Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 490: Divine Spark Bloodburn

Rumble!” The runic maelstrom spun increasingly faster like a torrential torrent as the monument floated upward.

“Amazing, thats a genius for you. He had seen through the mysteries of these runes.” Both young experts and older masters were in awe.

“Thats why he is on the same level as Jin Ge in terms of fame. Even if he wont be an emperor, hell be an incredible High God.” Another big shot was convinced by his skills.

Li Qiye chuckled after seeing this: “Hes really talented indeed, to see this particular clue in such a short time. Unfortunately, still a frog under the well, only seeing a little spot. Nevertheless, its impressive enough that hell be able to survive.”

“This still isnt enough?” The princess thought that Qin Baili was going to do it so she was surprised.

“No.” Li Qiye shook his head: “This item has an amazing origin, its not that simple. Moreover, the main focus isnt the monument, he hasnt seen the whole picture just yet, only a tiny part.”

The princess was caught off guard because her solution was similar to Bailis. She was also an amazing genius. During this event, she was focusing on the runes and felt that understanding them was the path in solving this problem.

She realized that she was also going in the wrong direction after hearing Li Qiye.

As the monument was rising from the altar, everyone thought that Qin Baili was going to be successful.

“Boom!” The altar slightly quaked. Next, a blood red light filled the sky and rays shot out from the coarse gaps on the altar.

“Not good!” Qin Baili was aghast. He turned and tried to run but it was too late.

“Buzz.” In a split second, these bloody rays seemed to have pierced something. Qin Baili also lost control of his vitality to an incredible draining force.

“Boom!” Before everyone could react, his body exploded with an unimaginable power.

The blast made all of Hope tremble. The massive vitality turned into a faint mist of blood.

A ray crossed through the sky – his true fate. At the crucial moment, Baili was decisive enough to detonate his entire vitality, allowing his true fate to escape.

This was similar to a cicada shedding its carapace. If he had held on to his body, his end would have been the same as Shangguan Tus. In the end, not only would he lose his vitality, his true fate would be gone as well.

He dared to give up his body. As long as the true fate was still around, everything was possible. He could rise up once more. But losing the true fate meant becoming nothingness.

The altar drained all of the remaining vitality. The blood flowed through the gaps and slowly disappeared.

Everyone was creeped out by this scene. Qin Baili was a famous genius. His talents and power were both unquestionable.

Some said that he was already a god. People even believed that he had a good chance of becoming an Ancient God.

But now, he abandoned his body just to stay alive. No one expected this particular outcome.

“Qin Bailis comprehension, power, and reaction time are all better than Shangguan Tu.” People were still convinced by his abilities despite the failure.

Shangguan Tu was a High God but he didnt even have the chance to run. Qin Baili, on the other hand, understood a few mysteries of the monument on top of running away with his life. Shangguan Tu was no match for him despite being an experienced High God.

“Only someone even stronger can do this.” A cultivator murmured.

No one around was stronger than Shangguan Tu or Qin Baili.

The experts here exchanged glances. Even though they wanted the monument, none was capable enough of taking it for their own.

After seeing a lack of impetus from the crowd, Li Qiye came out and smiled: “If no one can take it, then Ill go ahead. Im sure no one will object to this.”

The princess smiled beautifully after hearing this. She knew that his polite comment was only for fun. As long as he made up his mind about possessing the monument, it was suicidal to try and go against him. Even emperors couldnt contend against this fella.

The experts here didnt dare to say anything since they have heard of his fame as Fiercest. He was already notorious enough after killing the Heavenly Phoenix Royal Lord. Everyone knew that this brat was truly devilish. Even though his cultivation appeared to be shallow, he was ferocious and didnt give a damn about anyone. This was a guy who dared to kill gods and devils if they were to stand in his way.

No one wanted to provoke this brat, unless they were strong enough and had a better backing than the Heavenly Phoenix Royal Lord.

“Hmph.” A snort of derision sounded after his declaration. It came from Citadel Lord Wu.

She gave him the side-eye and said: “You think you can take this tablet? Stop dreaming.”

The spectators thought that this was about time. Both sides were fierce enough. Moreover, Wu Fengying had the monstrous Dragon Citadel behind her. This was definitely going to be a good show with these two clashing.

Li Qiye didnt become angry and smiled back: “If you have a better idea, Im all ears and If you think you can take this monument, then Ill be more than happy to let you give it a shot first. If you can actually get it, Ill give up.”

Such politeness surprised the princess. This wasnt his style at all.

Of course, she underestimated the difficulty in obtaining this monument. It was related to a cultivation system from a different epoch. It was profound and ancient, not something a junior could understand. Even ordinary emperors couldnt grasp this.

Thats why it was so impressive for Qin Baili to notice the clue. It wasnt unreasonable for people to call him a genius at all. Just his comprehension alone was enough to propel him into a greater height compared to his peers in the thirteen continents.

“Hmph, none of your business whether I can take it down or not. Dont tell me you think you can?” Wu Fengying retorted.

“Thats right.” Li Qiye calmly responded: “Its already in my pocket, I can take it whenever I want.”

Fengying didnt expect this confident response. He was very polite earlier but after just two or three sentences, he immediately revealed his sharp, domineering attitude!

“Thats too arrogant, in his pocket already? How many people can do this? Even Shangguan Tu had fallen in this place and a great genius like Qin Baili almost lost his life. Unless he is a High God with ten totems and up, theres no way for him to take it so easily.” A cultivator sneered after hearing the confident fella.

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