g able to refine them. Thus, for the twelve deities, they would only be forced back to their original forms at best. It was simply impossible to destroy them.

These blows from the divine hammer were able to crack them without causing any real damage. Even if they were struck by a true ultimate blow, they would only turn back to their little iron man form.

It was a bit different for the Diamond God. Due to its physique, it could withstand unbelievable attacks. Breaking through this particular defense was exceedingly difficult. Unlike Void, it didnt need the blood energy from the kingdom to treat its wounds.

“Bang! Bang!” Two more avatars came out of the kingdom of blood. One had fairy-like wings and exuded a wondrous light. These radiating wings seemed to be able to prop up an immortal world.

This was the Soaring Immortal God. The other was a devil. It stood there in an immovable fashion. Regardless of its location, no one could get past it. This was something capable of suppressing the heavens and all gods and devils. Its name was the Hell Suppressing Devil.

Daoist Puresun murmured to himself: “Its the Soaring Immortal and Hell Suppressing Physiques this time?” He finally understood what the twelve avatars consisted of.

The crowd was anxious to see two more come out. They had already seen just how powerful Diamond and Void were. It was easy to imagine how many foes Li Qiye could take down by utilizing the twelve deities.

“Come. Even if you let them all out, Ill still make quick work out of them.” Since Resplendent had already burned his bloodline, he crazedly laughed and thought that he might as well go all out.

Li Qiye showed an insipid smile: “Four is enough to tear you to pieces.”

“Buzz!” The four deities stood together this time. Their individual radiances was blinding; it was either a wondrous light or a monstrous evil flame.

“Zzz—” Next came an incredible development. The four deities actually fused as if they were molten iron and turned into a new deity.

“Boom!” Its brilliance erupted in a split second. It was half devil and half god. Three thousand worlds floated within it along with myriad celestials.

“Clank!” The sound of a weapon resonating rang in this particular deity. It exuded a metallic glow that was sharp and cold as well as a murderous aura unique to a weapon. There were no emotions or flesh, the deity itself was a weapon!

“This isnt an Immortal Physique or an avatar, it ’s just a weapon!” Puresun finally saw through its mysteries. He realized that his prior speculations were false.

A ruthless murderous intent was the nature of a weapon. Puresun felt a cold chill while looking at this metallic luster from the deity. He was more knowledgeable and insightful compared to everyone else present. He realized many things after seeing this weapon, that Li Qiye didnt only have all twelve Immortal Physiques, he also possessed their true mysticisms! This was someone who could collect all of them at grand completion!

Across the eras, how many people had perfect mastery over all twelve physiques at the same time? The answer was zero!

“Buzz!” This deity headed straight for Resplendent.

“Die!” The totem behind Resplendent lit up as he crazily burned his own blood. Another hammer to decapitate the heavens went straight for the incoming deity.

The deity didnt try to dodge at all and continued its offense.

“Bang!” The hammer slammed on its body, but it was completely untouched. On the contrary, this divine hammer was sent flying to the horizon from the impact.

“Bang!” The deity reached out its right hand and immediately pierced Resplendents chest to rip out his heart.

“Thump! Thump! Thump!” Resplendent retreated several steps back with his eyes wide open to look at his still-beating heart that had been pulled out.

“No!” As Resplendent was screaming, the deity tore his body in half. Blood spurted and his innards fell to the ground.

Such overbearing ferocity. A Heavenly Godking had just been torn apart in one move while screaming for his life — this scene left the crowd dumbfounded.

“Too weak.” Li Qiye emotionlessly commented while his deity threw Resplendents corpse to the ground.

Even Puresun felt a chill after watching this. A weapon fused with four Immortal Physiques was truly frightening! What if all twelve fused? The result would be simply unimaginable.

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