Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 525: Ultimate Alchemy Location

A two-totem High God was trampled beneath that foot like an ant! It made everyone feel that he was completely trivial.

The crowd gasped after seeing this. Just how powerful was this foot to be able to accomplish this task?

Li Qiye glanced at Sima Yun and said flatly: “A two-totem High God cant even be an appetizer for me! In the Buddhist Plain, even an Ancient God needs to tuck their tail between their legs before me!”

He had the Buddhist seed right now so he could control the entire plain. The strength of an entire epoch was in his possession. Even though it was only the remnant of an epoch, it still allowed him to be invincible!

Not to mention the surroundings, even the entire plain was silent. It wasnt a personal power at this moment but the congregation of the might of the plain itself!

“Brat, you…” Sima Yun cried out while feeling both anger and fear.

“Ah!” With a cracking sound, the foot pushed down, rendering him into a bloody meat paste. He didnt even have the chance to act livid, let alone resist.

He was fighting against an epoch so he was completely insignificant in comparison, despite being a High God.

When the foot disappeared, only a flattened meat paste was left. A sanguine stench touched everyones tip of the nose.

“Ugh.” Some couldnt help but vomit, not because of the particular stench, but because they were scared out of their mind.

Back on Eternal, Qin Baili saw the whole thing and shook his head: “Ignorant fool, Li Qiye is capable of becoming a Buddha with a single thought and could even leave the embryo. He has no opponent in the Buddhist Plain. This is the holy birthplace of Buddhism, going against someone who has total control of this dao is so unwise. Not to mention a minor god, even an emperor would need to evaluate their strength first!”

Qin Baili was still the ruler of an imperial lineage. His knowledge was far beyond an ordinary expert. After seeing Li Qiye left the Buddhist embryo at the Golden Shrine, he was aware that Li Qiye could use any of the Buddhist techniques.

Keep in mind that there were other Buddhist lineages in the thirteen continents. However, the true origin of this doctrine was from this place. Many monks became enlightened here and eventually started their own temples.

Thus, opposing a supreme Buddha like Li Qiye in this place was truly foolish! A Buddha like this had an absolute advantage on his home territory!

The entire scene was trembling. The more timid members were sitting flat on their butts.

Li Qiye simply smiled and started walking towards Tamedragon Child who was completely pale with weakened knees.

“You, dont, dont come over here, dont come over here!” The man acted as if he was looking at a ghost. He was truly aghast at this second.

Li Qiye chuckled: “Anyone else? Tell them to come out so I can deal with them all at once, no need to waste time.”

“Dont, dont be so contemptuous! My master is Tamedragon High God!” The man was crawling away.

“I know, your master is Tamedragon High God, no need to repeat it.” Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve: “Tell your master and uncles to come, Ill flatten them all to rid the world of evil.”

“You!” Tamedragon Child was speechless. He realized that the fame of his master was not enough to deter Li Qiye.

Some spectators felt quite good to see this guy pissing in his pants, especially those who have suffered in his hand. They felt that Li Qiye was ridding them of indignation.

“If your worthless master isnt coming, then Ill break your bones and peel your skin. Oh, Ill hang your skin outside of Imperial Change so that your master can go pick up your corpse later.” Li Qiye smirked at the frightened man.

“Little animal! Ill, Im going to take you down!” Tamedragon Child was pushed to the edge and crazily screamed.

With a cracking noise, his forehead actually broke to pieces and strings of light rushed out.

“Buzz.” These were strings of bright blood. They seemed to be weightless and were floating in front of Tamedragon Child.

As more blood came out, they gathered together to form a single drop. It was sparkling and translucent; quite a beautiful drop of blood. It seemed to have experienced countless refinements.

“Blood of the heart, this is the essence of the essence, he doesnt want to live!” Someone cried out.

It was the most precious drop of blood from Tamedragon Child. Once it was gone, not only would his body be gone too but his true fate would also be damaged. This was a perilous endeavor.

“Bang!” This blood jewel suddenly collapsed.

“Rumble!” The might of High Gods ravaged the four directions like a tsunami engulfing everything. The entire earth quaked in response.

“Buzz.” A portal opened and nine stately figures instantly appeared before Tamedragon Child.

Black flames engulfed the sky and ferociously swept through everything. Just this brutal aura alone could scare the soul out of cultivators.

“Its the Tamedragon Cavalry!” A sect master blanched at their arrival.

In a short time, so many retreated; some even ran for dear life.

This infamous cavalry had a terrible reputation. Just its name alone was enough to frighten people.

“No, these are just dao avatars with the wills of the High Gods.” An ancestor saw through the nine figures.

Alas, these dao avatars empowered with their wills were still extremely powerful. This was different from a remnant intent. It was nearly the same as if the High Gods were here with their real body.

Normally, the descendants would only be able to summon dao avatars from living emperors and High Gods. The dead ones could only leave behind their will and intent, not the dao avatar.

Because of this, dao avatar summoning was much more powerful than the simpler version.

Nevertheless, their aura was still enough to crush the firmaments and make the realms tremble due to their sheer number.

“Are they trying to utterly crush him?” The crowd felt their scalp tingling from horror. This cavalry hasnt appeared for a long time now so their re-emergence was naturally shocking.

“Master, hes the one who killed First Brother! You must avenge him!” Tamedragon Child grew bolder after seeing these dao avatars.

In the blink of an eye, the avatars stared at Li Qiye. Their glare was quite frightening, capable of penetrating all things in this world.

“Brat, will you commit suicide or do we have to do it for you?” The largest figure among the nine asked.

“Thats Tamedragon High God.” An ancestor immediately recognized the voice and knew who it was despite the figures being unrecognizable. He turned pale even though he was a character of the ancestor level.

Tamedragon High God was quite brutal and had a penchant for torture. Because of this, people were afraid of just hearing his name, let alone his actual voice.

“Only a bunch of nobodies.” Li Qiye glanced at the High God and said: “Even if your real body was here, youre only ants in my eyes yet you dare to hoot in front of me? I should be the one asking – will you all commit suicide or do I have to do it?”

Such a matchless domineering style, looking down on even the gods. One with eleven totems was actually called a nobody by Li Qiye.

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