Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 532: Opening The Coffin

Li Qiyes comment caught Wu Fengying off guard. She stood there awkwardly, not knowing the right words to say.

“You go, Sis, this is good.” The younger brother immediately applauded with a smile while quietly speaking: “Grab the opportunity to win the guy over now.”

“Wu Qi!” She turned red and turned into a raging dragon again, rushing closer to beat her brother up.

The guy immediately squatted down while covering his head to withstand the barrage. Nevertheless, he was still running his mouth fearlessly in order to tease her: “Sis, youre too heartless. Im clearly teaching you how to win a man over but now, youre hitting me? I wont help you any more then.”

“Shut your mouth!” Fengying was in a tough spot. All was well but now she had acted so weirdly in front of Li Qiye, all because of this damn brat! Thus, only more fists raining down on him would make her feel better.

“Alright, alright, Ill shut up, Ill shut up.” Wu Qi was still running his mouth despite claiming otherwise “Sis, even if you make me shut up, it doesnt change the fact that youre mistreating your own brother so badly after finding a crush, Im still your brother…”

In a short time, the sister continued to punch while the brother grabbed his head for self-defense while endlessly teasing.

The princess didnt know what to do besides covering her mouth. This duo can be such clowns sometimes.

Fengying eventually got tired and stopped. Meanwhile, despite the battering earlier, Wu Qi was still fine and well. It looked like he had been used as a punching bag for a while now so he got used to it.

After stopping, she noticed that Li Qiye was smiling to the side. It made her too embarrassed to look at him so she glared at her brother again.

On the other hand, Wu Qi didnt mind at all and stood there not giving a damn. He patted the dust off his body and stood up. With a relaxed attitude, he came over and bowed deeply at Li Qiye: “My name is Wu Qi, the seventh in the family, nice to meet you, Brother-in-law.”

Surprisingly, his gesture was very elegant and appropriate to the occasion just like a child from a great clan, outside of the last part. The sudden shift in attitude would sometimes make others think that he was putting on an act. Alas, this was just his frivolous style.

“Idiot!” Fengying angrily shouted at him while avoiding Li Qiye.

Wu Qi immediately got behind Li Qiye then peeked out his head and smiled at Fengying: “Sis, remember, be ladylike. If you keep on howling like a lioness all day, youll disappoint Brother-in-law.”

Fengying had the urge to vomit blood but she didnt dare to give him another lesson since he was behind Li Qiye.

Li Qiye smiled and dragged Wu Qi out before giving him the side-eye: “A powerful bloodline of the citadel, looks like your sect is treating you as the orthodox successor.”

Wu Qi laughed and said: “Ah, Brother-in-law, my sister is the main branch. Shell be in charge of the sect, Im just a nobody.”

“If youre not the main line, then why would they give you their important artifact?” Li Qiye leisurely said.

“Just a coincidence, just a coincidence.” Wu Qi smiled wryly and became slightly nervous. He felt naked before Li Qiyes nonchalant gaze. Even his biggest secret had been revealed by Li Qiye. This was truly scary.

“Hmph, youre saying that my Citadel Lord position is unjustified and undeserving?” Fengying didnt like how he was praising her brother.

He looked at her and chuckled: “You cultivate the Fiendish Manifestation so you are qualified to become the Citadel Lord. However, hes definitely the main successor. This is how the citadel has always been.”

She snorted and didnt retort. Of course, she was also avoiding direct eye-contact the entire time.

“Brother-in-law, what is this about being the orthodox successor, youre putting it too elegantly. Frankly, Im just a stallion. If I had the choice, I wouldnt want to be one.”

Li Qiye ignored this complaint and said: “If the two of you keep on messing around, Ill throw you off Eternal next time.” With that, he turned away.

Fengyings mouth was open since she wanted to say something as he was walking back into his room but she didnt have the courage.

Once he made it to the door, he suddenly stopped and turned his head: “The truth is, that pink outfit is very nice on you, kingdom-toppling indeed.” With that, he disappeared into the room.

His sudden praise left her in a daze. When she regained her wits, she naturally covered her face, who knows if it was from being shy or happy.

She felt that she had lost all face today, not expecting to win a praise at the very last moment from Li Qiye. This was happiness coming too sudden.

“Hehehe, Sis, its looking good.” Wu Qi snuck next to her and said: “As the saying goes, when a man courts a woman, he must overcome a mountain. When a woman courts a man, there is only a piece of paper in between. Im sure my sister is too charming. Just keep trying, you got him right where you want him.”

“Im not listening to you anymore, Wu Qi!” Fengying gave him a fierce stare but she was in quite a good mood. There was no ensuing punishment.

“Big Sis Mengying, do you need me for anything here, how about I become your assistant?” Fengying came over and held the princess arm with a very obedient and familiar attitude.

The princess smiled wryly. She didnt say anything but she knew full well that nothing would come from this due to Li Qiyes identity. It wasnt as simple as it seemed.

Wu Qi saw his sisters action and quickly added: “Im her brother but Ive never seen her act so nice to me, but now, shes trying so hard for a stranger, someone that had even beat her up before. Sigh, women, nothing can save them from love.” He seemed quite pleased with this development.

Meanwhile, Eternal has been moving continuously and had finally reached Remote Wildland.

“We have arrived at the wildland. Everyone, get ready. We will be anchoring at the cliff nearby for one month before starting our return journey. Please be mindful of the time.” The captains voice echoed across the ship.

“Were here!” A few people became excited and nervous at the same time, especially the first-timers.

People rushed out of their room and stared at the land from the deck. Even Jilin Princess immediately stood up and looked around.

“Hehe, time for me to grab a supreme weapon and sweep through the world.” Wu Qi started stretching as if he was about to go all out.

“No need to dream about a supreme weapon. Just seeing the wildland and broadening your horizon then coming back alive is already lucky enough. Only emperors or top-level gods can obtain treasures here. Only the luckiest among ordinary people could actually find something.” Shi Hunlin sitting nearby smiled and shook his head.

This High God was knowledgeable enough, far more than the juniors.

“Hehehe, with a High God senior like you tagging along, we can do whatever we want here.” Wu Qi quickly flattered him.

Hunlin said: “No need for flattery, a minor god like me is nothing in the wildland. If we stay at the border, I can guarantee your safety to a certain extent but if you want me to go deeper, thats a no go. Even an emperor with eleven wills had died in there. My incapable self is not enough for anything.”

Despite being a High God, Hunlin was amicable enough to converse with other juniors. This was a rare thing.

The young ones shuddered after hearing the High God. This wasnt just him scaring them.

“Its fine, I believe in Seniors abilities.” Wu Qi was still all smiles.

“If you want to travel around here, then follow Young Noble Li. Hes much more reliable than my old bones. In fact, Im also just tagging along behind him and riding his coattails.” Shi Hunlin said.

1. A CN version of “hoes before bros”. It is flexible enough to use it in any situation

2. Qi means seventh Previous ChapterNext Chapte

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