Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 493: Phoenix Maiden To Battle

Wu Fengying had an immense aura with the weapon in her hand just like a goddess of war. A sharp glint flashed in her eyes, resulting in a stately and awe-inspiring appearance.

The pike in her hand could pierce through the sky; her immense vitality could crush all enemies. More importantly, her tyrannical temperament resembled a raging dragon. She looked untouchable and domineering.

This temperament was quite unsuitable on a woman but not her. It seemed like a perfect fit. She was a supreme beauty but no one cared about that right now. She had escaped that particular boundary; everyone only thought about the incoming battle!

“Smelly brat, take this!” She let out a battle cry.

“Buzz.” She thrust through space straight for his throat. Even a heavenly gaze couldnt follow the speed of this attack.

However, Li Qiye stood there unmoving. A series of collapsing noises came next.

The pike was inches away from him but in the next split second, there was an unreachable distance between the two.

Distance couldnt judge this separation. It was the difference between spatial spheres. The two of them were in separate planes now.

Spatial Displacement, a technique from the Space Scripture. This allowed him to create this great gap between the two.

“Break!” Her pike let out a dragon roar. More explosions occurred as she broke through multiple planes in order to reach his throat again.

Alas, each time she made it through one plane, he was already in a different one.

“This is…” Many became dazzled at the pikes failure to connect.

“Space manipulation.” A top Dao Celestial murmured: “He is a master at this art, able to separate in the blink of an eye. Even though the pike looked so close, it might have been several planes away. Theres no injuring him unless she could break space itself.”

“Dragon Soaring The Myriad Worlds!” She crazily roared and her pike turned into a True Dragon.

It leaped into the sky and jumped out of this world. It crossed through many spatial planes and gave chase while baring its fangs.

But right when it was about to catch him, the gap instantly widened.

“Dragon Soaring The Myriad Worlds!” She didnt give up and frantically channeled her vitality. This allowed her to cross through space after Li Qiye with her pike.

This scene was very bizarre. The two of them didnt seem to be moving at all; the only thing happening was Wu Fengyings battle cry.

The ignorant spectator would think that one of them was crazy; only the real experts could see what was really going on. Even though they didnt appear to be taking a single step, they kept on crossing through the spatial spheres. The weak couldnt detect these changes.

Fengying made it through many spheres but still failed to reach Li Qiyes current one. Her extreme speed seemed to be futile.

“Even if you muster all your strength, you still wont touch a hair of mine. If this is all you can do, go back home and suck on your mothers teats; dont run around showing off such meager abilities.” Li Qiye shook his head while standing in a different spatial realm.

With the Space Scripture, Li Qiye could easily control space. It was simple for him to cross through these dimensional spheres.

“Bullshit! Smelly brat, all you can do is run! I dare you to stay for one round with me!” Wu Fengying maintained her rude speech. Of course, she had never been a proper lady before.

Her choice of words made others have some strange thoughts.

Li Qiye didnt tease her about it and said: “Ive been standing right here, what is this about running? The fact that you cant catch me shows your weakness. How can you think about fighting me directly when you cant even catch up?”

“You!” Her face turned red from anger after hearing this but she took a deep breath and calmed down.

“Buzz.” Cold glints shot out from her eyes. They were blinding and penetrating, nearly taking physical form. She stared intensely at him as if wanting to see a weak spot.

She finally took action in the next second. She wasnt as fast this time, only slowly raising her pike. It seemed to weigh countless pounds at this moment.

The entire place became suffocating. Though she hasnt destroyed this spatial dimension just yet, the atmosphere was heavy and solemn. Everyone had trouble breathing.

“Buzz.” She did a circle with her pike and rendered a large area nearby as possible targets.

After the radius was chosen, the space inside suddenly became stagnated. People had a hard time taking half a step forward, let alone fly.

“Youre not too dumb.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “You realize that by suppressing the main dimension, I wont be able to jump through another one…

“Break!” Before Li Qiye could finish, Wu Fengying had already unleashed another thrust straight for his throat with incredible swiftness.

“Boom!” One could finally hear the sound of space breaking after the pike had reached Li Qiyes throat. It was simply too fast.

Even the strongest Dao Celestials felt fear. The attack was strong enough to pierce any throat. It clearly wasnt aiming for them but everyone still felt a prick by their neck, causing them to uncontrollably shudder.

Alas, it still couldnt reach Li Qiyes throat as if there was an invisible hand stopping it. She couldnt break through his mental barrier.

“Bang!” The invisible hand flicked and her pike was blown back. She was forced to take several steps back as well.

He stopped using spatial manipulation. If she wanted to play for real, hell just use his supreme will to stop her.

“Brat, come again for another bout!” She wasnt afraid at all after being pushed back. In fact, she became even fiercer due to her love for battle!

This was quite a rare breed of woman – a beauty who loves fighting.

“A bit interesting.” Li Qiye couldnt help but smile: “However, you dont know the immensity of the heaven and earth. I shall let you witness true invincibility today. Get ready so that this wont leave an indelible demon in your heart later.”

“Bring it, I aint afraid of you!” She aggressively bit back.

“Is that so?” Li Qiye revealed an amused grin: “Then dont piss in your pants or youll be throwing away your Dragon Citadels reputation.”

“Youre the one who will piss in your pants!” She barked back.

“Lets begin.” He ignored her with a slight chuckle.

Despite her unbridled speech, she wasnt one to underestimate the enemy since she wasnt dumb enough to do that. Thus, with a lasting dragon roar, the pike in her hand turned into a True Dragon in a defensive posture next to her.

She was serious, ready to take on Li Qiyes attack.

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