Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 487: Nightwalker King

Heavenly Authority was powerful beyond imagination despite its few members. Even its date of inception was completely unknown. Rumor has it that it was much older than any imperial lineage.

The world didnt know which emperor was part of it, but one thing was certain – the person currently in charge was the renowned World Emperor!

“Heavenly Authority, unstoppable across the myriad ages!” The princess regained her wits and said softly.

This title commanded immense respect. Ordinary emperors would change their expression upon hearing it while young cultivators became full of reverence.

“No such thing. If the heaveners have their Heavenly Authority, then our hundred races have Heavens Ender!”

“Heavens Ender of the hundred races!” The princess was moved by this name with a flashing glimmer in her eyes: “All the Immortal Emperors there are seven-ranked and up.”

“Legends arent always accurate.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “But, if the Immoral Emperors from this group come out, Heavenly Authority must tread carefully as well.”

There was a phrase in the thirteen continents – heaveners authority versus the hundred enders. Many people in future generations believed that these were the two strongest opposing organizations around. Of course, there was no way to verify this claim.

According to the tales, Heavens Ender was started by Immortal Emperor Ba Zhen. After many generations, other supreme emperors rumored to be seventh-ranked and up from the nine worlds joined in.

Contrary to Heavenly Authority, Heavens Ender kept a low-profile. People believed that Immortal Emperor Hao Hai was the current leader.

“Young Noble, how strong is Heavens Ender? Which organization is stronger?” The princess was filled with curiosity.

Even though her progenitor, Immortal Monarch Jilin, had eight wills, he still didnt join Heavens Ender. It looked as if this organization only took in emperors from the nine worlds. A junior like her wasnt privy to the exact details.

“Hard to say.” Li Qiyes eyes became profound: “Heavenly Authority had been established long ago and its true significance is not something you understand. Of course, Heavens Ender daring to have this name shows that it is no slouch either. Immortal Emperor Ba Zhen is the first emperor of the demons. The fact that he even dared to create an organization with this name should make its true power obvious.”

Immortal Emperor Ba Zhen used to be an Eight-Truths Bamboo that eventually found the dao. He was the progenitor of Mysterious Bamboo Mountain back in the nine worlds. After reaching the tenth, he spent a long time cultivating before establishing Heavens Ender.

The princess could see that. Heavenly Authority was well respected and feared. If Immortal Emperor Ba Zhens group didnt have sufficient power, they wouldnt dare to take that name. It was clearly directed at Heavenly Authority.

If it wasnt strong enough, it would have been destroyed long ago across the long years. Its existence was the best proof of its strength.

“I also heard about the Purewood Alliance.” The princess had one more question.

“Lets go.” Li Qiye smiled and didnt address her question: “If you keep on asking, others are going to take the treasure.”

The princess finally realized that their speed had slowed down. The experts in the back have passed them now.

Li Qiye quickened his pace so the princess had no choice but to hurry up and forget about the Purewood Alliance for now.

The two of them reached the depth of Hope in a short time. Many cultivators were already waiting in this place.

However, they didnt dare to get close and simply watched from the distance. Some hovered in the sky; other chose the peaks nearby; more preferred their vessels.

The princess stood on top of a mound with Li Qiye and took a deep breath after seeing the scene ahead.

It was a sea of bones as far as the eyes can see, a white expanse due to the number of skeletons.

This was once a place full of towering mountains, deep valleys, and surging rivers… However, all were buried under bones now.

Just how many skeletons were here? Some were as large as a mountain while others were as little as a baby.

Moreover, there werent only humanoids. There was a corpse of a serpent spanning for a hundred miles, an ape skeleton as big as a peak, and a reptile remains the size of a fist…

Anyone would shudder before this endless sight of white. Among this vastness was a massive monument that pierced the clouds, seemingly capable of penetrating the sky.

It was completely black and seemed to be formed naturally just like an onyx jade. There were runes carved all over the monument. They were ancient and impossible to understand, not even by knowledgeable cultivators.

But upon careful inspection, these runes also appeared to be a natural creation from the grand dao and the heaven and earth.

They were dark gold in shade with the occasional flashes that could instill fear into the heart of masters.

This monument was built on top of an ancient altar made from an unknown gray material. it was quite coarse with many gaps as if it was created in a hurry.

The experts here were in awe of this scene as well.

“This isnt my first time here but these skeletons were definitely not around back then!” An old cultivator gasped with astonishment.

“I think they came out of the earth.” One passenger from Eternal said: “I heard someone dug out an item and this place came out. He must have touched something forbidden.”

In a short time, the crowd exchanged glances. Though people didnt know what the monument was, they could tell that it was ominous due to the sea of bones.

“Citadel Lord Wus group is also here.” The princess quietly said after seeing some familiar faces.

Both Wu Fengying and Qin Baili were coming. They each occupied a peak and stared intensely at this monument. As members of imperial lineages, they were insightful enough to know how priceless it is and wanted to seize it.

“Incredible.” Li Qiye was fixated on it as well and perused the runes on the monument: “The tablet from Icy Feather Palace is nothing compared to this one.”

The palace from the Mortal Emperor World also had an amazing tablet, found by Immortal Emperor Bing Yu. She named it Heaven Cutting Tablet. Li Qiye had naturally seen it before so he could tell the big gap between the two items.

“What is it?” The princess asked.

“An extremely ancient altar.” Li Qiye couldnt avert his gaze at all from the altar above. This altar was even more interesting compared to the monument to him.

The majority of the crowd was drawn in by the monument due to its size, material, and more importantly, the grand dao runes containing profound truths.

However, Li Qiye only cared about the unadorned altar as if there was a marvelous secret within.

“Altar?” The princess shuddered: “The type for a sacrificial ceremony?”

Li Qiye gently shook his head: “Not quite. This thing already had this form upon inception. As for what people use it for, thats not up to it. Like a sword, if one uses it for rampant murder, then it is an ominous weapon. If it is used to save lives, then it is a divine artifact. This item is neutral, only the user determines its nature.”

He paused for a bit before concluding: “It can be used for sacrifice or for praying.”

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