Wildlad Heaven Emperors level. He said insipidly: “Take your time playing.”

With that, he gestured towards the group again to leave.

“Where do you think youre going!” The young emperor was about to unleash another majestic slash in front of Li Qiyes path. But from start to finish, he couldnt earn a single glance from the guy.

Before he could finish the swing, the apes sun-moon beam had crossed through space and aimed straight for his Heavens Will.

The aghast emperor turned his attention towards this attack and slashed straight at the beam. Otherwise, his will would be grievously injured.

The Heavens Wills represented everything for the emperors. Thus, damages to one would result in unimaginable consequences.

Since the emperor was preoccupied with the ape, he could only watch Li Qiye slowly walk away.

The crowd was shocked beyond words.. Outside of their own peers, no one would treat an emperor like this.

Plus, Li Qiye took it a step by further by treating the guy like air even before becoming a god or an emperor himself, as if the emperor was a complete nobody.

Furthermore, he wasnt all talk either and truly backed it up just now. Arrogance turned into invincibility when he could stay true to his claim. Thus, people felt their hair standing on ends. This Li Qiye fella was something else.

“Who the hell is he?!” A High God was lost in speculation. An unknown junior was looking down on an emperor like that?

Shi Hunlin quickly took the juniors and gave chase after Li Qiye left.

“Hehehe, Big Bro, you are unbeatable, just one wave of the hand is enough to suppress an emperor. Why didnt you kill him to build on your prestige?” After catching up, Wu Qi immediately turned into a sycophant.

“Who told you to leave?” Li Qiye ignored the flattery and asked flatly.

“…” Wu Qi had no response.

“Young Noble, it was my mistake for something like this to happen.” Hunlin quickly stepped up and admitted his fault in order to save Wu Qi.

Li Qiye didnt say anything and simply glared at him. This made Hunlin stricken with fear and couldnt speak at all.

As a High God with three totems, he had experienced and weathered all the storms on top of seeing all kind of characters. But now, just this stare alone from Li Qiye has shaken him to the core.

He kept his mouth shut with his hands kept down just like a junior that had done something wrong, no longer daring to speak up for Wu Qi.

“It was my fault.” The frightened boy mustered all of his courage and apologized: “I kept on bothering Senior Shi to go see Wildlad Heaven Emperor.”

Do note that this guy was a stubborn brat back in his own clan, a source of headaches for many of the seniors there. Alas, his skin was thick enough to not be afraid of beatings. Thats why the seniors couldnt do much after capturing him.

But now, he became an obedient child admitting his own mistake right away.

“There are many blood-sucking monsters in the wildland. Do it again and Ill throw you into their nest.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

Wu Qi didnt dare to run his mouth and kept his head lowered.

Li Qiye was too lazy to keep on scolding them. He continued on with the rest right behind him. The group didnt dare to breathe loudly now. This Li Qiye clearly looked younger than them but they chased after him like a bunch of juniors.

“I knew you would cause trouble!” Wu Fengying scowled and quietly said before slapping Wu Qis head and gave him a mean stare.

Wu Qi actually didnt dare to retort and tease his sister this time around.

Li Qiye didnt take the group deeper into the wildland but rather back to Eternal.

The captain personally greeted him and was surprised to see his quick return.

Li Qiye told the rest to leave. Once they were alone, he spoke to the captain: “Where are your emperors?”

“Sir, Their Majesties are staying in their grottos, not daring to observe because of your previous instructions.” The captain immediately responded.

Li Qiye nodded and handed him a letter: “Give this to your emperors, time is of the essence!”

The captain shuddered after hearing this and respectfully accepted it: “Sir, this lowly one will send it right away.”

“Go.” Li Qiye ordered but he was reminded of something else: “Oh right, if you have sect members around the wildland, tell them to leave or dont blame me for a lack of warning once they die.”

“This lowly one understands.” The captain realized that something big was going on and quickly bowed before leaving.

Li Qiye then went on his business again. Once they made it out of Eternal, the princess asked: “Where are we going now?”

“To watch Jin Ges ascension.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

The group was astonished to hear this. Li Qiye wants to go right during the ascension?

“Ha, Big Bro, you want to ruthlessly trample him?” Wu Qi became excited and said: “Still taking him down after he becomes an emperor. Well see who dares to besmirch your name in the future after this feat. Hehe, Jin Ge will be the first emperor in history who got a beat down right after his ascension.”

Wu Qi could already imagine the scene of an emperor with his teeth knocked down all over the ground. It was indeed a very excitable event.

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