Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 507: Legendary Grand Creation

“Ah!” Winged High God turned into a rain of blood with a flash within.

He was still a High God. In this perilous moment, he used his totems to protect his true fate and made it out of this space.

Nevertheless, his true fate was dimmed now. Despite surviving, he would need, perhaps, several ten thousands of years to recover back to his peak state.

The moment the bell sounded, the ones hiding nearby used their defensive barriers.

The sound wave came and shattered these barriers one by one. Some even vomited blood from the impact. Of course, it was a much better outcome than what happened to Winged High God.

All of them were High Gods that have been hiding here for a long time to study the bell. This was why they came prepared with defensive barriers before each ring. Alas, this was still not enough to completely stop the bells power.

The princess took a deep breath. Even an old High God with three totems were instantly destroyed. If it was her, she would have been rendered to ashes in a split second with no chance to run.

“That bell is quite terrifying.” The princess felt fear. Their clan might not be able to muster up a treasure of the same level to oppose it.

“Yes.” Li Qiye said flatly: “With this bell, one can contest against a Heaven Punishment Weapon. It is strong enough to stop the power of destruction.”

The princess shuddered after hearing this. A Heaven Punishment Weapon? These were legendary artifacts created by emperors for the final battle with unimaginable might. Moreover, they were exceedingly rare but now, Li Qiye said that this bell was on the same level as one. This was too much to take in.

Even though the Benevolent Spear belonging to Star Stomper was also a Heaven Punishment Weapon, it was only an unfinished one. Immortal Emperor Min Ren felt that it couldnt surpass his True Immortal Armament so he stopped refining it and gave it to Star Stomper.

“If this bell is amazing like this, how come top-level emperors dont come to try and take it?” The princess asked.

“The bell is too strong. Ordinary emperors might not be able to take it but the ones strong enough dont want to either.” Li Qiye said: “This is a bell of will, created by the offering of many supreme Buddhas. They sacrificed their body and refined their Buddhist dao to finally create this great bell. They wanted to use their everything in order to protect. Moreover, countless believers offered their flesh and respect towards the Buddhist doctrine in order to create its life. They had hopes of stopping the power of destruction. Unfortunately, back to ashes was the final result.” Li Qiye gently sighed.

The princess shuddered. Such devoutness was quite unbelievable, ending in an amazing artifact.

“Take a careful look, this bell is full of karma. A truly mighty emperor does not want to be involved in this type of karma because it had the wills of the buddhists. This was an immense amount of karma during the second of destruction. One would need a lot of time and effort in order to erase this level of karma. They are better off refining a Heaven Punishment Weapon that is more suitable.” He pointed out the difference.

The princess got the point instantly. This treasure might be amazing but it wasnt suitable. Only High Gods would come here; the high-level emperors refrained from doing so.

“Lets go.” Li Qiye withdrew his palm and told her.

She looked away and followed after him, not daring to linger for long. This bell was too terrifying, just one ring alone was enough to suppress her.

Along the way, she broadened her horizon quite a bit after seeing many incredible spectacles.

On Buddhist Plain, the princess saw a gigantic Buddha that had shattered on the ground. It looked full of hatred for the heaven while holding an evil-subduing staff and pointing it at the sky. All it could do was maintain this pose because some unknown power had penetrated its forehead, leaving a great hole behind.

It had lost all Buddhist divinity but after the long, testing years, its body was still there – seemingly made out of unbreakable steel. Some experts have even tried to move this Buddha but none could successfully do so despite mustering all of their strength!

She had also seen a great temple that was in relatively good form despite some broken locations. This was the place of worship for many sacred monks and numerous devout worshippers.

Only their dried corpses were left. Nevertheless, they still emitted a faint and holy light.

While looking at the sky, one would find that these monks and ten thousand worshippers were creating a large diagram. They seemed to be praying for something.

The princess didnt quite understand this so Li Qiye explained: “When the destruction came, these people here were kind and merciful enough, wanting to pray for the existences in this world. This was only wishful thinking. The heaven spares no one, both good and bad; all are ants.”

How lowly and desperate was this? Begging at the end of their world yet whatever it was still didnt spare them.

“Why does the destruction come?” She asked.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Would you be here right now without the previous destruction? And our epoch? It isnt that easy to jump out of the river of time, even for an emperor with twelve wills.”

The princess pondered in silence for a bit before softly speaking: “Where are we going now?”

“Ganges River.” Li Qiye said and continued forward.

“The Ganges? Were heading to the ferry there?” She hurried to catch up and asked.

“Yes.” Li Qiye said.

Everyone who came to this place knew about the ferry of the Ganges. But both the river and the ferry werent the most famous locations there. It was the Golden Shrine.

How well known was it? In Pure, many havent heard of the Buddhist Plain or the Ganges River, but they have heard of the Golden Shrine.

There were legends stating that it was full of treasures such as metals and artifacts…

In fact, once arrived, if one could bend down, they would be able to pick up a lot of gold. If they could enter the inner rooms, there were many treasures and weapons waiting.

In the beginning, the princess thought that it was only a legend. Thus, seeing it in person left her slack-jawed and wide-eyed.

The shrine was built by the ferry of the Ganges. In fact, one could already see all kind of colors shooting into the air before even arriving. They were from the treasures.

It wasnt that large, only consisting of several shrines forming a half-circle. Who knows what material these shrines were built of but they were still shimmering with brilliance after many years. Just these buildings alone were extraordinary treasures.

Each building had several rooms with the windows opened. Looking inside, one would find that there were many amazing items inside.

Due to the sheer amount, they piled up in each room. Some even slipped out of the doors.

Thus, there were gold ingots everywhere scattering into large piles across the shrine. There was no room to walk.

In fact, these ingots werent made of mortal gold. They were cast from rare metals just like this epochs chaos stones and could be used as a form of currency.

This was the reason why the princess became so shocked after seeing the shrine. She thought people were exaggerating after hearing about it in the past. Now, she had changed her mind.

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