Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 522: Wood Realm

The squadrons sudden appearance frightened the crowd. In a short time, all eyes were on Li Qiye. Some became bewildered while others were secretly gloating while hoping that the squadron would successfully rob Fiercest.

Meanwhile, another small group was angrily staring at him, wanting to tear him to pieces as if there was an irreconcilable feud.

Tamedragon Child jumped down from his horse and excitedly laughed while cupping his fist: “Congratulation, Brother Li, for returning from the other shore. No one before and after will ever be able to replicate your achievement.”

Li Qiye only gave him a cold stare.

“Guys, bring my brothers treasures up here.” Tamedragon Child shouted at the members behind him.

They brought up chests to the front and opened them. A shimmering light from treasures emitted with all kind of dazzling colors. There were weapons, artifacts, chaos stones, and rare metals.

All eyes turned towards Li Qiye; some became quite unfriendly. This was because this squadron was a group of bandits. One could easily guess where these treasures came from. But now, they were giving it all to Li Qiye?

The princess frowned at this sight, understanding the implications.

Tamedragon Child smiled and said: “Just a little gift, not enough to show our appreciation. Working for you is our honor and glory. With you as our commander, well be able to seize all the treasures in the thirteen continents. As long as you want something, just say the word and well take it for you. We are your brave soldiers.”

The spectators stare turned even worse. It looked like Li Qiye was the commander of these bandits. Albeit, it was quite fitting for someone as lawless as him to do something like this.

“Li Qiye! You have gone too far!” A supreme beauty and her disciples came over. She coldly shouted: “You have ordered the Tamedragon Squadron to ambush our disciples and stole our treasures, explain yourself!”

This enchanting and mature woman was the master of Sunset Glow Valley, Yin Huali.

Jilin Princess quickly stopped her and explained: “Valley Lord, Im afraid there is a misunderstanding.”

“Princess, theres no misunderstanding, the proof is right there. Our treasures are in those chests!” Huali spoke with an oppressive aura.

“That, that golden cup is ours!” A young disciple behind her was courageous enough to shout.

“That squadron also killed our Senior Brother and stole a diamond-inlaid banner from us!” A middle-aged man shouted.

“Our Vinecloud Pavilion also had eight disciples killed and their treasures were taken!” Another old man said coldly.

In a short time, many experts stepped up and accused the squadron of heinous deeds.

At this moment, the princess finally understood the unfriendly gaze people were giving Li Qiye earlier. She had heard of the squadrons conducts in the past. They would never leave survivors to tell the tales. But now, they committed such blatant robberies yet left so many survivors. Their intention was clear.

Tamedragon Child wanted to drag Li Qiye down the mud, turning the world against him.

Tamedragon sneered and declared: “Just these little treasures are nothing. You should be honored that Brother Li even wants your treasures; plus, he even spared your life. Thank him for showing mercy already.”

The victims were ready to tear Li Qiye to pieces in order to avenge their fallen sect members. They considered Tamedragon Childs comment to be evidence of Li Qiyes involvement behind the scene.

“Li Qiye, you might be powerful but you have crossed the line. Give us a reasonable explanation or this wont end.” Huali glared at him and said.

“An explanation?” Li Qiye looked at the crowd then Tamedragon Child. He smirked and said: “I dont need to explain myself to anyone.”

“Thats right, our Brother Li is a deity among men, the future Immortal Monarch with twelve wills, why does he need to answer to you?!” Tamedragon Child shouted, wanting to invoke even more chaos.

These two infuriated the crowd even more with their disdainful tone. They had a burning fury in their eyes while gritting their teeth.

“Li Qiye, so you are saying you want to be enemy with the Sunset Glow Valley?!” Huali also became angry. She had no choice but to take action in order to maintain her sects prestige.

“Hmph, you think youre unstoppable? You alone can fight against the rest of the world! Such an arrogant viewpoint!” Another victim said with hatred.

“We cant just let this go!” The others chimed in.

Li Qiye ignored their shouting and smiled at Tamedragon Child: “So you all wish to work for me?”

Tamedragon Child laughed loudly: “Yes, Brother Li is the best and we are the biggest fans of your unstoppable style. It is our honor to work for the future Immortal Monarch. Just say the word and well even jump into the boiling water or courageously flatten a path for you.”

He was especially loud so that everyone could hear him. Earlier, he was afraid that Li Qiye would defend his innocence but Li Qiye didnt even bother to do so. This was going even smoother than he had anticipated.

“No need to jump into the boiling water.” Li Qiye leisurely said: “Go, the Ganges River is right there, just jump into that.”

Tamedragon Child was caught off guard and coughed awkwardly: “You sure know how to joke, Brother Li.”

“Ive never been a joker. Jump now, Im losing my patience.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve dismissively.

Tamedragon Child wasnt the only one shocked now. The entire audience was staring at the two in a daze.

“Brother Li, this joke isnt funny anymore.” Tamedragon Child still tried to maintain an amicable appearance.

“Who says Im joking? If you all wish to work for me, then the least you can do is obey my order.” Li Qiye continued.

Tamedragon Child finally turned cold: “Brother Li, were willing to contribute to your cause, not minding antagonizing the rest of the world so that we can offer you all the treasures you want. But Im afraid we wont obey such a suicidal order.”

“Thats not up to you. If you want to be my lackeys, then learn how to act like one. Obey your master now.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“You!” Tamedragon Childs expression became extremely unsightly.

The members of the squadron angrily glared at him too. They were merciless robbers but now, Li Qiye called them lackeys?! This was hard to swallow.

“What are you looking at?! Kneel and acknowledge your mistake then jump into the Ganges! This is my order to you, dogs!” Li Qiye coldly stared at him and proclaimed.

In a short time, the members of the squadron became furious. They were only doing a play in order to frame Li Qiye. They didnt expect him to actually treat them in this manner. Now, they were riding a tiger and couldnt get down easily.

No one expected this development. The atmosphere became tense with the focus completely on Li Qiye and Tamedragon Child.

1. The word for lackey here has the character “dog”. It is normally a derogatory term, referring to evil assistants; a person who helps someone harm people. In essence, anything with the word dog is normally a big insult. I thought about using just “dog” or “hound”, but it would have sounded a bit weird – “If you want to be my dogs”.

2. “Dog” works better in this line versus lackeys Previous ChapterNext Chapte

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