Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 497: Bronze-Carapace Insect Tribe

Of course, the issues werent the bones or the sword form. The thing they were lacking was Li Qiyes supreme will and knowledge of the One Thought Creation from the scripture.

Who had seen a Paragon Artifact like this in this world? Even if they had the power to do so, they wouldnt be able to duplicate this particular one.

“Young Noble, what is a Paragon Artifact?” The princess quietly asked along the way. She was full of curiosity because the sword left a deep impression on her.

“Wanting to learn is always good.” Li Qiye looked back at her.

The princess smiled like a young girl with a coquettish yet pleasant look.

Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and stared towards the horizon before explaining: “A Paragon Artifact is only a general name, nothing too specific. If one must elaborate, then they are the ultimate weapons of an epoch, according to the emperors.”

“These artifacts must be far above imperial dao weapons?” The princess got the point.

“Way, way above.” Li Qiye chuckled and said: “Only one or two would come out in an epoch, how could an ordinary imperial dao weapon compare to it?”

“What about a True Immortal Armament?” She thought about the strongest type of dao weapon.

“Thats hard to say.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “There are only five armaments in the world and two are missing. However, Paragon Artifacts are even rarer. Few have seen them and the two havent clashed just yet. Theres no good conclusion to be made of the stronger one.”

The princess agreed. There were too few True Immortal Armaments in this world; not to mention Immortal Emperor Min Rens and Six Dao Kings were missing. The others belonged to people such as World Emperor and Pure Wood Divine Emperor.

“Tell me more about True Bones.” She asked curiously after hearing him repeat this name previously.

“True Bones does not belong to our epoch. It is much more ancient.” Li Qiye said: “Its a ferocious weapon. Back in its epoch along the river of time, someone refined the true bones of the strongest existences into this weapon, trillions and trillions of bones. Its power is immense, just one slash could destroy the world.”

The princess shuddered and could imagine the number of bones required to create this terrifying weapon. How much carnage and sad tales were necessary?

“Do we have a Paragon Artifact in our epoch?” She asked softly.

“Who knows?” Li Qiye glanced at her in response: “A long time ago, Immortal Emperor Qi Zhen wished to fight at the end of the world so she has been incubating a weapon, wishing to turn it into the most powerful of them all. Then, she started the sixth expedition. I believe that her weapon had reached full maturity, but whether it qualifies as a Paragon Artifact or not is unknown. I havent seen it in person so I do not know of its capabilities.”

He gently sighed after saying this. Immortal Emperor Qi Zhen didnt start her expedition on a whim. She wanted to do so since a long time ago but she wasnt strong enough yet back then.

He was certain that she had prepared well before the trip, especially with this particular weapon.

The princess was surprised to hear this because this was the first time she heard this particular rumor about the sixth expedition.

At this moment, she knew that outside of True Immortal Armaments, Heaven Punishing Weapons, and High Heaven Scrolls, there were also things like Paragon Artifacts.

She felt a chill after recalling the imitation of that skeletal sword. Just the fake was so strong already, what about the real thing?

Though she hadnt seen a True Immortal Armament, there was also a sense of anticipation to witness a duel between one and a Paragon Artifact. It would be a life worth living.

“Wouldnt a duel between a Paragon Artifact and a True Immortal Armament be amazing? It might be the most impressive battle in history.” The princess murmured.

Li Qiye chuckled in response: “Theres nothing worth being excited about.”

“Why?” She was surprised.

“One day, when you find out a Paragon Artifact has come into being and the user isnt me, be smart and run as far as possible to any safe haven in the world. Do not have any foolish thoughts about watching a fight! Run and run some more with all of your might, throw away your clan too, do not worry about them.”

“Why?” She was caught off guard. As the successor, she instinctively thought that her clan was the safest place. Any person in danger would feel that the safest location was their home.

“Because when that day comes, its over for your clan too.” Li Qiye said flatly.

“How can that be?! Our clan wont go down that easily even to powerful foes.” She blurted out.

Her response wasnt out of arrogance. Their clan still had two living Immortal Monarchs and had good ties with other imperial lineages of the hundred races. Their monarchs were good friends with other emperors as well.

If a disaster truly descended one day on their clan, their two monarchs wouldnt sit idly by and watch. Moreover, they could ask for assistance from their peers.

It wasnt to say that their clan would last forever but in the princess eyes, it wasnt that easy for anyone to end their clan.

“Your clan does have two but when that day really comes, even having five wouldnt do anything for protection. They wouldnt be able to protect themselves at that point.” Li Qiye answered while gazing at the horizon.

The princess shuddered since this comment contained too much information.

“Will, will that day really come?” She asked softly: “And that means our epoch really has a Paragon Artifact too?”

Li Qiyes eyes became profound: “Who knows if someone has created one already in our epoch? But in the older epochs that might be ashes now, their artifacts are still left behind.”

“Our world still has people with ancient Paragon Artifacts!” The princess wasnt stupid so she understood right away.

Li Qiye nodded: “Yes, and its not just baseless rumors nor legends. People have just been covering these tracks along the river of time.”

“What will happen when these artifacts appear?” She questioned again.

“The end of the world.” Li Qiye commented: “It will be a disaster and nothing will be left in the future. No more imperial lineages, no more nine worlds and thirteen continents.”

“Impossible.” The princess shouted: “Immortal Emperor Yi Ye is still around, and Mortal Reversion Ancient God, Profound Emperor, and even World Emperor. There are so many emperors left, as long as they are around, an even greater disaster shouldnt be a problem.”

“Yes, Yi Ye, Mortal Reversion, and even Geezer Qian are truly powerful.” Li Qiye smiled: “But you will never know the real opponent, it is beyond your imagination. When that day comes, people and certain things will change.”

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