Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 489: Massacring Tens of Thousands of Enemies

“Time to try this.” Shangguan Tu indeed wanted to give it a shot. After all, this monument was an incredible treasure but he also wanted to test his abilities.

“Buzz.” He flashed forward with an incredible speed, going from the top of the peak to the front of the tablet.

With just one step, he broke through the boundary of space. As a High God, he was able to break the shackles of space, allowing him to shorten the gap.

Many were amazed to see this. Even those from the same generation as him were in awe. Thats a High God for you, not something they could compare to. Just this swift escape from the spatial shackle was impressive enough.

“Zzz.” A terrorizing draining power instantly appeared in the form of multiple blood strings flying out.

“Its coming.” A cultivator worriedly shouted as strings of blood came out of the High God.

“Hmph.” The High God snorted. With a loud detonation, he recalled his vitality.

It was as if he had lost everything, even the blood in his body was shrinking.

The bloody strands that were outside his body instantly got recalled back to him. This scene was unbelievable yet he was able to do it to the astonishment of the crowd.

“A High God is still marvelous even with just one totem.” The crowd was startled to see the stabilization. They were envious and lost in admiration. This was the gap between a master and a High God. It was an uncrossable bridge.

After the stabilization, Shangguan Tu didnt dare to linger around. Though he wasnt sure what the altar was, he knew that it was very dangerous.

In the blink of an eye, he used a technique and had a sky-blotting palm above, wishing to uproot the monument and take it away.

However, this great palm clutched it but the monument didnt move at all.

Activate!” Shangguan Tu didnt give up and roared. His vitality erupted once again with a totem appearing. This was a majestic grand dao in the form of a divine serpent. It could swallow everything allow and turn the power of the heaven and earth into its own.

“Rumble!” With loud explosions, Shangguan Tus body became even larger than this monument. He grabbed it with both hands like a giant.

“Boom!” The monument finally shook a bit with this new effort.

“Is he about to do it?” Everyones eyes widened at this sight.

Even the towering monument looked like a tiny grass inside his hands. People felt that he would have zero problems pulling it out.

“Up!” He roared again; his totem became resplendent as a divine power erupted. He was an untouchable High God right now. If the earth had a handle, he could even lift it up.

“Rumble!” The monument shook several more times as he exerted more effort.

“Hes about to do it! A High God is really too amazing, looks like this tablet is his for the taking now.” His peers said with admiration.

“Buzz.” Contrary to the crowds expectation, the yellow runes covering the monument suddenly lit up.

One could hear more buzzing noises. Golden rays emanating from the runes caused a break. The High Gods vitality immediately rushed out of his body.

“Rumble!” In this split second, he lost control of his vitality completely. All of it rushed for the monument.

“No!” The aghast High God screamed as he slammed his totem down. He wanted to go all out to break the monument with his totem in order to stop his vitality from escaping.

Just imagine the power of an attacking totem; it resembled a planet slamming down on Hope. All the spectators here became horrified.

“Boom!” The monument was still unharmed but cracks appeared on the divine totem.

In the next second, an even more powerful wave of devouring power swept by and swallowed his vitality in whole despite the magnificent amount since it belonged to a High God.

“No!” Shangguan Tu screamed miserably and became a dried corpse. After losing all of his vitality, his true fate was next.

His skin and bones fell down to the ground, issuing a loud bang.

Meanwhile, the runes on the monument were still emitting a faint luster. It looked like a monster that hasnt gotten full just yet, despite devouring the majestic vitality of Shangguan Tu just now.

Everyone here was horrified with the swift death of a High God. In the end, Shangguan Tu failed to obtain it and even gave up his life. They found themselves having zero chance if a High God still wasnt enough.

Suddenly, a figure took another step towards the monument in the same spatial-breaking manner. This figure was just as fast as Shangguan Tu.

A righteous violet aura filled the space in front of the monument.

“Qin Baili!” A person who recognizes the figure shouted.

This was indeed Qin Baili. He took advantage of Shangguan Tu keeping the monument occupied and made his mode.

Even someone as powerful as him still got his vitality drained without exception.

“Slash!” He shouted and slashed down with his arm like a heavenly sword.

This cut could sever the yin-yang and reincarnation cycles on top of all the powers in this world. The blood strings leaving his body were instantly severed. One side came back to him while the other was devoured by the monument.

After taking his blood, the runes became brighter as if they have undergone a tiny change.

“Buzz.” Qin Baili took action again. He waved his arm and disturbed time itself along with the runes. He then used both hands to create the myriad laws and calculate the karmic consequences. In a short time, all the runes were being drawn out by him.

“Boom!” They lit up and jumped as if they had their own consciousness. They then turned into a spinning maelstrom with increasing speed as if wanting to leave the monument.

“Rumble!” The monument was also shaking in the process and slowly rose from the ground. There seemed to be a great buoyancy force at work here that was raising the monument.

“Is he doing it?” The spectators were startled to see the monument slowly separating from the altar.

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