Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 529: Secret Among Grave Secrets

After finishing the supply run, Eternal started again on the path to Remote Wildland.

The wildland was the last stop of Exploration Grounds and also its most deserted region. This was naturally due to its notorious perils. Not to mention ordinary experts, even gods and emperors could die in there.

During the long journey, Eternal became serene because very few passengers were heading for the wildland. Even those rich enough wouldnt dare to take this fatal risk.

Li Qiye cultivated along the way without coming out. Wu Fengying had come to find him several times but was turned away by the princess. He gave an order of not seeing any guest on top of sealing the space around him.

Strange enough, Wu Fengying didnt cause trouble either and waited quietly. The princess continued doing her duty well while the inside of the room was completely silent.

This made the princess think that Li Qiye was focused on cultivating and understanding the supreme grand dao.

Little did she know that the room was actually empty. He wasnt in the room at all and only sealed the space there.

In fact, he wasnt even inside Eternal. No one knew when he had left since his whereabouts was untraceable even for twelve-will emperors.

The truth was that even going to Remote Wildland was only an excuse. His real goal was to meet a particular person. It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that this was his purpose in Pure.

This was a top-secret meeting, no one else was allowed to know about it.

In a spatial location unbeknownst to other, everything was being concealed. Other existences have no way of calculating the things going on in this place, not even overlords and top emperors.

It was a secretive location outside of the heavens eyes. He sat there quietly, seemingly becoming one with this mystical space. Secretive wasnt enough to describe this place. Only two people were aware of its location. One was Li Qiye; the other was the person he was waiting for.

Even Immortal Emperor Min Ren back then didnt know of it. There was a tale inside, one that could never be revealed.

Eventually, space fluctuated and the person he was waiting on had finally arrived.

This person was just as mysterious as this location. His figure, symbol, identity, and name were completely concealed. No one could ever divine any of it.

“Youre late.” Li Qiye said with a smile. He was the only person who knew of this persons identity.

“The way is long, its not that easy to get here. Plus, too many eyes so leaving home is hard.” The person smiled back.

“It ’s time for this generation to come and go.” Li Qiye said.

“Even if it doesnt come, it is still time to end this since you have decided to depart.” The person replied.

“Indeed.” Li Qiye smiled: “After sweeping through all the bothersome fellas is when I have to leave so that I can start the final battle without any worries.”

“Are you confident?” The person seriously said: “If you could come back triumphantly, then the problems here are simply trivial, you can dust them away like cobwebs.”

“Who can be completely confident on this path? Too many have tried before but none has been successful. Its not as simple as starting an entirely new epoch!” Li Qiye replied.

The person contemplated in silence and found himself agreeing. No one knew what would be after the final battle even with a victory.

“This is my insurance.” Li Qiye said: “After finishing the problematic ones here, I can continue on with peace of mind. More importantly, even if I cant come back alive, the current darkness wont be around in this place since they would already be taken care of. So, the fate of the world will be up to you in the future in that case. Lets see whether you and the others can lead the world through it or not.”

“Im also not a world savior, this path is not for me to protect.” The person smiled and shook his head.

“Who knows?” Li Qiye responded: “Im a butcher in everyones mind. As for emperors like yourself, Im here as the dark hand behind the curtain.”

“You always refuse this notion but you have always been the one unable to let go. Why not let the world know?” The person said.

“Dont you have a secret identity too? How many are actually aware of it?” Li Qiye said: “You could have chosen a different path but you continued on this one? Why is that? My reputation is meaningless to me, its fine that nothing is left of me in this epoch too! Im just doing what I want, thats all, not trying to be a savior or a guardian.”

The person stopped bringing this up because it was indeed their choice. One wrong move and they would be denounced by the world for an eternity! If they were to fail, then they would be branded as evil monsters!

Nevertheless, they stuck with their path because without doing so, darkness would descend even before the inevitable destruction in the future.

“What about those old geezers?” They finally got to the point. This was a heaven-shaking plan they have been brewing for a long time now.

“Hiding quite well.” The person replied: “They know very well that some emperors wont give up and Jiao Hengs group wont stop either. There is no new information on them and Jiao Hengs group.”

“Dont worry, Jiao Heng wont die so easily.” Li Qiye couldn ’t help but smile: “Given his personality, as long as it is within his grasp, hell keep on fighting to the end! These emperors have paid a great price on their path. Their contribution wont be inferior to Immortal Emperor Min Ren and those who have embarked on the ultimate expedition!”

Other invincible Immortal Emperors such as Jiao Heng chose a different path from the ultimate expedition. This was related to an eternal yet secretive war.

“Maybe you should find Purewood, hell have even more information.” The person said.

“Its not that easy to meet Purewood. Hell appear when the time is right since he has his own plans and calculations. The guy knows his stuff after living for so long.” Li Qiye stated.

Purewood Divine Emperor was the first Grand Emperor of the thirteen continents and also the most mysterious one. No one knew anything about him or even whether he was alive or not.

“Ultimately, even if they dont want to come out, well bait the snakes into leaving their nest by tempting them with something!” Li Qiye said.

“Well need to get rid of some emperors first.” The person added: “Whether it be you or me, when the war begins, I cant be sure that everyone will be on our side. Plus, some emperors have made their stance clear. At that point, we might be besieged on both sides.”

“Certainly.” Li Qiye smiled: “Well cut off their wings so they cant fly. Remove their fangs as well because if it keeps on growing, we wont be able to lead them out of hiding. Well lose our chance then.”

“Who do we start with?” The person asked.

“We cant be too obvious in this, right?” Li Qiye said: “Its fine for us to have a mental list. Kill who deserves death, whether they be a Grand Emperor or an Immortal Monarch! Do not allow them to stand on the other side!”

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