Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 506: Secret Realm Elves

“Rumble!” As Li Qiye and Jilin Princess were about to leave, a series of orderly steps resounded.

In the blink of an eye, a group with thirty-six people climbed to the peak. The atmosphere became tense right away.

All members had an aggressive aura with a cruel glint in their eyes. They wore a black-pink colored armor but it wasnt because of dye. This was the color of dried blood, causing spectators to faintly smell a sanguine stench.

“Tamedragon Squadron!” A spectator blurted out in horror.

Li Qiye knew the leader of this squadron. It was Tamedragon Child.

This was a brutal squadron led by the First Disciple of Tamedragon High God, Shangguan Yunjian.

He had inherited the arts of the High God and became one himself with two totems! Thus, his school had two High Gods, something worthy of pride. After all, this was extraordinary due to his humbled origin.

Because Tamedragon and eight more High Gods started the Tamedragon Cavalry, Yunjian also started his own group with thirty-six people and used squadron instead.

Like master, like disciple; Tamedragon used to be a bandit so this squadron was also a group of robbers.

They enjoyed breaking-and-entering on top of finding cultivators outside or ambushing some small adventuring groups. Of course, they pushed it a step further by also silencing their victims with death.

Many people knew that the culprits were this squadron but since all the victims were killed, there was no evidence to condemn them.

This was the reason why some feared them. It didnt matter whether one was strong or weak, being preyed upon by the squadron usually ended in death.

After Yunjian became a High God, he rarely commanded the squadron himself and left it to Tamedragon Child. Because of this, Tamedragon Child didnt only resort to threats. If the threats were ineffective, he would take command of the squadron for a more direct approach.

“Brother Li, we meet again.” Tamedragon Child smiled and cupped his fist towards Li Qiye.

Li Qiye only gave him a quick yet dismissive glance.

This didnt diminish his enthusiasm: “These are my brothers, the Tamedragon Squadron. They are courageous men who appreciate other heroes the most. Your tales of fearlessness have traveled far and wide. We brothers respect you, if you need anything in the future, just say the word and well jump into the boiling fire. Dont be reserved because well be brothers too!” With that, Tamedragon Child beat his chest with great fanfare.

The crowd took a deep breath after seeing how familiar Tamedragon Child was acting towards Li Qiye. This group of bandits alone was frightening enough. If they were to add someone as devilish as Fiercest, it would become a terrifying combination spelling doom for many smaller sects.

Li Qiye nonchalantly responded: “Not just anyone is qualified to call me brother, at the very least, not you.” With that, he continued descending with the princess.

This carefree response left everyone shocked. They didnt expect him to answer in such a haughty manner without giving a damn about face.

It was a straight slap towards Tamedragon Child and the squadron. It was merciless enough in the eyes of the spectators.

Though few would want to befriend someone like Tamedragon Child, they would begrudgingly accept if he kept on requesting it while calling them “brother”.

Even if one was strong enough to not give a damn about the squadron or even Tamedragon High God, it would be socially improper to slap a smiling face. At the very least, this person would need to be cordial for a bit in order to keep up with propriety.

But Li Qiye was completely different. He publicly denounced the guy in front of everyone without holding back.

As Li Qiye was walking away, Tamedragon Childs expression became extremely unsightly but he actually managed to restrain this anger.

After the duo left Buddhist Ridge, the princess smiled and said: “Young Noble, that guy probably wont forget the slap just now.”

“Just a little phony, no need to give someone like that any face. If hes smart enough to stay away from me, Ill spare him from a death without a burial.” Li Qiye smiled freely.

The princess smiled back. If Tamedragon Child wanted to conspire against Li Qiye, it would indeed be suicidal on his part.

Buddhist Plain was vast but it had far more than just grasses and fields. There were many dangers hidden in this seemingly serene place.

They could see a large mountain faraway, shrouded in clouds and fogs. One couldnt see the end of it. It was as if it was the world itself, all the other ranges started from here.

“Clank.” Suddenly, a bell resounded as they were crossing the mountain.

It wasnt overly loud but the princess lost control of her legs and felt as if her soul was leaving the body. She nearly dropped to the ground but Li Qiye quickly helped her from being paralyzed on the ground.

“What is that thing?” She asked in a pale stupor.

Her confusion was understandable. A bell forcing someone of her power level to directly drop down? This was quite a monstrous force.

Li Qiye placed his palm on her forehead and slowly said: “I will protect your mind to stop you from turning to ashes. Open your heavenly gaze and look.”

She felt a warm current coursing through her soul after his touch. She finally calmed down and took a deep breath before opening her heavenly gaze.

Her vision penetrated the fogs shrouding the mountain. Behold, it was a sight of ruins with the divine mountain being completely split horizontally.

This majestic mountain pierced through the sky. It should be surrounded with stars and galaxies but some unknown power had slashed it in half. The stars nearby were destroyed as well, only broken pieces were left.

At the very top of this broken world was a floating bell. It was gigantic and made of pure gold, still shining. The sound earlier came from this bell.

“This bell is the thing that destroyed this divine mountain?” She asked.

“No, the bell wishes to protect this area. Unfortunately, struggling is meaningless before the destruction.” Li Qiye said flatly.

“Isnt this a supreme treasure, completely unstoppable?” The princess murmured.

“Thats right, supreme it is. It might not be an Epoch Paragon Artifact but it is still an incredible Buddhist treasure.” Li Qiye nodded.

“Why does no one come and take it?” She became surprised.

“No one has been able to reach it. Look closer, dont you see people hiding up there?” Li Qiye smiled.

She focused more and after a long time, she found that there was an old man in a royal robe in one of the penetrated stars. He was hiding in the hole with layers of defense around him, powered by divine metals. Intuition told her that this was a High God.

The more she looked, the more people she found hiding among the debris in space. They were powerful and had defensive barriers ready, seemingly vigilant of a certain thing.

At the same time, they were staring at the bell as if wanting to find a weakness.

“Now!” A person roared and rushed out with three totems. He turned into a gigantic dragon with eight wings lunging for the bell. Next, his palm came for the bell, wishing to suppress and take it away.

“Winged High God, a veteran with three totems!” The knowledgeable princess became startled.

“Clank!” Another bell sound came out right before the palm was about to make contact.

The sound wave attacked causing blood to go everywhere. His hands exploded first before the rest of his body.

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