Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 485: Battle Begins

“For this particular thing, even emperors cant take it away?” The princess inquired.

Li Qiye looked at Hope and smiled: “It requires luck and nothing good will come if an emperor were to force the issue since it will incite karma. Plus, this is Exploration Grounds. Even emperors arent capable of truly defeating everything here. Like I said, this is the remnant of an epoch, a broken piece from the river of time. Just imagine, the end of the world couldnt destroy it. Thats why emperors cant forcefully seize it or that they dont want to be stained by the associated karma.”

He looked back at the princess and continued: “The Heavenly Execution is always looming above their head. The more powerful the emperor, the greater the risk, only inches away even. Being involved with more karma only exacerbate the situation.”

“The execution…” The princess shuddered after hearing about the unavoidable disaster. Even High Gods suffered this fate as well. A grave topic indeed.

Li Qiye slowly went on: “Thats why when the emperors have more wills and power, they have even more reservation. Its too difficult dodging the execution once it has arrived. Even a twelve-will emperor would turn to ashes. Thats why the weaker emperors appear more since they arent at that big of a risk compared to the reclusive top emperors.”

The princess agreed with this statement. World Emperor, Profound Emperor, or Immortal Monarch Yi Ye; they normally never showed up. Not to mention their descendants or regular experts, even ordinary emperors would have a hard time meeting these top beings.

“The execution is not all bad.” Li Qiye chuckled: “At the very least, emperors can hide in Exploration Grounds and live even longer. Traveling in the mundane world and basking in its karma would make it even harder for them to make it through the long years.”

“I heard some emperors occasionally search around this place too.” The princess asked.

“Not just occasionally, in fact, the emperors never rest about this. Exploration Grounds is boundless with many pristine locations, untouched by men. Its because normal people dont see the emperors looking around. Of course, at their level, they would only look for high-level and tempting items.”

“Are there really existences in this place that can kill emperors… even the ones with ten wills and up?” She pondered a bit before asking.

In fact, she had heard of this legend before but was never certain of it. Emperors were known to be invincible, especially the ones with ten wills and up. Nevertheless, there were still rumors of them being killed.

She was very skeptical about these rumors and couldnt imagine this type of godslaying existences.

“Yes, not few in number either.” Li Qiye revealed: “This is why emperors, later on, are so selective with excavation. You might want someone elses treasure, but youre the treasure in someone elses eyes. Disturb someones long slumber and a great price must be paid. What is more nutritious in this world than emperors?”

She felt a chill after seeing his gaze. Emperors were essentially food to someone else? This was a terrorizing thought. Just how frightening must an existence be to hunt emperors?

“Come, lets take a look. Its calm now.” Li Qiye said before flying towards Hope.

She took a deep breath and followed right behind him. She softly said: “Will an emperor come after this big commotion?”

It was different at Exploration Grounds since the threat of Heavenly Execution was much lesser. A few emperors were walking in this place.

“So what?” Li Qiye leisurely commented: “If it is something I want, its already in my pocket. Death to those who want to interfere.”

This leisure comment instilled chills into listeners. Anyone else would think that Li Qiye was arrogant and ignorant, not the princess.

If Li Qiye was so confident in slaying an emperor, then just what was his real identity? What kind of overlord was he? Judging by their progenitors imperial decree, Li Qiyes real identity must be far above him.

Keep in mind that Immortal Monarch Jilin had ten palaces and eight wills. This was an above average emperor even if he was not a match for someone like Nightfall. Nevertheless, he commanded enough respect among his peers. Thus, his reverence showed just how terrifying Li Qiyes background was.

It made the princess think that he was an emperor with twelve wills! However, this level of existence could be counted with ones fingers. There were only four left alive right now and she couldnt connect him to one of them. This only further increased her curiosity about him.

As the two of them traveled around Hope, they saw more cultivators around now. The majority were the lucky survivors on Eternal. Others came after hearing the news.

Even though it was a terrible disaster just now, many experts couldnt help entering again. The reason was very simple – treasures were always tempting.

The experienced people here always knew that a supreme item would come out after a disaster. This was an amazing opportunity that could grant a lifetime of benefits!

Because of this, despite knowing the danger looming in Hope, adventurers wanting to get rich still entered the place.

“It must be an immortal item or something or such a terrible disaster wouldnt have happened.” The story about the excavation from the fleeing survivor on Eternal had gotten out.

“It was really a big one, especially at a place like Hope. From the records, only one other disaster was on this level. That time, the War-Monarch Clan got their immortal remains. The item this time cant be inferior to that.” A living fossil from the last generation revealed.

“Thats a treasure capable of protecting a clan forever.” People started to palpitate with excitement.

War-Monarch was a sect with five emperors. The immortal remains indeed became their defining treasure. Just imagine, they had every possible treasure but still considered this to be one of their best.

It made all the lucky survivors have hopeful thoughts. If they were to get an immortal item of this level, it would be such an amazing fortune.

Because of this temptation, people entered Hope for the second time. Prior to the disaster, the place was still lively with thousands of cultivators coming to sightseeing, trading, and treasure hunting.

It was desolate now with a layer of dried copses on the ground. There were only bones with skin left; the blood and energy have been drained.

This truly scared the crowd and made them think that they have entered an ocean of corpse. Of course, this didnt deter them either. One could see figures crossing through the sky towards the depth of Hope.

Jilin Princess took a deep breath after seeing the corpses. There were numerous, tiny holes on them; their vitality was sucked out from these holes by a powerful force.

“Just what is this thing? Capable of draining people dry like this. Is it a blood-sucking existence?” The princess felt a chill.

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