Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 45: Not Convinced? Ill Beat You Till You Are Convinced! 1

She asked: “An inner world? What do you mean?”

He smiled and answered: “Thats why the ridge is so magical. You can say that is where the real ridge is located since it contains all of its essences.”

“Can we go there?” She turned excited and wanted to enter the cliff as well.

He replied: “You can definitely go there as long as you follow me. Moreover, Ill even take you to a place where you alone can grasp its mysteries.”

“Is it related to my bloodline?” She was very keen this time and understood his implication instantly.

“Yes, its because of your bloodline.” He nodded and said: “The time is about right to trace back to your origin. You will even be able to understand its profundities. After doing so, you may be able to understand your treefathers origin as well.”

She couldnt wait any longer and blurted: “Then what are we waiting for, lets go in right now!”

“Not here.” He shook his head: “We cant go inside this location. There is only one entrance for us, the only place that is temporarily available for outsiders to enter the inner world.”

She looked at the cliff and asked: “How come these treecorpses can enter but not us?”

“Because they are already dead. Like I said before, the Divine Tree Ridge adores them and grants them protection. Because of this, they can enter many locations here, but we cant. The inner world rejects outsiders unless we can find the real entrance.”

“Thats fine too, let us go there then. Which direction?” She gave up for now.

He cheerfully replied: “The Undying Gate.”

“The Undying Gate?” She was caught off guard: “This sect has already declined, do they still have any power?”

He gazed towards the distance and eventually explained: “This is why the Undying Gate is so amazing and unique. If you could understand this sect, then you would understand why Immortal Emperor Bu Si chose to build it here at Godhalt.”

“Hmph, you sure know how to build up the suspense.” She was very dissatisfied with his answer and stomped his foot again while gritting her teeth.

He was still all-smiles: “You dont need to know everything except for the mysteries of your bloodline. Even a little bit would be more than enough for a lifetime of benefits.”

“Well, lets go then.” She helplessly glared at him.

The two left the Divine Tree Ridge for the Undying Gate.

The gate could be said to be one of the two sects situated in Godhalt despite its vast territory. The other one was the Spirit Abyss. It would be inconceivable for this to happen on any other continent.

They hadnt yet reached the gate before meeting a certain person. In the blink of an eye, this person fell down from the sky and landed right in front of Li Qiye.

“Who?!” Xiaoxiao was startled and shouted.

It was Sima Yujian who was completely pale! Normally, her expression would be cold and emotionless like ice itself. However, the paleness this time was due to her injuries and a considerable loss of blood, making her unstable condition clear. She must have sacrificed some longevity blood.

She was also covered in blood. Who knows if it was her own or her enemies?

Nevertheless, she still looked quite aloof with an emotionless gaze. After seeing Li Qiye, her mouth slightly opened as if wanting to say something, but no words came out. She wanted to walk away, but her steady pace nearly made her fall to the ground.

He immediately helped her and pressed his palm to her head to pour an endless amount of blood energy into her. This finally made her breathe easy.

“Where are you hiding!” In the next moment, a group arrived from the sky and immediately surrounded the three without leaving an inch for escape.

This group wore the same uniform and exuded a mighty blood energy and aura. Moreover, they didnt try to hide their power at all and let their blood energy soar to the sky in an overbearing manner. They looked as if they could do whatever they wanted with wanton regard for others.

Their leader was an old man with an even more terrifying blood energy. He also exuded a holy light and had a thunderous voice. Just a glance alone was enough to know that he was a mighty paragon.

The gazes from the blockading experts were quite unfriendly. They even looked ready to attack at any moment without caring about who Li Qiye was. Just the slightest sign of disobedience would prompt them to kill him.

“Where are you going to run to now?” The leading old man stared at Sima Yujian and sneered.

She was still aloof at the moment while being supported by Li Qiye and felt no need to respond.

The old man turned towards Li Qiye and Xiaoxiao and coldly ordered: “The two of you better be smart and not meddle with other peoples business. Hand her over right now.”

Li Qiye chuckled to see this arrogant demeanor from him. Not to mention the fact that he wouldnt let anything happen to Yujian, even if he didnt know her, he would meddle anyway just because of the old mans attitude.

After recognizing the group based on their clothing, Ye Xiaoxiao told Li Qiye: “Theyre from the Spirit Abyss.”

“Thats right, I am an elder of the Spirit Abyss.” The old man arrogantly declared: “This woman is a notorious assassin, so dont meddle in this and leave immediately. We wont make things difficult for you!”

Sima Yujian had failed and couldnt kill her target while simultaneously exposing her whereabouts, so the experts from the abyss managed to trap her.

It wasnt due to her lack of strength since she could easily assassinate a God-Monarch without any problems. She had prepared sufficiently this time around. Even though her cultivation had been suppressed, she thought that success was still within reach. Alas, she underestimated the abyss. Like Li Qiye had mentioned before, there was no stealth play in that location. Even the escaping art she was most proud of had lost its power.

The encirclement was a harrowing event. Nevertheless, she was still a fierce assassin; with her plethora of techniques and traps, she managed to kill her way out. However, there was no way of running out of Godhalt due to her grievous injuries. In this helpless situation, she thought about Li Qiye and used the blood he left behind in order to find him!

Li Qiye smirked at this imperious elder and leisurely spoke: “I have a particularly bad habit. When others dont want me to meddle in their business, it only makes me want to do so even more.”

“Is that so?” The elder squinted and smiled before coldly uttering: “Then you can fix this bad habit today! It is no longer up to you at Godhalt. Ill let you think about meddling in other peoples business once I break your legs and make you kneel on the ground!”

“Break my legs?” Li Qiye couldnt help but laugh: “The ones who can break my legs havent been born in your Spirit Abyss just yet, not even in all of the nine worlds.”

One of the disciples gravely shouted: “What a naive fool. Those who oppose the Spirit Abyss will be killed without mercy!”

In Godhalt, their abyss was the supreme existence and their words were laws. There was no sparing dissenters!

“Quite bold.” The elder sneered: “You must be a big shot at Heaven Spirit, right? Its too bad that this isnt any other location in Heaven Spirit. I dont care who you are. At Godhalt, even dragons have to coil before us and tigers must lie down obediently or else well break their tendons and take their marrow!”

This elder was domineering to an outrageous extent. In fact, his sect indeed had the power to act in this manner. Any lineage or genius would be suppressed at Godhalt and would want to ask their sect for help.

They had an absolute advantage at Godhalt since they were already strong enough on top of not suffering the suppression! Outsiders were only fish on a chopping block, ready for their taking!

Under such favorable circumstances, how could the Spirit Abyss not be aggressive and overbearing while acting as the master of this continent? There was no need for reason! Their words were the truth and guiding principles!

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