Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 46: Not Convinced? Ill Beat You Till You Are Convinced! 2

Xiaoxiao was quite amused by the posturing elder. She glanced over at Li Qiye and then back at the elder before revealing a cute smile: “Do you know who he is? This is a famous great character, Li Qiye!”

“Li Qiye?” After hearing this, the elder laughed in response: “Your reputation precedes you. The younger generation will surpass us in time.”

His attitude bore no semblance of admiration, he was clearly mocking him in a dismissive fashion.

“However, this place is Godhalt!” His smile disappeared, only the arrogance remained: “I dont care if you are Li Qiye or Li Baye, tuck your tail between your legs before our Spirit Abyss for your own sake! Even if you are stronger, a dragon crossing the river, opposing us on our turf will only result in us severing your tendons and breaking your spine until you submit.”

In the present, very few of those who knew Li Qiyes deeds would dare to show such an arrogant attitude and utter these overbearing words.

However, this elder dared to do so. In his eyes, it didnt matter who the hell came to Godhalt, they better start acting sensibly and obey the rules even if they were the most incredible genius.

Even a character like Meng Zhentian would have to send tributes and act politely to them while visiting Godhalt. Because of this, he showed no apprehension towards Li Qiye.

The abyss was an uncrowned king in Godhalt, the greatest existence. They wouldnt be afraid of anyone unless an Immortal Emperor personally came!

“How fearless.” Xiaoxiao was astonished at the elders confidence: “Watch it or it will bring about sect-destruction!”

She wasnt trying to flatter Li Qiye since she believed that he was strong enough to carry it out.

“Sect-destruction?!” The elders expression turned cold as he uttered: “Who cares if he is an amazing genius? Before becoming emperor, he is nothing but a dog before our abyss…”

This retort was powerful enough. It was the same as pointing straight at Li Qiye and criticizing him.

“With your comment just now, I will consider destroying your Spirit Abyss.” Li Qiye couldnt help but smile. In the blink of an eye, a great hand reached for the elder.

“Come, show me just how much strength you have left!” The elder shouted and released his energy without a care before attacking Li Qiye with a monstrous pressure.

In his mind, Li Qiye was being suppressed by Godhalt right now so he shouldnt be that strong. He believed that he alone could kill Li Qiye.

“Boom!” Li Qiyes hand only slightly moved, but it could destroy everything with the Hell Suppressing Fist. The elders attack was simply not worth mentioning.

“Ba!” He easily clasped the elders neck.

“You…” The elder was aghast due to this sudden development.

Another disciple shouted: “Junior, dont be presumptuous, release him right now!” Despite the call for a ceasefire, they attacked without holding anything back.

“Mere ants.” Li Qiye laughed and reached out with one finger.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” All of the disciples attacks were penetrated. They fell face-up with horrifying holes on their foreheads where blood continued to seep out.

“Youre not being suppressed!” The elder was shocked since he realized something at this critical moment.

“Correct, but there is no prize.” Li Qiye responded with a grin.

The elders expression turned extremely ugly right away. Not even in his wildest dreams would he expect for something like this to happen. It was simply impossible. Without the abyss help, everyone would be suppressed by Godhalt. Immortal Emperors were exceptions, of course. However, Li Qiye definitely didnt get any help from the Spirit Abyss yet he was doing just fine — simply inconceivable.

“So what if youre not suppressed?” The elder regained his composure and coldly uttered: “We are not afraid of anyone at Godhalt. Be smart and hand over the assassin now or you will regret it sooner or later. At that time, it will be too late to beg for forgiveness.”

His rampant arrogance was still undeterred despite falling into Li Qiyes hands. He had absolute confidence in his sect, and if Li Qiye dared to oppose them, he would be killed soon enough should he chose to stay on this continent.

Li Qiye stared at the arrogant elder and revealed a smile: “You know, the Spirit Abyss you are so proud of is nothing more than a nest of ants in my eyes. Even if the ancestor in the deepest location of your sect comes out, he will kneel and wipe my shoes before licking my feet. Actually, your coven of bastards isnt even qualified to do so.”

“You!” The elder nearly vomited blood from anger as his face turned red.

He thought he was arrogant enough, but Li Qiye viewed them as mere ants or something even inferior to ants! Like Li Qiye said, he wouldnt want their ancestor to wipe his shoes since he felt that he was unqualified to do so.

“Good, good, good, Li, Ill see just how long you can be arrogant for. Our Spirit Abyss will make you regret this…” The elders fury turned into a crazed laughter.

“Crack!” Li Qiye crushed his dao foundation before he could finish.

With his foundation crushed, the elders blood energy dissipated. He withered away with white hair and a face full of wrinkles. The unreachable elder has fallen. Now, he was as feeble as a candle flickering in the wind.

The elder screamed: “What have you done?!” He was extremely afraid and his wits still hadnt returned.

Cultivators werent afraid of death, but having a destroyed foundation was a life worse than death!

This was doubly true for this ancestor. Normally, he would act haughtily towards the great characters that visit Godhalt since they had no choice but to be humble before him. He had grown accustomed to this lifestyle of flattery. But now, with his dao foundation crushed, he was only a cripple inferior to even ordinary mortals — completely defenseless!

Falling down from the pedestal to the ground was a contrast too grim to imagine. He simply couldnt accept this reality.

Li Qiye threw him away like trash and flatly said: “Im sparing your dog life so that you can send a message to the abyss. Tell them to be smart or Ill destroy all of them! Youre only a bunch of bastards, do not prance around in front of me!”

The elder returned from despair and screamed at Li Qiye: “Li, kill me if you dare! If not, youre merely a coward!”

Li Qiye chuckled at the desperate old man: “I wont kill you. If you are brave enough, go find a place to hang yourself.”

“Li, you cowardly trash, kill me if you dare!” The elder continued to scream while grabbing onto Li Qiyes legs with the intention to die.

Li Qiye casually kicked him away and replied: “Arent the people from the abyss always arrogant? Like I said earlier, even your oldest ancestor is nothing before me, hes only worthy of disdain!”

Having said that, he ignored the elder and supported Sima Yujian then left. Ye Xiaoxiao kept up with them right away.

The elder desperately screamed while watching the group depart: “You little bastard, you goddamn animal! You dont dare to kill your grandfather? Im your grandfather, come kill me if you dare!”

He wanted nothing more than for Li Qiye to give him the sweet relief of death. Li Qiye simply ignored him. It was too easy for him to trample on the elders pride.

“Should we kill him?” Ye Xiaoxiao looked back. She was too young and couldnt bear to watch.

“Hes only an ant, dont worry about him.” Li Qiye gently stroked her hair: “The world is always cruel like this. Their imperious abyss has no consideration for others, so let them taste despair. Theyre only a bunch of monsters that crawled up from the ground, yet they actually think they are the progenitors of the charming spirits, the darlings of the heavens.”

Xiaoxiao didnt say anything back. She naturally understood how vicious this world was. An enemy would never show mercy to their opponent.

[1] Qiye = Seven Nights, Baye = Eight Nights. A common retort scheme.

[2] This insult probably makes more sense in Chinese, but Im sure readers are used to it by now.

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