Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 47: Dao Instruction Life Teaching 1

The group left together, but they didnt directly go to the Undying Gate. Instead, Li Qiye found a secret place to hide Sima Yujian in order to heal her.

Despite her heavy injuries, Li Qiye had the Heaven Restoration Ointment so this was not a problem at all. After applying the medicine, she was quite shocked since she could feel her wounds recover at a rapid pace. Shortly afterward, both her internal and external injuries were cured without leaving the tiniest scar.

She was moved by this from understanding just how precious this incredible medicine was, yet Li Qiye still gave it to her. Next, Li Qiye took out the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron and controlled its flames. This fire actually liquefied and turned into a scintillating amber fluid.

Fire changing into water was an inconceivable endeavor. This cauldron fire control has reached the apex of mastery.

When this water emitted a wondrous light, Li Qiye ordered: “Take off your clothes and get in.”

She immediately glared at him. Although her eyes no longer had a murderous intent, they were still as cold as ice.

“Hey, since when did you change from Ego King to a big pervert?” She glared at him as well after noticing that Yujian was fine and indignantly said: “You are using this opportunity to take advantage of a young lady! Damn pervert, Ill teach you a lesson!”

Having said that, she stomped on his foot as usual.

Li Qiye flicked his finger and pushed her outside while flatly saying: “It would be too easy for me to take advantage of her, theres no need to come up with an excuse.”

Yujian coldly said: “My wounds are healed.”

“I know.” Li Qiye leisurely replied: “Im not healing but rather expelling something for you instead. Otherwise, dont think about going to the Spirit Abyss since you wont be able to hide there.”

She turned silent from not understanding his intention.

“Hmph, you are too weak. You cant even master the Coiling Dragon Sword yet you still dare to go to the abyss.” He flatly said: “You still dont know what lies at the bottom of the abyss.”

“What is it?” Yujian still asked despite her emotionless demeanor. In fact, she had done her research on the abyss before attempting the assassination.

“They arent things you can provoke.” He replied: “You will light up like a candle once you step inside the abyss. With the way you are now, you simply cant utilize your stealth there. Under its light, they would be able to see you clearly like their reflection in a mirror.”

She had indeed failed this time. In fact, the whole event was still puzzling her. In terms of strength, even with the suppression at work, her Godslaying Dao and other assassination techniques along with traps and treasures should have been enough to kill the target.

Recalling the whole incident, it was indeed quite strange. At the climax of the hunt, the enemy seemed to know where she was coming from and laid out a great trap for her. She didnt understand why they were aware of her location when she was the only one who knew about the assassination.

“Get in already.” Li Qiye didnt want to waste words and ordered again.

When Li Qiye turned serious, even Xiaoxiao — who was spoiled by him — didnt dare to say anything.

Yujian hesitated for a moment but chose to take off her clothes in a very stiff and unnatural manner. Despite being a ruthless killer, she still felt bashful at times.

Keep in mind that she was completely pure. Not to mention taking off her clothes in front of a man, she had never experienced any intimate contact with others before. Thus, stripping before Li Qiye was extremely embarrassing for an innocent girl like her. Nevertheless, she still took them off despite having trouble adapting.

The entire place lit up with her splendor. Anyone would marvel this scene and be lost in admiration. The bare beauty ahead was too beautiful.

Her fair skin was no different from white jade. Her slender waist, naturally ample breasts, and her round and plump buttocks left no room for criticism.

The most captivating things were the two red dots before her breasts; they looked like two blossoming flowers. There was a sense of incomparable tenderness as well as the shyness of a maiden. Such a sexy scene was too difficult to describe since the only thing people could hear would be the sound of their beating heart.

A figure as brilliant as the color of ice — this was not an exaggeration to describe Yujians beauty. Her creamy skin gave a cool feeling as if she was an ice sculpture. All would be stirred by this painting. Her name was very apt and in accordance with her beauty.

“So pretty… so big…” Xiaoxiao praised and smiled coquettishly: “Let me touch them a little bit.”

She reached for Sima Yujian but the naked woman dodged right away from embarrassment. Being an assassin didnt completely override certain feminine characteristics.

Li Qiye looked at her wonderful figure and insipidly said: “Go in, dont delay this for too long.”

For him, her soft body was marvelous indeed. However, he had seen more than enough in the past, some even more beautiful and seductive than Yujian. Thus, she was only average in his eyes.

Yujian didnt say anything and quietly sank into the cauldron to be immersed in the fiery liquid. She was puzzled as well. As an assassin, she never paid attention to her own appearance. However, she felt a sense of loss, a sense of defeat after being stared at by Li Qiye.

Despite not caring, she was still a supreme beauty after all and could definitely be placed among the top ten in Heaven Spirit. However, he only gave her a nonchalant glance when she was standing naked before him as if she was no different from all the other existences in the world, as if she was another trifling and common spectacle. In any case, she felt a bit frustrated. It was more difficult to calm down from this compared to the failed assassination earlier.

At this time, under Li Qiyes control, the fiery liquid began to flow as if it was washing her or helping her expel something. After a while, strands of light rose from the water. To be more exact, these strands seemed to be crumbling. They had been hiding in her body, and the cauldrons fire finally expelled them.

He resoundingly commanded: “Get ready. Protect your dao heart and steady your vitality, do not be shaken.”

She took a deep breath and followed his order.

“Pluff!” The fiery water suddenly turned into lines as thin as silk. These little lines shot into her body as if wanting to penetrate her completely.

She couldnt help but quiver from the pain. At this time, these meticulous lines dragged out an item from her body. This was a tiny dao rune that was locked by the fiery lines so it couldnt move at all.

“What is this?” Xiaoxiao was taken by surprise.

Yujian was even more astounded. She had been struck by someones dao rune without noticing at all!

Li Qiye explained: “The moment you set foot in the Spirit Abyss, its holy light enveloped you. Without the abyss permission, this light left an indelible mark on you. Because of this, you cant hide there. It didnt matter what kind of techniques you employed, they could see you clearly.”

Her mind slightly trembled. She didnt think that the abyss had such a mystery and finally understood why her assassination had failed completely.

He said: “Come out now.”

She stood up like an elegant lotus rising on the surface of the water. The radiance of spring filled the room. The water beads dripping down from her white breasts were too temptatious.

“She really is pretty.” Contrary to Li Qiyes nonchalant attitude, Xiaoxiao relished this sight despite being a girl.

Yujian was inevitably shy for her first time leaving water in plain sight of a man. She hurriedly put on her clothes.

“Poof!” The fire suddenly erupted like a volcano and burned the lights and the dao rune to ashes, leaving nothing behind.

[1] Yujian means Jade Sword.

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