Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 491: The Eighteen Beasts

Both Qin Baili and Shangguan Tu have failed yet Li Qiye was taking it so lightly. People felt that he was being boastful.

“Hmph, anyone can talk big.” Wu Fengying stared coldly at him.

Li Qiye smiled and replied: “Is that so? If I take it down, what are you going to do?”

She aggressively replied: “Ill wait for you to take it down then pry it from your fingers with my blade.”

“Im afraid youre not up to the task.” Li Qiye gently shook his head with a smirk.

“Take it down then and see whether I can grab it from you or not!” She was warming up, looking as if she was about to take down anyone in her way.

Some in the crowd became afraid after seeing her violent appearance because many in Pure have been victimized by her before. Even sect masters from imperial lineages were beaten, left with swollen faces. It didnt matter to her who the opponent might be. It was fight first, talk later.

Of course, some people were gloating on others pain. The fierce Li Qiye has finally met his match after meeting this brutal girl.

Li Qiye only smiled and headed for the towering monument instead. Everyone held their breath at this scene, completely fixated on each of his actions. They wanted to see if this notorious and unfathomable fella could actually do it.

Back at Eternal, many saw him swallowing lightning bolts despite his shallow cultivation. At this point, they no longer cared about his cultivation and felt that a few devilish means of him could make up for the lack of power.

“Buzz.” The runes slightly moved as Li Qiye got closer. A devouring force instantly came out and engulfed Li Qiye. In the blink of an eye, it was omnipresent, not allowing anyone to escape without leaving all of their vitality behind.

Li Qiye smiled and casually pointed forward against this approaching offense.

“Ba!” Space fluctuated like rising waves and made the power collapse into ashes.

The force seemed to be the storm while Li Qiye was able to pinpoint the eye of the storm, destroying it right away.

“What is going on?” No one knew what was going on or how Li Qiye made the devouring force disappear.

It was different from Shangguan Tu. He collapsed his own vitality in order to stabilize while Qin Baili severed his connection with karma and yin yang. This was a way to stop the devouring force from absorbing his vitality.

The young ones couldnt see through these twos methods but the more experienced characters were able to see some clues.

But now, Li Qiyes method left everyone perplexed. Even imperial sect masters were lost all the same.

A High God like Shangguan Tu couldnt withstand the bite of that force yet Li Qiye took care of it with a single finger. It was simply impossible unless the guy was an emperor with twelve wills.

But this guy ahead was definitely not an apex emperor.

“What kind of monstrous magic is this?” Someone murmured and didnt believe in their own eyes.

Li Qiye had arrived onto the ancient altar before the stunned crowd. He circled around once before entering.

“Come!” Li Qiye shouted and created a mudra with both hands that kept on changing with an unbelievable rate.

In the blink of an eye, these mudra seals flew forward and dazzled the crowd. No one got a good look at them.

“Boom!” The altar quaked and poured out a golden light like a tsunami.

“Its not blood!” People were surprised to see this because it was different from Qin Baiis attempt.

More golden strings came out of the coarse gaps on the altar and eventually washed the large monument. At this time, an unbelievable matter occurred. The golden runes that seemed to have formed naturally on the monument were actually peeling out.

Finally, the flood-like golden rays brought these runes towards Li Qiye. He opened his palms and sucked them in like a black hole.

It didnt take more than a blink before Li Qiye took in all the runes.

“Buzz.” Li Qiye opened his palms and saw the flowing runes. Their yellow shade was turning lighter and changed into an ocean of runes. They were deriving and changing themselves as if wanting to create a new world.

“Again!” Li Qiye shouted. The runes began to rotate with a faster speed and immediately became a yellow maelstrom.

“Rumble.” Loud explosions continuously resounded. The large monument shook once before starting to fly upward.

However, the altar was following it this time. It was the thing raising the monument.

People finally realized that the altar and the monument were one. Just taking the monument alone was impossible.

The princess understood Li Qiyes comment about Qin Baili being a frog under the well, only seeing one part of the overall picture.

“Boom!” The two entities have finally left the ground while still issuing deafening rumbles.

They actually shrank smaller until they became just a golden glow. This glow jumped into the maelstrom inside Li Qiyes palm and caused wavy ripples.

The maelstrom finally calmed down and all the runes appeared again in his palm.

They were still flowing just like before but now, there were new runes joining them. Outside of the grand world created earlier, there were gigantic celestials in the sky now.

Inside this grand world, the altar and monument were floating in the center. Despite their minuscule size now, they were still relatively monstrous in this new world, capable of stabilizing the universe.

Li Qiye gently sighed after taking a look at this world in his palm: “Strong indeed but not to the level I expected, still not a Paragon Artifact.”

There was a reason why he could take in these two items so quickly. He had already grasped their profundities and dao composition because he had researched the merit law system of this particular epoch from the tablet found by Immortal Emperor Bing Yu.

In fact, he guided her into obtaining that artifact. That tablet and this monument had the same origin. However, the tablet of the emperor was more of a small-scaled imitation or a broken piece.

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