Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 534: Immortal Medicines Begging To Be Taken Along

Devouring eighteen countries? Just how many lives were lost from this? Anyone would naturally shudder in response. Even though some experts have killed countless for murder was a common occurrence in the thirteen continents, the immense scale of this was a whole different story.

Just imagine, cultivators like them were only food for someone else.

“I have heard of this.” Hunlin said with a tinge of emotion: “Numerous emperors became enraged and personally went on a hunt to kill them. From then on, these monsters had to run back to their nests and rarely appeared again. I didnt expect to see them here now.”

Li Qiye looked at the group and said flatly: “They still havent given up after so many years and want to try again.”

Shi Hunlin commented: “Rumor has it that they belong to the dead and are very scary. Those who have seen their real face would be extremely frightened. Can something be that hideous in this world?”

“Hideous is not enough to describe them.” Li Qiye answered: “Theyre monsters not belonging to our epoch. It is their fortune that they werent killed off in the past.” A cold glint flashed in his eyes after finishing the last sentence.

“Really now?” Wu Qi remained skeptical and laughed: “I have seen ugly people but ugly enough to frighten someone to that level? Thats too exaggerated.”

“Try saying that again after you see their real face.” Li Qiye replied.

Before Wu Qi could answer, Li Qiye suddenly disappeared. In the next second, he was already before the group of Forsaken Bloods.

“Its Fiercest!” Since all eyes were on this particular group, someone instantly spotted Li Qiye.

“What does he want?” The majority was still fearful of him after the display back at Buddhist Plain.

The group of Forsaken Blood also stopped. They had an austere aura while staring at him but no one spoke up.

“Remove your veil and show yourself.” Li Qiye casually pointed at one member and ordered.

However, no one in the group reacted. They were still completely silent like a bunch of dead corpses staring at him.

“Fiercest is so fierce, not giving a crap about anyone.” One spectator pointed out after seeing Li Qiyes domineering act.

“Looks like I have to do it myself.” Li Qiye smirked and raised his finger forward. This strike aimed straight for one of the members.

This person was very strong. The word heaven-defying wasnt enough to describe him but he couldnt dodge the particular strike. Li Qiye had locked the temporal-spatial spheres in the area.

“Ba!” The strike destroyed the black robe covering him, revealing his true form.

The spectators hair stood on end after seeing the person. This looked like a body with the form of a human but it wasnt made from regular skin and flesh. Bloody tendon strings wove and twisted together as the main structure. When these strings moved, they looked like monstrous insects creeping together.

There was no skull. At the top was a bag of flesh resembling a sunflower. It spread to reveal eight separate petal-like sections with countless thorns growing inside.

“Rawr!” The monster howled and tried to bite Li Qiye with its jaw-like head.

Moreover, the fleshy thorns inside instantly grew longer like tentacles and formed a hook, wanting to latch onto Li Qiye!

“Hmph.” Li Qiye simply snorted with his eyes flashing.

The monstrous creature suddenly retreated back to its spot after seeing his glare. It was as if it had met its nemesis and didnt dare to take half a step forward. This creature was blessed with a keen sense so it knew of its opponents power.

It covered itself with another concealing black robe.

“Ugh.” Someone vomited at this time after seeing the monsters appearance. It was truly disgusting.

“Oh mother, what the hell is that thing?” Numerous felt their legs trembling and turned pale from fear.

“The Forsaken Blood Race.” An ancestor from a bigger sect recognized the identity of the monster and became frightened.

“Sir, we are only here to offer our respect without any nefarious intention or anything out of line. If we have offended you in any way, please let us know.” A different individual shrouded in the same style came out. Judging from its voice, one could tell that it was quite old.

“Its nothing, I only want the world to remember your real face.” Li Qiye said.

The guy pondered for a moment and eventually said: “Sir, bothering you is not our intention. Please excuse us.”

It was hard to connect this humble tone to the creatures appearance. One would think that it was a gentleman speaking.

“I have never judged a book by its cover.” Li Qiye replied: “I only want the world to remember an old tragedy, that there are those with insatiable desire hiding in the darkness.”

The creature took a while before answering in the same polite tone: “We do not dare to have evil thoughts, we only wish to live on in desolate places.”

Li Qiye smiled and stopped troubling them. He took one step and returned back to his peak.

The group of Forsaken Bloods didnt dare to linger and quickened their pace. They disappeared into the wildland.

People were watching them the whole time and were still afraid even after they were gone.

“What are those monsters? Ive never heard of them before.” One person asked.

“Does this race want to come out again? Itll be a disaster if this is the case. No, I must tell the ancestors. Looks like Fiercest has good intention, wanting to warn everyone about the return of this race.” One ancestor found the whole thing dreadful.

“Did your legs tremble?” Li Qiye looked at Wu Qi after returning.

“Im still okay.” Wu Qi smiled in response. Though his legs didnt tremble, it wasnt a good feeling as if he had swallowed a fly on accident. Quite a nauseating experience.

“They havent shown themselves in a long time. Why are they here?” Shi Hunlin felt unease.

“This is, in a sense, returning to their root.” Li Qiye looked at the wildland and answered: “They came with a plan this time. If successful, it might be a disaster for Pure.”

“Is this the legendary darkness?” The princess heart skipped a beat. Li Qiye had mentioned the darkness several times so she thought of it after seeing this race.

“Theyre not qualified to be called darkness.” Li Qiye said: “When the darkness comes, they are only mere ants in comparison.”

The princess had no response. She knew nothing about the darkness but one thing was for certain – this darkness was of an apocalyptic nature.

“Damn, such a race actually exist. Where did they come from?” It took a while before Wu Qi finally relaxed.

“They arent really considered a race, just near-dead monsters.” Li Qiye revealed: “Their origin is over there!” He pointed at the wildland.

“What? Isnt that impossible, from the wildland? Wild Bloods are indeed around but they cant leave this place.” Hunlin was surprised.

“This is a remnant epoch, their time is long gone now. Nothing from this epoch can appear and walk on this world again. The moment they come out, billions of years would pass by, turning them to ashes instantly.” Li Qiye paused for a bit before continuing: “However, an ambitious group had an incredible idea. They wanted to bring Wild Bloods from this place to the outside world by using a heaven-defying method to breed the creatures here with living beings. This gave birth to a new existence but it was still going against the heavenly dao. The end result was this near-dead abomination with difficulties reproducing, the Forsaken Bloods.”

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