Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 518: All The Destiny Stones Competing For A Master

“What a crest.” Even Jin Ge who originated from the War-Monarch Clan was impressed. He admitted that this was a tempting treasure.

Baili took a seat and smiled wryly: “Its more than just that. This is a divine artifact. If this wasnt the Golden Shrine, then I would try to have it at all cost since it is quite useful to me, as if it is personally tailored for me. It can increase my battle potential by one level.”

“Its not easy to find a suitable treasure.” Jin Ge nodded. At their level, they didnt necessarily need the strongest weapon. More often than not, they wanted something suitable.

“Not bad.” Li Qiye chuckled: “Its not easy to control your dao heart at the right moment.”

“I must maintain my dao heart because my life is hanging on a thread. I wouldnt be able to do so at a different location.” Baili said.

Outside of the shrine was a covetous horde even though this crest wasnt suitable for them. It still made their heart beat faster. But it did seemed tailored for Qin Baili. At the very last second, he managed to calm his dao heart and stopped any thought of greed!

“What will you pick for me, Fellow Daoist Li?” Jin Ge was fired up and ready to try.

It wasnt that he must win this in order to defeat Li Qiye. The only thing he wanted to do now was challenging himself.

In his mind, facing a suitable treasure while maintaining a calm dao heart just like Qin Baili was defeating the self. He wondered if he could replicate Bailis performance so he was ready to give it a shot.

Li Qiye looked at him and said: “Your War-Monarch Clan has five emperors with countless imperial arts. However, your origin is from Celestial Court, thus your heavenly marking is different from others, a yellow hue with a glow. This is evidence that you have learned the cultivation techniques of the palace.”

Everyone was startled after hearing this and quickly looked at Jin Ges forehead.

“Yes, there are tiny moving lights, I didnt notice it before.” Many whispered quietly and found Li Qiyes comment to be correct.

“Fellow Daoist Li is indeed amazing, no wonder why people call you devilish. Youre the first outsider who can see through my origin!” Jin Ge was shocked as well.

Jin Ge was utterly convinced by his enemys capabilities! Outside of their War-Monarchs top ancestors and the supreme existences from the Celestial Court, no one else knew about this.

But now, Li Qiye was able to discern it so easily. Just how acute was his insight?

Jin Ges admittance shocked the crowd too. Everyone knew that he had inherited the legacy of the War-Monarch Clan and the imperial arts. No one thought that his true root was actually from the Celestial Court.

They shuddered once more. This meant that his clan also had the backing of the Heavenly Race.

Of course, after thinking about it again, it wasnt that surprising. The clan always had a good relationship with the Celestial Court, especially War-Monarch Heaven Emperor. He was virtually inseparable from this other power.

“The secret arts from the palace might elude others but not me.” Li Qiye said leisurely: “Your grand dao is pure, capable of shouldering the heaven and earth on top of possessing a tyrannical strength. This foundation is capable of both offense and defense. I know that over in that corner is an imperial gauntlet, extremely suitable for you. It alone is enough to sweep through the world.” He pointed at the right corner of another room.

“Alright, Ill take a look.” Jin Ge didnt hesitate and went for the room.

“Clank, clank!” He pushed the piles of treasures away and took out a gauntlet.

Keep in mind that these were amazing artifacts but Jin Ge wasnt moved at all. He only took the gauntlet away.

A brilliance oozed out with its appearance. It seemed to be cast from gold with many scales. Each scale had little dots; each dot looked just like a sun.

“Buzz.” In the blink of an eye, the heavenly marking on his forehead seemed to be quaking from an influx of power. It lit up with haste.

“Such incredible power.” Jin Ge instantly closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm his mind.

This imperial gauntlet possessed an immense strength that permeated through him, granting him a great transformation. This was a moment of life and death for him.

“Open!” He shouted and channeled his own vitality into the gauntlet.

“Boom!” The gauntlet poured out even more golden light. It shot to the sky and illuminated this entire region. People had a hard time keeping their eyes open from this blinding brightness.

“Amitabha.” The chant echoed as a Buddhist kingdom emerged on his right hand. Numerous sacred Buddhas appeared along with a divine beast.

It was a Qilin drowned in Buddhist light; everything here seemed to be created from it. Even the sacred Buddhas were formed from its breathing.

The crowd all had an illusion that Jin Ges right hand could drill through the world or shatter the sky vault right now. It had an unstoppable and endless power! Anything would instantly explode back to the origin from one punch!

While wielding this gauntlet, Jin Ge changed completely, just like a supreme Buddhist emperor that could reign for an era.

“Thats something…” Jin Ge gently rubbed the gauntlet before a clank sounded. He actually took it off and placed it on the table.

The mass was astonished. Jin Ge was able to protect his dao heart from greed even before this amazing treasure. It was completely unreasonable to not be tempted by a treasure of this level. The ground outside moistened from everyones saliva.

“If I was in your shoes, Brother Jin Ge, I wouldnt have been able to stay calm before this gauntlet.” Qin Bailis expression changed and said emotionally.

“Ill be honest, Brother Qin. I nearly lost it just now. I was mentally prepared first before testing the power of this gauntlet or I would have lost it.” Jin Ge frankly laughed without hiding.

“Brother Jin Ge, you have done it better than me. I calmed my dao heart right after standing up but you waited until after grabbing the treasure. I lost there.” Qin Baili admitted.

For them, it was fine to gracefully accept defeat. It wasnt a humiliating matter at all to accept the disparity in skills.

“Brother Qin, you are being too humble.” Jin Ge smiled back.

Li Qiye also smiled and joined in: “It is indeed brilliant to calm the dao heart after grabbing this treasure. One would certainly be lying if they claim being unaffected by the gauntlet. It is capable of both offense and defense on top of penetrating all obstacles.”

“Fellow Daoist Li, please stop. If you keep on praising it, Im not confident Ill be able to stay calm for much longer.” Jin Ge joked.

The crowd remained impressed by their friendly exchanges despite being enemies. For many experts, just being able to meet an enemy like this was more than enough.

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