Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 516: The Stone At The Peak

The crowd became envious at the duos friendly bout. After all, they were enemies once. Despite the bet right now, they were still antagonistic towards each other.

However, they were able to maintain an amicable attitude towards each other like old friends. This was a pure competition of the dao without any personal feud.

Many experts had many enemies and rivals in their life. However, to have someone so evenly matched like this was exceedingly rare.

“Look, the crossing vessel!” Suddenly, someone shouted after looking at the Ganges River.

“Youre just seeing things, its not time for the vessel to come.” Someone responded.

Everyone felt that this was impossible since the vessel has always been on schedule for millions of years.

“No, it really is over there!” When people looked over, they really saw a boat coming over and became astonished.

“There are people!” A keen-eyed spectator could see the passengers.

“No way, no one has ever returned before!” Some instinctively rejected this comment but upon careful observation, there were really two people on board.

“Its Fiercest and Jilin Princess!” People could finally see the two clearly. They gasped with their eyes wide open.

“This is unreal.” Everyone was shocked at this unprecedented event.

Even Jin Ge and Qin Baili inside the shrine were amazed by this development.

One older Dao Celestial was in a stupor: “How…? An Immortal Monarch once admitted that even he couldnt reach the other shore, how is Fiercest coming back? This guy is insane!”

The danger of the Ganges River was common knowledge. Even High Gods have lost themselves before without returning. In fact, many geniuses have tried as well, only to be gone forever.

When Li Qiye and the princess entered the boat, no one thought anything of it. In their eyes, this was a suicidal attempt. After all, people more brilliant and stronger have failed before, let alone juniors like them.

But now, the two came back just fine. This was too shocking; the crowd stared at them leaving the boat in a daze.

“Its a miracle, Fiercest is truly unreal, breaking all common sense. This isnt just heaven-defying, its the most insane thing I have ever seen!” An old royal lord murmured.

“Wait, returning from the other shore? Does that mean he had obtained the auspicious karmic fruit and eternal life?” Someone else blurted out.

In a short time, many curious eyes were on them. The crowd wondered what they have obtained after their trip. Could these two really be immortal right now? These gazes gradually had a greedy glint to them.

After all, who wouldnt want immortality? Some would be willing to trade everything for this. However, no one dared to do anything due to Li Qiyes notoriety.

After the two left, the boat slowly disappeared again on the river.

The crowd quickly parted for the duo, giving them a path.

“Hmph, Li Qiye!” The majority of people here were either in shock or overwhelmed with greed. Nevertheless, some snorted as if they truly hated him yet not daring to declare it to his face.

Even though Li Qiye noticed these aggressive glares, he didnt care at all. Too many people in this world hated him anyway, and he had no time for each one.

“Reaching the other shore, Fellow Daoist Li, you are incredible.” Jin Ge inside the shrine commented. His voice was metallic and resounding, resulting in an immense charisma.

Everyone glanced at the two since their feud was well known. They wondered if the two were about to fight upon this second meeting.

Nevertheless, Jin Ges generous praise was quite surprising.

“Just killing some time, no big deal.” Li Qiye chuckled while looking at Jin Ge and Qin Baili.

Just killing some time? People became speechless after hearing this. Even High Gods couldnt cross this river. For him to make this statement was so domineering as if he could tread across the myriad ages without any trouble.

However, no one felt that he was being arrogant. After all, he was qualified to say so after returning alive.

“Fellow Daoist Li, your phrase just now is quite domineering.” Qin Baili smiled wryly, conceding to Li Qiyes achievement.

The crowd was impressed by the friendly tone between the three. There was no sign of a battle at all despite their grievances.

“Theyre exceptional for a reason. People like us cant compare.” An old man said with a tinge of emotions.

Li Qiye only smiled and said: “The shrine has a couple of wonderful weapons. The two of you can give it a shot.”

Qin Baili clapped with laughter: “There are really too many treasures in here. Brother Jin Ge and I have been looking for a while now. Unfortunately, I cant recognize the top items. If you are interested, how about joining us?”

“Yes, well do a bet then?” Jin Ge also spoke with an indomitable momentum: “I am famous for being magnificent while you are renowned for being devilish. I want to see just how devilish you are, Fellow Daoist Li!”

“Its beginning now?” Someone batted their eyes and said: “A duel between a dragon and tiger.”

“Maybe this is Jin Ges chance to avenge his brother-in-law. The ones with their dao heart shaken will die in the shrine. This is pretty much a fatal contest.” An expert speculated.

“What do you want to bet?” Li Qiye looked at Jin Ge.

“Were not betting items, only testing our dao heart.” Jin Ge responded: “Fellow Daoist Li, you killed my father and brother-in-law, well eventually settle this feud. However, we wont be talking about that matter today. It is about the grand dao today, a test of our dao heart. Lets not stain our effort to reach the dao with ulterior motives.”

Jin Ge made everything clear with this straightforward statement.

“Thats a future emperor for you, hes qualified to become one with his attitude alone.” Even the experts from the hundred races found Jin Ge impressive.

Li Qiye shook his head in response: “In terms of dao heart, if I, Li Qiye, claim to be number two, no one else would dare to claim the top spot. It is certain defeat for the two of you in this contest. A clear disadvantage from the start.”

“Damn!” Everyone was left speechless again. Some glanced at each other and thought: “Does he not care about offending the emperors? Hes not scared about having more powerful enemies?”

“Your statement is only making my blood boil with competitiveness.” Baili laughed and said: “In terms of dao laws, were no match for the previous generations just yet. But the dao heart is something we can work on. Brother Li, broaden my horizon then.”

“There is no giving up on the path towards the grand dao!” Jin Ge also fiercely bit back “Even if you have the best dao heart in the world, I, Jin Ge, will still bet against you! The victor has yet to be decided!”

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