Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 533: Mysterious Lamp

Eternal slowly steered for the dock. It was a gigantic cliff. Remember how large Eternal was? This cliff was even more massive, just like a divine wall spanning for billions of miles in this expanse, not allowing anyone to pass.

This was the entrance to Remote Wildland and also the safest location due to this cliff. It could stop any attacking power so all the ships decided to anchor here.

The passengers were staring at the wildland from the observation deck only to see dust-storms and fog in the far darkness. It looked as if a gigantic beast was squatting down across the boundless sky.

Despite not having a panoramic view, just staring at a single corner was enough to stir the crowd.

There were peaks towering to the sky with stars hovering around them. Their pinnacle was located among the depth of the galaxy. It was a majestic and moving scene.

However, many of these peaks have been destroyed. Some were cut horizontally, other vertically. Another has been completely uprooted from the ground and was floating in space. Many boulders and debris were just floating around aimlessly.

In the sky were many great stars. Upon closer inspection, there were actually galaxies being dragged to this place.

Both the stars and the galaxies containing them were annihilated as well. Some stars were penetrated completely as if an ultimate finger strike happened here. Another was trampled from what seemed to be a giant walking across space. Little bits and pieces of remnant stars were everywhere; perhaps an attack had devastated these galaxies…

Everyone gasped after seeing the magnificent spectacles in the wildland. They felt that this was worth the trip even without entering the place.

“Remote Wildland…” These images engraved into the spectators mind.

These experts exchanged a glance before hesitation struck them. A few first-timers had grand ambition for this place. They even declared that they wouldnt come back before finding something amazing.

Alas, after actually seeing the place, they became nervous and feeble. What kind of monstrous power was required to destroy this world ahead?

In the past, they have heard the tales of the wildland. It was known to be a perilous place that even emperors might not return from. But of course, experiencing it in person stirred them much more than words and robbed them of their confidence.

“Do we still want to go?” A junior asked his senior.

The senior didnt answer, unable to make a decision in a short time.

“Creak.” Li Qiye opened the door and came out.

“Young Noble.” The princess quickly greeted him.

Li Qiye nodded and looked at the group. Wu Fengying was smiling at him. Today, she had the old suit of armor on but she was still different from normal. She clearly tidied up more and had a fitting hairstyle for the armor. This made her look much more feminine and even more beautiful. It wasnt a heroic temperament but a gentle one, especially when she revealed her soul-stealing smile.

“Hehehe, Brother, are we entering?” Wu Qi cheerfully asked.

Li Qiye glanced at him without answering before shifting his gaze towards the wildland.

His place was one of the highest locations on Eternal so he had quite a good view of the place.

Eternal had anchored but it had also released the stairs for anyone to leave. Nevertheless, no one had actually left the ship due to the dangerous nature of this place. Just the slightest mistake would end with death.

Apprehension permeated the atmosphere but a group suddenly appeared. They were the first to want to depart for the wildland. This wasnt the only thing that attracted attention because their mysterious aura was even more conspicuous.

There were only a few dozen people wearing a loose, black robe. They didnt only cover their figure and face but also used a special method to hide everything. Even a heavenly gaze wouldnt be able to penetrate this to see their real appearance.

They were lifting what seemed to be a wooden coffin. It was also covered in black cloths.

“Who are they?” Many became curious about this mysterious group.

Alas, no one could point out their identity because none of the members was seen previously on Eternal. Perhaps they have never shown their face ever since they boarded the ship, not until it had arrived at Remote Wildland.

Of course, the captain naturally knew who they were but due to his position, he didnt want to reveal information about his own passengers to others.

“Theres an ominous aura to that group, how strange.” Shi Hunlin who was also standing on the high peak immediately took interest in this group. He was powerful enough to notice something.

“Ominous aura? What do you mean?” Wu Qi looked over and asked: “Mysterious indeed, very secretive. Are they doing something they dont want others to know?”

“Thats not something you can sense.” Hunlin explained: “They dont have life essence, not one of us at all! They dont belong to any race.”

“They are members of the Forsaken Blood Race.” Li Qiye stared at the coffin and revealed without emotion.

“Forsaken Blood!” Hunlin was startled: “The race in the legends? They actually exist!”

“They are ancient existences, old beyond your imagination.” Li Qiye said.

“What is this race?” Even someone as knowledgeable as Fengying hasnt heard of this race before.

“A very terrorizing race.” Hunlin said: “According to the old tales, they are a brutal race. Anything that comes close to their nest will certainly be killed. Thats why their nests were so feared as places of doom. I have never seen these guys before either because they dont socialize with outsiders. They are an isolated race, very mysterious and bizarre. But some do say that they are bad luck, nothing good will come of their presence.” His expression turned serious.

“Why do people say that? They carry some plague?” Wu Qi was full of curiosity.

“Because they are cannibals.” Li Qiye nonchalantly revealed to the excited youth: “They eat people alive, not even leaving bones behind.”

“Really?” Wu Qi was slightly surprised: “But thats not too bad. There are plenty of evil people in this world, there have been cannibalistic experts in the thirteen continents before.”

“Because they only eat people.” Li Qiye looked at him and said: “In order to reproduce, they must eat a different race or theyll go extinct.”

“They have to eat both men and women?” Wu Qi was scared out of his mind.

“They arent really people, only a bunch of monsters, or dead creatures.” Li Qiye said: “They dont belong to this world so reproduction is very difficult. Despite eating and reproducing, their number dwindles down more and more. There was a period when they crazily ate the experts from all the races. The stronger, the better, because they want to refine the essence blood of their food in order to increase the odds of reproducing. Alas, the probability is still very low so they actually devoured the experts of eighteen countries during this period.”

“Eighteen countries…” The princess and Fengying shuddered.

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