Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 505: Ominous Graves Secret Realms

Walking on these steps was similar to rising straight to the cloudy sky.

“Rumor has it that earning the favor of the spirit butterfly at Buddhist Ridge could bring about better luck. This butterfly will even protect the person, allowing them to obtain the treasury at the plain. Is this true?” Jilin Princess asked during the climb.

She had heard many legends about Exploration Grounds from her ancestors, this spirit butterfly included.

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “No such thing as luck in this world. It is another type of power. Before understanding this, you will feel that it is very mysterious, a type of fortune or pre-determination.”

The princess didnt quite grasp what he was saying so she walked quietly with him.

After a long while, the two finally reached the highest point of the ridge.

She was instantly moved while standing at the pinnacle. It was a large field created by many paved boulders. Despite the years of rain and wind, this coarse field was still around.

However, the more shocking part was a gargantuan statue of a Buddha on this field. It looked just like a giant amidst the clouds.

It was sitting in the meditative pose with one hand forming a mudra while the other was situated before the stomach. Its head was looking down, seemingly pondering the dao.

One had no choice but to look up at this statue. It was incomplete with many cracks as if it had been wounded. The right ear was gone and the facial features unrecognizable. It was as if its face has been destroyed, not allowing anyone else to look at it

The astonishing part about the statue wasnt its mere size alone. There was an indescribable temperament to it, one of sole invincibility.

Even the high heaven seemed so distant and the earth was lying beneath its feet. The heaven above couldnt make it put down its hands. Even the earth couldnt stop its movement.

Because of this, anyone would have the urge to bow before this Buddha, wanting to kiss its feet to show their utmost reverence.

The princess had a powerful cultivation and a firm dao heart but she also felt the urge to prostrate before this Buddha.

“The heaven does not allow one to see the face of this Buddha. Damn its wretchedness.” Li Qiye coldly said.

The princess was startled. This was her first time hearing someone curse out the high heaven like this. She looked up and opened her heavenly gaze. Alas, she couldnt see the statues face as if it had been sealed.

“No need to look. The heaven had forbidden it.” Li Qiye told her.

“But why?” She asked.

Li Qiye stared at the statue and said: “This is an old sage, the starter of an epoch. As the river of time continued to flow, it shouldered the faith of countless existences. Do you know how insignificant the world and the myriad dao are compared to this faith? It can replace everything, turning all into a world of light! But after its destruction, the heaven forbid anyone from seeing this Buddhas face again.”

The princess was in awe. She was trying to imagine the amazing epoch of light after hearing him.

There were more than just them present before this Buddha. There were many cultivators standing in a line, slowly inching forward without uttering a word.

Before Li Qiye was a divine carriage with the shade of the evening red clouds. It seemed to be running amidst the clouds.

Inside was a woman around thirty of age. She was titillating with her mature appearance like a ripe grape. Others couldnt help wanting to take a bite. Her alluring eyes could steal the soul with its boundless charm.

“Sunset Glow Valley Lord.” The princess didnt expect to see a familiar face here.

“Young Sis Ji, long time no see.” The woman greeted back.

Her name was Yin Huali, the lord of Sunset Glow. This was a lineage of the devil race with two emperors in Pure. It had considerable power.

Even though there was racial tension, imperial lineages like Sunset Glow and the Ji Clan still had some ties.

While chatting with the princess, Huali couldnt help analyzing Li Qiye. She had heard of his stories before and didnt want to provoke this mysterious man.

The experts continued forward. It didnt matter their initial attitude before coming here. While standing in front of this statue, they lit an incense and kneeled to offer their respect straight from the heart.

After placing the incense, some experts couldnt help but stare at the shoulder of the Buddha.

It was quite large like a mountain range. There were many inconspicuous spirit butterflies lying on its shoulder that required careful observation to spot. One would find that these butterflies were made of a faint light.

They were very famous because earning their favor would mean a safe journey in Buddhist Plain. They could even bring you to the hidden treasures of the plain.

Rumor has it that three people have obtained the favor of these butterflies – World Emperor, Holy Emperor, and Mortal Reversion Ancient God. Some later on even thought that because of this event, the three of them found an amazing fortune, resulting in their achievements later.

Despite a lack of evidence, cultivators would always respectfully come here to worship. Of course, nothing could be better than also gaining the favor of the butterflies.

Alas, these butterflies were lying on the shoulder with no intention of befriending anyone.

After a long time, it was finally Li Qiye and the princess turn. He lit an incense and bowed while articulating: “The path of men is full of ups and downs. Oh the wise sages of past, watch as I sweep through everything in the future.”

His words made everyone glance at each other. They were aware of his title, Fiercest. They felt that this guy was indeed fierce enough, always spouting crazy words wherever he went.

The princess was much more respectful in comparison. After lighting the incense, she bowed three times towards this Buddha.

When the two were about to leave, there was suddenly a poof. The butterflies lying on the shoulder of the statue suddenly started flying.

“The spirit butterflies are moving.” Someone shouted.

The butterflies flew down and circled Li Qiye from top to bottom as if they were happy fairies.

“What, this cant be right?” An old expert shouted: “Ive been here more than ten times but I havent seen one butterfly moving, let alone all of them!”

“How unbelievable. Back when World Emperor got here, only one butterfly circled around him but Fiercest got all of them right now.” Another knowledgeable ancestor became shocked.

“How can he be so lucky? Is this what you call the heavens favorite?” One cultivator became jealous and said.

Even Jilin Princess mouth became agape at this astonishing scene.

“Return, just one is enough.” Li Qiye said before blowing a puff of air. He blew all the butterflies away with the exception of one lingering on his shoulder.

“Lets go.” He glanced at this butterfly before telling the princess.

The crowd was stunned to see this scene. It was better to have more butterflies but Li Qiye actually only left one behind around him. There was actually someone afraid of having too many butterflies?

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