Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 492: Resplendent Break

After grasping this epochs cultivation system and more experiments, Li Qiye was able to control many weapons and artifacts from this period.

Because of this, Immortal Emperor Bing Yu was able to use the Heaven Cutting Tablet. Otherwise, it was easier said than done to use something from a different temporal period.

Alas, he was a bit disappointed after taking in the two things so easily. From a certain perspective, the Heaven Cutting Tablet was only an imitation yet it possessed a wondrous power.

This made him very hopeful about the altar and monument, even viewing them as potential Paragon Artifacts. However, this was too optimistic of an opinion. There was still a big gap before it reached that level due to many other limitations.

Nevertheless, he didnt become dejected because if it was really a Paragon Artifact, the other emperors hiding in Exploration Grounds would have definitely joined in.

“Buzz.” Li Qiye closed his palms and the runes disappeared as well.

The crowd was stunned before this scene. Li Qiye had finally done it with such ease. This seemed so trivial to him like lifting his hand.

Wu Fengyings mouth was agape. She didnt look like a proper maiden at all. Of course, she never had this appearance in the first place.

In her opinion, even if he was devilish enough to seize the monument and altar, it should have taken some effort and sweat. But the lack of difficulty was completely outside of her imagination.

The only one who took this well was the Jilin Princess. In her mind, Li Qiye could do whatever and it wouldnt shock her. What could actually trouble an overlord like him?

After closing his palm, Li Qiye looked at Wu Fengying and slightly smirked: “Do you still want to rob me now?”

The crowd turned to look at Fengying. At this moment, they were still afraid of Li Qiye due to his devilish capabilities.

It didnt matter whether he was strong or not. In their eyes, he was a demon-spawn that couldnt be gauged with common sense. Thus, they wanted to get far away from a monster like him in order to avoid trouble!

“Im not afraid of you!” Fengying regained her composure with a glint in her eyes. Rays rushed out like the opening of a world.

“Then get ready, dont be suppressed so quick like last time.” Li Qiye teased.

“Stop your bullshit.” This supreme woman was very vulgar with speech.

“Boom!” Her vitality erupted but it didnt leave her body. On the other hand, it continued to roar within, making others wonder if there was a gigantic dragon hiding inside.

Her figure was slender and charming, but people could only view her as a raging dragon with a world-destroying power.

“Bang!” She finally released it all out with a terrible force. The mountains nearby collapsed instantly.

She wasnt messing around any longer; this was going all out with one move.

“Smelly brat, accept your death!” Her pretty eyes widened with focus and a phoenix flew out.

“Screech!” The bird spread its gargantuan wings before landing down. Its beak was aiming at Li Qiye like a divine sword. There was no need to doubt its power. Its sharpness could peck through all things. Even a divine shield would be penetrated like a piece of paper.

Li Qiye didnt bother batting an eye against the diving phoenix. He simply had a thought.

“Boom!” An invisible prison trapped the bird.

“Screech!” The phoenix dashed upward and opened its mouth to spew out its flame.

The ground instantly melted along; the mountains nearby also burned down in a short time.

This scene was too terrifying, especially the heatwave assaulting everyone. The experts quickly retreated to a safe distance. Just the tiniest spark of this flame could incinerate someone to ashes.

“Is this a real phoenix?” Someone couldnt help but ask. The bird was clearly derived from laws since it came out of her eyes but this question was still brought up. It looked so real, especially its awe-inspiring fire.

“Rumor has it that it is a secret art from the Dragon Citadel.” His senior responded.

The fire was stopped three feet above Li Qiyes head and couldnt inch forward. It flowed through him and assaulted the ground instead.

There seemed to be an invisible wall protecting him. As the fire poured down, it looked as if he was undergoing rebirth via fire. It was a wondrous scene.

“Looks like you have mastered your Dragon Citadels Phoenix Eyes Art, but you are merely showing your slight skills before an expert by using it against my will.” Li Qiye shook his head with amusement.

Having said that, he had another thought. The fire-spewing bird was grabbed by an invisible hand.

“Screech!” Next, it was crushed to death and instantly dispersed.

Wu Fengying took several steps back with a pale complexion because this creature contained the power of her will.

Thus, he had crushed her will and grievously injured her despite a lack of visible, external signs.

“If this is all you can do, not to mention stealing my treasure, you cant even touch a hair of mine.” Li Qiye commented.

“Ill chop off your hand and take it!” Fengying shouted and a dragon cry resounded.

“Clank!” She took out a pike.

This pike wasnt large and looked even more on the decorative side. The pole was as white as jade, same with the tip. White jade seemed to be its main material. Nevertheless, it was still sharp with a snow-white glint. People couldnt help but shudder after seeing the tip because they could feel it already thrusting through their neck.

“Smelly brat, Ill teach you a lesson today!” She pointed her pike at him. This resulted in a sharp thrust crossing through the world.

“Boom!” Even this ferocious attack was instantly blocked by Li Qiyes mental defense.

Li Qiye was slightly surprised while looking at the pike and said slowly: “Looks like your citadels treasury actually has some good stuff. This pike is polished from a mature True Dragons spine, crafted by the method of an Immortal Emperor. Your progenitor, Immortal Emperor Can Long, must have killed a mature dragon and took its spine back then.”

“I see, a True Dragon back then went crazy and disappeared for some reasons. Looks like the emperor killed it.” Li Qiye rubbed his chin and said.

“Killing a True Dragon! A mature one at that!” Older experts heart skipped a beat. They understood the significance and power of this best.

However, Immortal Emperor Can Long was able to kill one. Just how strong was this emperor?

“Thats the progenitor of the Dragon Citadel for you. Ordinary emperors cant compare to his power.” Someone murmured.

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