Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 496: Worldwide Fame

One strike to destroy the era; two to end eternity itself. The world trembled before her cataclysmic strike.

This top merit law from the lost epoch completely overshadowed the current imperial laws.

The spectators in the far horizon were stunned by this dual-palm strike.

“This is far beyond the Dao Celestial realm, capable of decapitating gods and devils.” An old royal lord became blanched and quietly commented.

Li Qiye didnt give this strike the time of day. All of this was trivial in his eyes.

“Clank.” The faint glow of the skeletal sword intensified a bit with a nether light. Li Qiye immediately slashed forward at the dual-palm strike.

Boom!” The dual-palm strike managed to block the slash despite being pushed to the side. Fengying staggered several steps backward as well.

However, she was actually unharmed this time around. Keep in mind that in order to survive the previous slash, she lost her dragon pike completely.

But now, she was able to withstand the slash with her bare hands. Her physical prowess was something else right now, virtually impervious to all weapons.

“Taste another one!” Li Qiye smiled freely and swung his sword again.

“Clank!” The sword shadow swept over across countless light years.

“Break!” She closed her black wings behind her like a gate sealing the myriad ages.

“Boom!” The era-engulfing wings failed to stop the peerless slash and got severed. The slash made contact on her body.

Blood splashed all over and her armor was cut open. In this moment of life-and-death, she slammed her palms together and grabbed the sword, causing a deafening metallic vibration.

“Rumble!” Even the fabric of space and time was trembling.

She was actually gaining ground and pushing the sword upward despite its immense weight.

“As long as my transformation remains, I am indestructible!” She fiercely declared with an intense glare like a goddess of war. The blood on her body only painted an even more brutal and moving picture.

“No one in this world is indestructible outside of the villainous heaven. Plus, you simply dont know this sword. I am slaying a chicken using a butchers blade. Behold its real power.” Li Qiye chuckled in response.

With that, the sword instantly pushed open her grip. Her palms could squeeze a galaxy to bits but the sword only vibrated a bit and broke free from her clutch.

“Boom!” Li Qiyes will erupted and the sword exuded more light than before. Its rays illuminated the entire world.

Each ray resembled a galaxy itself. The overwhelming radiance resembled many angelic wings spreading. The apex power of an epoch instantly erupted. Gods, devils, or any other power were instantly crushed!

“What is this weapon…” The spectators could no longer stand straight after the skeletal sword revealed its true power. Their hair was standing on end from fear.

There was no way for them to resist this power because they were even tinier than ants in comparison.

The sword acted as the center of an epoch at this moment. All paled before its might.

Her devil form struggled to withstand the opening of these bright wings as she tumbled backward.

“Young Noble, please show mercy!” The astonished princess still beseeched him for Fengyings sake.

“Time to end this.” Li Qiye glanced at her and unleashed another brilliant attack with his sword.

“Break!” Wu Fengying roared and a majestic figure of a godfiend came out. It was large beyond measurement; just one stomp could shatter the void.

It could be said that it was the three thousand worlds itself. It was only a reflection but this didnt diminish its terror and power.

Alas, it couldnt stop the blazing skeletal sword. It was another casual swing hitting the godfiend.

“Boom!” The monstrous figure was like a fly getting hit by a swatter and immediately turned to ashes.

After the figure got annihilated, Wu Fengying was slammed down like a meteor hitting the ground. A huge crater with cracks emanating from the center was the result.

The bloodied woman didnt have a chance to regain her composure since everything darkened before her.

This was Li Qiye already showing mercy by only knocking her unconscious. Otherwise, it didnt matter how strong she was. Just one slash was enough to split her into two halves so he only swung his sword at the figure instead of slashing downward.

“Clank!” Li Qiye casually pointed forward and chain-like laws sealed her completely.

“Be a good girl and stay home.” Li Qiye opened his palm and created a spatial passage to expel her back to Eternal, locking her in her own room.

If he wanted to kill, it wouldnt have been enough even if she had one hundred lives. Of course, he wasnt showing mercy out of a love for talents either. She simply didnt have any maliciousness in her action; she was only a hot-headed and competitive brat in his eyes.

After expelling her, Li Qiye looked at the skeletal sword and gently sighed: “True Bones Of The Ages, a Paragon Artifact with many sad tales.”

With that, he released and let the sword fly to the sky. He then recalled his will and the bones making up the sword started falling apart. It became a rain of bones returning to their original position.

He had no intention of taking this kind of sword with him because it wasnt the real thing. It wouldnt have been of much use taking it away from this place.

Hope regained serenity after all the bones peeled out. It was as if such a sword had never appeared in this world. The terrifying aura earlier dissipated without a trace as well.

This allowed everyone to heave a sigh of relief. That monstrous weapon was no longer around.

“Lets go.” Li Qiye smiled and told the princess.

The princess calmed down and quickly followed. After he left, the crowd also regained their sanity.

Everyone knew that Li Qiye had gotten a treasure but no one dared to have any ideas about it. This brat was too devilish; provoking him was suicidal.

A person asked right away: “What kind of weapon was that sword?”

No one could answer this question so the crowd just glanced at each other in confusion.

“Lets research it a bit.” A big shot jumped into the pile of bones and picked up the pieces that were part of the sword. After careful consideration, they found that these bones had no sign of divinity.

This perplexed them even more. These broken bones came together to create such a powerful sword? How unbelievable.

Some didnt give up and even brought these bones back then assembled the pieces together just like Li Qiyes imitation earlier.

Alas, it was only a broken skeletal sword unlike earlier. They couldnt understand why the same bones in the same assembly couldnt produce the same result.

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