Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 484: Solo Against All

“Rumble!” Hope Corner suddenly trembled with a loud blast. An immense tsunami came from the depth.

It was as red as blood and towered at an unbelievable height. This dazzling color rushed to the sky like a wailing devil.

“Run!” In the depth of Hope, experts were soaring to the sky in order to escape this tsunami.

However, it seemed to have a terrorizing sucking force. The blood from the fleeing experts actually shot out from their body and was absorbed by the wave.

In the blink of an eye, an expert had his vitality completely drained with tiny holes all around his body. Only a dried up body was left behind on the ground.

“Rumble!” The tsunami suddenly detonated and became even larger than before.

“Ah!” Screams emanated as one cultivator after another was drained completely, leaving behind only skin and bones.

This tsunami was like the tongue of a terrible monster. Being licked by it would rob any existence of their life force and vitality.

“Run!” All the cultivators were scared out of their mind and started to run while the tsunami rushed closer behind them. They ran for their lives and wished that they could have more legs in order to escape Hope even faster.

“Ah!” More screams resounded. The majority of them couldnt escape this disaster. They were fast but the tsunami was even faster. The only thing left behind after their scream was their withered corpse.

“Clank!” The alarm from Eternal became more urgent. Those with quick reaction finally boarded the ship.

“Lets go!” Many ships nearby realized the unfavorable situation and immediately fled. They didnt care whether their passengers were still stuck behind or not.

Only a few like Eternal were holding strong and waited for their passengers.

“Rumble!” The ship used an unbelievable speed to cross through Hope and aimed for the airspace above.

“Buzz.” The entire ship became brilliant with a large imperial formation slowly rising.

The tsunami attacked with a world-ending momentum and drowned out Eternal.

“Ah!” Meanwhile, many ships couldnt escape far enough from the destructive tsunami. Many shattered instantly and the passengers became victims.

An imperial power swept by from Eternal towards the tsunami. Six supreme figures emerged around the ship. With their emergence, imperial auras suppressed the firmaments and calmed the universe.

Many passengers immediately dropped to their knees. These were the wills of emperors, completely impossible to resist!

“Rumble!” The overwhelming light of emperors could tear the world apart. Nothing could destroy this light.

“Boom!” The ship simply trembled a bit since the tsunami failed to destroy it after the engulfing.

The passengers became worried in this particular state. However, they looked up and saw the six majestic figures. This calmed them down since nothing was safer than the protection of emperors.

The tsunami came and left quickly. It eventually receded back into the depth of Hope. The place became calm again as if nothing has happened.

The experts eventually calmed down and looked around. There werent that many intact ships left in this place. The majority were annihilated by the tsunami.

Without any protection, the experts on these ships suffered a terrible death.

People from Eternal heaved a sigh of relief and realized that the emperors have protected them. However, the figures were concealing their appearance so no one could tell who they are.

The crowd praised their fortune for picking Eternal. Any other ship and that would have been the end of them.

In the beginning, they felt that this ship was expensive relative to the others. This certainly wasnt the case anymore. This was money worth spending for the safest ship in Exploration Grounds.

Corpses were everywhere now to the horror of the spectators. The tsunami only took the vitality and left the flesh behind. Not too many actually managed to escape. Ninety percent of those who were on Hope were killed. Eternal was the ship with the most survivors.

Their palms became drenched with cold sweat while imaging their fate if it wasnt for Eternal.

“Just what was that thing, a wave of blood?” An expert murmured, still as scared as before.

People glanced at each other in confusion. The thing came and left too quickly so no one got a good look.

“Isnt Hope the safest area? Why did such a disaster occur?” A cultivator found this unbelievable: “Ive been here more than ten times, something like this had never happened before.”

“Someone dug out an item deep under and this blood wave suddenly came out.” A successful escapee revealed.

“An item? What kind?” Everyone was startled after hearing this.

“I dont know.” This escapee was very powerful but he was twitching on the deck and shook his head: “I only heard someone said they found something before the blood wave came out. I immediately fled without looking back.”

The guy was completely pale and stricken with fear but no one would dare to laugh at him. This was an understandable reaction.

“A treasure? In Exploration Grounds, disasters and treasures come hand in hand.” Discussions became heated right away.

“What is it?” Li Qiye saw what had transpired while standing on his peak. The princess curiously asked him.

“A legend without any written records but it was actually excavated just now. This is a stroke of fortune.” He answered.

“But isnt this place fully explored by emperors? The conventional belief states that there is nothing worthwhile left here.” She said.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Thats also correct. However, dont forget that these broken areas in Exploration Grounds are leftovers from older epochs. These are spatial areas that still exist even after the most terrifying destruction during the end of an epoch. If they can survive such a disaster, can you imagine how powerful and precious these spatial areas are?”

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