Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 524: Lost Alchemy Garden Of The Immortals

It didnt take long before all experts here were staring at Li Qiye. Fierce wasnt enough to describe someone who publicly denounced an eleven-totem High God.

“Such a big tone!” Suddenly, a voice detonated like the thunder across the sky: “Insulting my master will end in death!”

With that, a chilling aura froze everything and turned the world into one of ice. All the cultivators present shuddered. The weaker ones felt themselves turning into an ice sculpture.

The most terrorizing thing about this aura was the murderous intent within. It acted like a sharp knife scraping everyones bones. The pain forced everyone back, unable to withstand this murderous intent.

An old man descended from the sky and stood in front of Tamedragon Child. He wore a treasure robe and had a crest with the symbol of a cloud, looking like he could hold the world in disdain.

He exuded the power of a High God. As strands of laws poured out like waterfalls, they wove together and formed a pair of holy wings. One flap from them could break through all obstacles.

“First Brother!” Tamedragon Child was ecstatic to see the old man.

“Sima Yun.” An ancestor from a big power recognized him and shouted in horror.

“Sima Yun?!” Many trembled in fear after hearing this name. Even sect masters were frightened: “This butcher is here too?!”

In a short time, the crowd receded like the tide and stood even further away.

Sima Yun was the oldest disciple of Tamedragon High God and the creator of the Tamedragon Squadron. He was a High God with two totems but was well known for being a butcher because he had killed too many people.

There were quite a few High Gods in Pure, a land of experts. However, after reaching a certain level, most High Gods would focus on improving themselves, rarely bothering with those below their ranks.

This wasnt the case for Sima Yun. There was an adage – a dragon birth a dragon; a phoenix birth a phoenix; the offspring of a rat knows how to dig caves.

The master was a bandit so the disciple was naturally one as well. After becoming a High God, Sima Yun didnt lose his old habits. Moreover, he was even more rampant than his master.

His master had no need of robbing lower-level characters. But as for Sima Yun, it didnt matter whether his victims were strong or weak. As long as he was tempted, he would rob and silence all of his victims. Some believed that he had even killed more people than his master, hence his title.

Tamedragon Child thought that since his First Brother was a two-totem High God, Li Qiye was dead for sure, regardless of how powerful he was.

“Little animal, your end is here!” He cruelly glared at Li Qiye and told Sima Yun: “Senior Brother, this little animal is the one who killed our brothers with some devious art.”

“Clank.” Sima Yuns eyes turned into a sharp sword. Those lacking courage were paralyzed on the ground.

“Daring to oppose me?! You wont die so easily! Ill let you taste a fate worse than death.” Sima Yun said with a sinister tone.

“Where did this dog come from, barking in front me of me? Slap.” Li Qiye didnt even bother to look at Sima Yun.

“Boom!” In a split second, a Buddhist palm came out of nowhere and rushed for Sima Yun.

“Scram!” Sima Yun roared. The two wings made out of laws instantly spread, causing a loud gust that destroyed space. They slammed on the Buddhist palm.

“Boom!” The palm crossed the myriad realms. Even if the wings were stronger, they wouldnt have been able to stop the palm. It pierced through the two wings and ruthlessly slapped Sima Yuns face!

“Bang!” He spat out a mouthful of blood after the slap. Keep in mind that as a High God, his body was as tough as steel but blood still gushed like crazy. A tooth fell out as well.

The crowd was silent at the outcome of this first exchange. A High God with two totems was at a disadvantage and suffered a great humiliation!

“Little animal, youre dead!” Sima Yun couldnt stay calm. This was the most humiliating moment since his debut, being slapped like this!

If he couldnt take down Li Qiye now, there was no need for him to show his face in public in the future.

“Boom!” A mountain seal exploded in his hand. Next, an evil mountain descended from the sky, wishing to flatten Li Qiye.

But the Buddhist palm with runes rotating around it stopped the mountain. It looked like an eternal attack.

“Activate!” Sima Yuns mountain seal became dazzlingly resplendent, illuminating the entire world. The aura of a High God ravaged the entire area like a devastating primal tsunami.

“Rawr!” Evil dragons rushed out of the mountain, making the seal seem like a dragon nest.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Evil dragons rushed for the Buddhist Palm. Under their assault, the light of the palm weakened as if it could be shattered at any moment.

“Little animal, Im going to taste your blood!” With a cruel expression, Sima Yuns eyes flashed with a bloodthirsty glint.

As long as he captured Li Qiye, the worst of torture would ensue.

“A High God with two totems is truly strong.” Many turned pale, wondering if Li Qiye could handle it or not.

“Bang!” The palm eventually crumbled.

“Rawr!” Several hundred evil dragons howled after they left the nest and went straight for Li Qiye in order to eviscerate him.

“Little animal, youre finished!” Sima Yun shouted in a frenzy.

“I am Buddha.” Li Qiye only chuckled and chanted a resonating phrase.

With a loud explosion, an immeasurable foot of a Buddha stomped down from above. One could see a sun, moon, and other celestials hovering around it. Galaxies were hanging above and flowing like waterfalls.

Boundless runes covered this foot like an ocean, capable of drowning the entire Buddhist Plain.

“Boom!” The dragons were instantly crushed like insignificant little worms.

“Ah!” Next, Sima Yun was trampled on the ground with his blood spurting out.

“Crack!” The bones in his body broke one by one. This foot acted as a monstrous world pushing down on him. He was powerless to resist in this scenario.

This scene shocked everyone more than anything they have seen earlier. A two-totem High God was completely defeated and trampled by this foot. They would never believe this tale if they didnt witness it with their own eyes.

Even the emperors inside Imperial Change were startled by the gigantic foot from the sky. They looked at it in silence.

Despite not knowing who it was, these emperors understood that an overlord had taken action. This had to be a supreme Buddha, a master of the dao of Buddhism. It was quite unwise to oppose such a being inside Buddhist Realm.

At this time, someone looked up at the foot. There was no end in sight as if there was indeed a Buddha situated in the crevice of the sky. It was as large as the heaven and earth; mountains and rivers were so tiny in comparison.

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