Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 499: Simple Precious Tree

Li Qiye wasnt too receptive of Tamedragons conversation. Tamedragon didnt care either and was still as enthusiastic and happy as before: “Brother Li, your item is of the finest grade, I have customers looking for an ancient item like this, are you interested in a trade?”

“None.” Li Qiye frankly rejected.

“Wait, wait, wait.” Tamedragon hurriedly said: “Brother Li, dont be so eager to refuse and think about it carefully instead. Just agree and we can easily negotiate the price or whatever treasure you want. Chaos stones or supreme merit laws are possible too. Keep in mind that there are emperors among our customers, they will surely name an impressive price.”

“Not interested, you can leave now.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve and said.

“Brother Li, no need to be so hasty, really think about it.” Tamedragon wore a smile the entire time: “Plus, this thing might not be suitable for you. After all, so many people are aware that you have an ancient treasure, Im afraid many will come to your door. If you trade it, itll be less headache in the future.”

How could Li Qiye not understand the subtlety in this comment? Thus, he glared at Tamedragon and said insipidly: “Are you threatening me?”

“No way, I do not dare to do so.” Tamedragon quickly responded: “Youre overly worrying, I consider myself to be somewhat of a business-man but I do obey the creed of staying honest even in business. Thats why I dont have any intention of causing trouble even if you dont trade.”

He paused for a bit before continuing: “But that might not be the case for others. I personally know that a few customers are very intrigued by the item. If they really want it, I dont think anything can stop them.”

“Is that so? If they want it, let them come. The more, the merrier.” Li Qiye smirked in response.

“Shh! Shh!” Tamedragon jumped in horror and quickly shushed Li Qiye: “Brother Li, quiet down a bit since the sky has ears. Some customers are incredible characters, High God is only the starting point, theres no lack of emperors either.”

“Really now?” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Yes.” Tamedragon lowered his voice: “Your possession of this treasure had made quite a stir and attracted the attention of a few High Gods and emperors. If they were ordinary emperors and gods, I could put in a few good words for you using my masters reputation. However, a few of them truly want your treasure and I might not be able to do anything about it. These emperors are untouchable since they are from Heavenly Authority!”

The guy paused for a bit and continued on with a mysterious tone: “Have you heard of Heavenly Authority?”

“Heavenly Authority? Yes, that organization made up of emperors.” Li Qiye smiled freely.

Tamedragon continued on: “No one can afford to provoke Heavenly Authority in this world. If they want a treasure, everyone should obediently hand it over. Moreover, Ill be frank too, Brother Li. I got winds of a secret information, people from the Purewood Alliance are also here. They want this treasure as well.”

“Purewood Alliance?” Li Qiye had a thick smile after hearing this.

“Yes, Purewood Alliance, another legendary organization that is invincible. When it took action, not to mention ants like us, even emperors will tremble and the ghosts will cry.”

Rumor has it that this was a mysterious team started by Purewood Divine Emperor; some referred to it as the Divine Alliance. There were no trustworthy records about it; no one knew which emperors were part of this group. Its existence itself remained a mystery.

“Looks like you know quite a lot.” Li Qiye was quite amused.

“No, its not me but my master and uncles have many friends. Our Tamedragon Cavalry knows everyone in the world, including many emperors so I ride on my masters coattails, having more information channels than others.

He became quite prideful after bringing up his master. This was understandable – his master, Tamedragon High God, had eleven totems. His cavalry was a dreadful existence in Pure.

It had nine members but all were High Gods. This was why the cavalry was so terrifying but there was something even worse. They were actually a group of bandits. Tamedragon High God was once a lowly bandit while the rest of the members had questionable origins as well. All nine had done their fill of heinous deeds, leaving nothing left in their path.

Thats why many people secretly called them the Bandit Cavalry, not Tamedragon.

Despite their villainous past, many lineages in Pure couldnt do anything to them out of fear. This was the reason why Tamedragon Child dared to talk back to Feng Yi. His backers were also very powerful.

His intention in bringing up his master and the cavalry was clear. Anyone who knew a bit about them would be quite frightened right now. However, Li Qiye was still as leisurely as ever: “Heavenly Authority or Purewood Alliance, let them come. Im in the mood to taste the blood of the emperors right now! Surely these imperial blood will have an exquisite taste! If you are so well connected, tell those who are interested in my treasure to come in packs. One or two emperors and High Gods arent enough as an appetizer. Maybe ten emperors or a legion, cavalry, whatever, thats more fun. Its too much trouble for me to take care of them one by one.”

With that, Li Qiye ignored Tamedragon Child and left.

Tamedragon Child was completely stunned after hearing this and couldnt process the statement too well.

Behind his smile was a cruel heart. Dont mistake his friendliness and amicable speech; this was a ruthless man.

Earlier, he was only playing an old trick, wishing to scheme the treasure Li Qiye got from Hope.

The whole spiel about emperors wanting to buy the treasure was only an attempt to scare Li Qiye.

In fact, he had done this many times before since it has been quite effective with a high rate of success.

As long as it was something he wanted, he would continue to intimidate the person into giving up. Due to the notoriety of the Tamedragon Cavalry, many experts and even lineages would either obediently hand their treasures over or sell them at a low price.

No one wanted to invite the wrath of bandits like this cavalry because the result might be sect destruction, quite a pitiful end.

Because of his massive success in the past, Tamedragon Child wanted to do it again to Li Qiye. However, Li Qiye didnt bite and left him in a shocked state.

“Hehehe, want to do it the hard way instead? Dont blame this Young Noble for being ruthless then. When our cavalry comes, well take the treasure and let you experience a fate worse than death!” Tamedragon Child regained his wits with a cold glint in his eyes.

The thing people were afraid of the most about this cavalry was their lack of morality. Even though many imperial lineages were arrogant, they considered themselves to be righteous, at least in appearance. They wouldnt destroy a sect just to steal a treasure since they had their reputation to worry about. On the other hand, the High Gods in Tamedragon Cavalry didnt give a damn at all.

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