Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 528: Twelve Fate Palaces

Li Qiye closed the list and gave it back to the captain while commenting: “Certain things shouldnt exist in this world but of course, not a few aberrants could do anything to change it.”

The captain accepted the list without daring to reply.

Li Qiye said flatly: “Anything else?”

The captain quietly said after a brief rumination: “The Majesties asks if you need any help in Remote Wildland, Sir?”

These emperors behind Eternal were naturally awe-inspiring. They could sweep through the ten realms, never facing defeat. But now, even they had to ask if they could be of service.

In this world, people would need to beg for the help of emperors. But now, these emperors were doing the opposite and offering their service to Li Qiye.

“Is this a probe?” Li Qiye chuckled while staring at the captain: “If I say I need help, theyll be able to guess my intention better?”

“No, of course not.” The captain quickly waved both hands: “Sir, please dont misunderstand, this is not our intention at all. Our lords only wish to lend their assistance.”

The captain was right to be nervous. Even his emperors were very careful, let alone a minor character like him before an overlord.

“No need to be so anxious.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve: “If I was offended by Qi Gongs group, you wouldnt be standing here in front of me right now.”

The captain heaved a sigh of relief after hearing this. He has been quite afraid, despite not completely knowing Li Qiyes true origin. Nevertheless, the upper echelon showed great prudence and this, in turn, scared him as well.

Li Qiye gazed towards the horizon and said: “In the thirteen continents, only Qi Gongs group know of my arrival. As for Old Geezer Qians group, they wouldnt talk about me with others. Heavenly Authority has always been imperious, Old Geezer Qian is even more unfathomable.”

The captain nodded in agreement. Heavenly Authority was rumored to be one of the strongest organizations, made up of several strongest Grand Emperors. Many emperors from the Heaven Race werent qualified to join it either.

Some even said that ten-will emperors in that organization werent exposed to the real issues either. Only World Emperor and his peers were privy to the top information.

Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and slowly said: “If Qi Gong is aware of my identity, then they should know that I have plans for coming to Remote Wildland and of course, they also know that very few things could attract my attention.”

“This lowly one knows nothing about this. The Majesties are only worrying that other emperors might join in too, so they ordered me to ask.”

“The other emperors?” Li Qiye said: “The items in Remote Wildland are indeed tempting even for emperors. Inevitability is the nature of the world, some things cant be hidden forever. Plus, emperors have divination capabilities.”

The captain agreed. In Exploration Grounds, the Remote Wildland had certain things that even the emperors coveted.

Old Geezer Qian was aware of his coming but he wouldnt tell the others. He wasnt a talkative one and his organization didnt like sharing information either.

The ones that knew about his arrival were the emperors that had some relations with him in the past. A few of them probably heard something from the Imperial Cabinet.

The ones behind Eternal knew of Li Qiyes identity but they were speculating the purpose of his trip. Even though they have met him before, they werent his confidantes unlike Immortal Emperor Min Ren and the others. Thus, they didnt dare to take action without asking.

“You can tell your masters that when I need them, I will let them know. But they should know of my personality, I dont like people spying on me.” Li Qiye eventually said.

“Sir, I will definitely send the message.” The captain hurriedly responded.

“As for the other emperors that might come, dont worry about that. If they think about interfering for a cup of soup, then let them come.” Li Qiye said: “Remote Wildland is a good place, it needs a few emperors as an offering. High Gods alone arent enough, only emperors are this valuable.”

With that, he revealed a deep and mysterious smile.

The captain shuddered in response. Emperors were usually a taboo topic for others but as he was listening and looking at Li Qiye, he saw an outrageous illusion. He felt as if emperors were only preys at this moment. Li Qiye was an overlord hiding in the shadows, waiting for emperors to come knocking on his door. Then he would open his massive jaws to devour them!

“Lets go.” Li Qiye told the captain: “I never mistreat those who follow me. If there is a big harvest at Remote Wildland, your masters will also receive their just rewards.”

“This lowly one understands.” The captain bowed and said: “I will repeat every word.”

Next, he asked: “And about the passengers on the ship, Sir, how do you want to deal with them?”

“Let them be. There is an adage for this – the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. Only at the last second will we know who really is the prey.”

“Affirmative, Sir.” The captain bowed once more before quietly leaving.

Li Qiye contemplated in silence for a while before murmuring with a faint smile: “Maybe it really is time to offer some imperial blood. Dont blame me for your blindness leading to death.”

He returned to his room and sealed the space around him. He took out Heaven Reckon and carefully inspected it.

This was an extremely heaven-defying treasure, the apex creation of an epoch.

“Not offensive-focus but still amazing enough.” He evaluated: “Hmm, it doesnt affect the outcome of a war too much. When one breaks out, others will find more relevant artifacts.”

This ruler wasnt meant for battle, only a supporting type. Because of this, others didnt try to obtain it despite its nature of being an apex treasure. If it was a Paragon Artifact meant for war, the emperors would have paid any price to grab it.

“I guess well wait and see the harvest at Remote Wildland.” Li Qiye thought to himself.

The trip to Buddhist Plain this time was only out of convenience since it was on the way. Same with Heaven Reckon; his real goal was the wildland.

“When the darkness comes, the Paragon Artifacts will surely appear.” His eyes were gazing into the distance.

He eventually sighed and said: “Saving the world is not just about wiping away the darkness. No one will be able to do so forever because the darkness in the heart is indestructible.”

He didnt want to be a savior but when the time comes, he had no choice but to take a stand. There was no other choice; he wasnt one to sit idly by and watch.

“Hopefully, a conclusion will come soon.” He continued his reflection: “At the final moment, well find out who are good and bad guys of this world. The world has no idea right now.”

Good and bad; guardians and saviors; wise sages and devils… The inhabitants of this world simply had no clue. Perhaps the wise sages in their eyes were actually monsters. At the same time, the ones they denounced as butchers were actually the real guardians.

But ultimately, morality and judgment werent something he cared for. He was thinking about how to flatten some problematic people and tying up some loose ends.

There were existences slumbering in the darkness; ones far beyond the imagination of men. But he didnt care for them; hell sweep through everything all the same in this generation.

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