Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 501: Xian Fan

Finally, Eternal reached a very important stop-point, Imperial Change City.

“We have arrived at Imperial Change City.” After stopping at the harbor in space, the captain announced: “Eternal will stop here for half a month to get supplies. Passengers to Remote Wildland may leave the ship to relax. Just return before departure.”

“Im going!” After anchorage, many people became excited and jumped off the ship.

“Were finally here!” Even those who have been here before were still ecstatic all the same.

Imperial Change City was built by the shore of Buddhist Plain. It was also the only city in Exploration Grounds. Even though there were emperors and powerful gods hiding all around inside their heavenly grottos, only one true city existed here. It was under the control of many emperors.

From Eternal, one could see a world hovering above the vast darkness. It was spewing out a majestic light that had a Buddhist affinity.

There were many continents and countless dangerous areas in Exploration Grounds. However, all were abandoned or broken worlds, similar to Hope.

However, this was not the same for this floating world. It was still shining among the dark expanse, albeit with dimness as if a gust of wind could extinguish it like a candle.

This world was Buddhist Plain, a colorful world that had disappeared along the river of time.

At the front of this world was a port city. It wasnt crazy in size compared to the ones spanning for thousands of miles in Pure.

It wasnt majestic in appearance either. It was built from some unknown rocks piling on each other. Nevertheless, it still had an immovable presence to spectators.

There was no frightening imperial aura or peerless divine lights. It looked quite simple and seemed to have experienced the long years. This unremarkable city presided there as if nothing could ever successfully assault it down.

Imperial Change City! Those who came to Exploration Grounds would inevitably hear of its name. Rumor has it that it was built by the emperors from Pure.

Exploration Grounds was not a place for cultivation because it contained the remnant chaos energies of previous epochs. This, in turn, led to being more susceptible to qi deviation.

This wasnt the case in Imperial Change. Some said that cultivation was possible inside but outsiders werent privy of the truth.

In short, the emperors from Pure worked together to create a new world here, changing this ferocious land into a habitable and unconquerable city.

It remained unknown how many emperors were staying in the city. Many emperors in Exploration Grounds had their own grottos but some chose to occasionally stay in this city as well.

Several emperors would be present at any time in Imperial Change before switching shift. These groups would temporarily make all decisions for the city. If something major were to happen, then a bigger council of eligible emperors would convene and deliberate. The exact identity of the eligible emperors was also a mystery.

Imperial Change wasnt an organization or a sect. The emperors here came from all races and worlds. They were equal in this place and didnt place any emphasis on racial and inter-sect wars. They didnt care about mundane feuds and hatred. Otherwise, they would not be allowed to stay at Imperial Change and be involved in the policy-making process.

No one knew why this city was erected but there was one legend spreading through Pure. It stated that this was a final base in the case of a calamity. Even if the worlds were to be destroyed, Imperial Change would stand strong for it was the strongest fortress in existence. It has been blessed and empowered by countless emperors. Their blood and effort have seeped into the foundation of this place. Even twelve-will emperors have helped as well!

Thus, its toughness gradually became a legendary tale. Of course, when the days of end actually came, only god knows about the people with the ticket to enter.

Li Qiye was standing on a mountain while gazing at Imperial Changes closed gates with a faint smile.

The gates to this great city have always been closed. Outside of emperors, outsiders would find it exceedingly hard to enter without permission or recommendation. Of course, those who wanted to force their way in would find the endeavor suicidal.

“Young Noble, you want to enter?” The princess quietly asked.

In her eyes, Li Qiye was definitely someone who could enter without any resistance. Meanwhile, a junior like her wasnt qualified to do so.

“No, theres nothing to see there, only a turtle shell.” Li Qiye smiled freely.

The princess smiled wryly after hearing this. So many people wanted to enter but couldnt yet Li Qiye made it sound so trivial.

What would the emperors feel if they were to find out that their citadel was called a turtle shell?

“I wonder which emperors are in charge right now in this generation.” Li Qiye commented.

“I heard it is the emperors from the War-Monarch Clan and Divine Dragon Mountain. I dont know its true or not, just repeating what Ive heard from the ancestors.” The princess replied.

The Jilins monarchs also had a spot at Imperial Change; they were relatively early members from the hundred races at Pure.

“If the calamity really comes one day, hide here if you have the chance. There will be hope of surviving it.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“I might not have the opportunity to do so in the future.” The princess forced a smile.

Even though her two monarchs had a spot here, she wasnt qualified to enter for now. She needed their recommendation first.

Li Qiye said: “Its still possible. If your Nightfall Immortal Monarch was still around, your clan could have even more recommendations at the city. But just become more powerful and everything will be easy.”

Nightfall had great authority in Imperial Change but after she embarked on the ultimate expedition, her clans status in the city did considerably weaken.

The princess nodded and kept his words in mind.

“Lets go have a look at Buddhist Plain. We have some free time right now.” Li Qiye told the princess.

“The Buddhist Plain?” She couldnt help looking at the faint world behind Imperial Change. It was broken but people still had hope in it.

“Follow me and I shall grant you a fortune. I cant guarantee the same in Remote Wildland. That place requires your own fortune but in order to boost the chance, well have you witness this magical place first.” Li Qiye said flatly.

The princess quickly bowed to show her gratitude.

As the successor of the Jilin Clan, she didnt lack weapons, treasures, and merit laws. In fact, she had access to all the top merit laws from her clan.

However, such words had a different significance coming from Li Qiye. After all, a few fortunes in this world couldnt be gauged in a physical sense. Moreover, cultivators required these adventures in order to sharpen themselves and gain knowledge.

The two of them got off Eternal and instantly came outside of Imperial Change. Because Imperial Change was at the outskirt of Buddhist Plain, many people would need to pass across the city first.

In fact, even those who didnt want to enter the plain would come to take a look at Imperial Change anyway. This was still a worthwhile experience even if they couldnt get in.

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