Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 511: Mysteries of the Destiny Stones

The black holes were all-devouring abysses. Existences, time, and karmic ties were all swallowed. As these black holes were rotating towards different places, they looked like many beasts opening their jaw. Anything entering would be crushed to pieces. But the river was still able to flow through these black holes, completely unaffected.

The princess shuddered while staring at these black holes. She became frozen and felt her soul leaving the body, being sucked out by the black holes

She was completely helpless against this power, unable to lift a single finger. Her dao heart couldnt protect her soul either.

She could see her body standing there and became horrified, feeling that it was over.

But suddenly, a warm current touched her soul and pulled her back into her body. After returning, she nearly fell over but Li Qiye quickly caught her.

“Dont look at them, your dao heart right now cant resist its power.” Li Qiye said.

The princess didnt hear what he was saying at all and simply fell into his embrace. His muscular chest gave her a safe and peaceful feeling regardless of the incoming storm.

A unique, masculine scent lingered at the tip of her nose. It was the most pleasant smell in the world like a calming panacea. She couldnt help but come closer, feeling the sweetness in her heart as if she was up in the clouds.

The perilous nature of this place became insignificant.

Li Qiye didnt have time to look at the beauty burying her head in his chest. His eyes were serious as a supreme will came out – one thought to become a Buddha.

“Amitabha.” In the blink of an eye, Li Qiye exuded an endless light. His clothes were shimmering with a Buddhist affinity, looking just like a Buddhist treasure. It turned out to be an ancient kasaya, capable of engulfing a world and turning it into a Buddhist kingdom.

More shockingly, a Buddhist disk appeared behind him. It rotated, each revolution was the rise and fall of an epoch or the moving three thousand worlds. It didnt matter how time passed, the change in karma and the derivation of the dao, he would be able to cross it all.

At this time, he was Buddha and Buddha was him. His one thought could create myriad Buddhist kingdoms and save trillions of existences. Another could calm all the chaos in the world!

The princess looked up and saw the boundless Buddhist light. If she wasnt in his embrace, she would already be kneeling on the ground to worship him, even going as far as kissing his feet.

He chanted a Buddhist mantra that eventually turned into a ray. The ray flew into the rowing monks forehead and enlightened him.

“Amitabha.” The corpse actually chanted as well and placed his palms together. In the blink of an eye, the ray in his forehead exploded and spread across his entire body.

He exuded a Buddhist brilliance as if coming back to life as an enlightened monk. He was still a corpse but he had boundless Buddhist affinity right now. This aura seemed to be granting him a new form of life.

“Bang!” The crossing vessel was heading for the black holes but the rower instantly turned the boat to the right.

He still didnt have any emotion and expression, just rowing the boat the same way as before but it still changed direction.

Keep in mind that this was virtually impossible. The passengers could only go where the boat takes them but a miracle had happened. The rower was now taking the duo away from the black holes to the princess astonishment.

The boat got farther away from the black holes before they were nowhere in sight. Despite the change in direction, the boat was still on the quiet Ganges. It seemed to be omnipresent, always staying in sight.

Li Qiye had dispersed his Buddhist light and recalled his will to reveal his true form again as an ordinary man. However, the rower still had the same Buddhist affinity because Li Qiye had left it there. Such an affinity wouldnt go away for a long time.

The princess was still in a daze. She wouldnt believe it if she didnt see it with her own eyes.

“Is it that comfortable?” Li Qiyes leisure voice rang by her ear.

She became startled and realized her embarrassing position, hugging him so tightly with no intention of letting go.

She instantly blushed and let go of both hands, feeling a heat wave channeling through her entire body. An indescribable emotion filled her.

Nevertheless, she found it to be a joyous feeling, a sweet one that permeated her heart.

She stole a glance and found him to be completely natural and at ease. This calmed her quite a bit.

She eventually asked: “What was that earlier?”

“One thought to become a Buddha.” Li Qiye leisurely said.

His nonchalant answer left her astonished. She continued: “Just a single thought is capable of that?”

Some people cultivated tens of thousand years and couldnt become a Buddha. Such a feat was simply legendary.

“That depends on the person.” Li Qiye chuckled: “As long as you have a firm dao heart, everything is possible with a single thought, such as becoming a devil or a Buddha. It has nothing to do with your pre-existing luck or cultivation, only the dao heart. It rules everything about who you are. You arent a Buddha just because you cultivate a Buddhist scripture and not a devil because you cultivate an evil art.”

The princess pondered quietly after hearing this. A transformation relying solely on the dao heart and not cultivation? How frightening would such a dao heart be?

“Where are we going now?” She calmed down and saw a faint scene ahead, unable to make anything out of it.

“A particular place from the epoch that has truly survived the destruction.” Li Qiye said softly.

The two became quiet and began to rest, leaving the vessel to do its job. As long as Li Qiye was around, the princess didnt care about the destination.

“Were here.” After a long while, his voice sounded so she opened her eyes.

She saw that the boat was already anchored by the shore. Meanwhile, the rowing monk was prostrating flat on the ground while bowing ahead. It became motionless just like a statue afterward.

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