Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 480: Great Bounty

“Activate!” A roar shocked the myriad realms with the might of a god and an impetus that could break the firmaments.

While Feng Yi was waiting for death, a roaring figure with a purple shade appeared next to him and spread out his palm.

“Boom!” It created three thousand worlds and stopped the attacking flood.

“Come!” In this split second, the purple figure carried Feng Yi and crossed through space to escape the cataclysmic radius.

“Boom!” The flood broke through the three thousand worlds and crazily rushed for Li Qiye.

“Rumble!” At this moment, all channels gathered into one, the most terrorizing flood of lightning in the world. It looked like an all-destroying calamity was descending down on Li Qiye.

The entire lightning field trembled before the coming of the flood and was on the verge of destruction.

Even Eternal stopped, not daring to come forward in order to avoid the lightning. It didnt matter how strong its defensive barrier was, the consequence was unimaginable once caught in the flood.

“Come.” Li Qiye was unperturbed and smiled.

“Buzz.” His palace was ready to face the incoming disaster.

“Rumble.” Loud explosions echoed in the sky. The flood was devoured by the palace and forced inside.

The Ancient Void Rune on the pillar of life had started working. It had turned into a boundless world to receive and refine the bolts.

As time passed, there were less lightning bolts in the ocean. Eventually, only tiny strands were left in the lightning field.

In the end, all the bolts were devoured. One couldnt find a trace of lightning in this so-called lightning field. There were only the occasional flashes of thunder left.

The devouring process happened in a short period. The torrential lightning field turned into a frightening serenity like a dead zone.

Everyone was aghast at this sight. He made lightning bolts into a meal. Surely, some people thought that he was actually a lightning-eater.

“Thats…” When people regained their sanity, they found Feng Yi had been brought back to Eternal by someone.

His savior was a man that wasnt that much older than Feng Yi. He wore a purple robe and had a haze around him.

He was ancient in appearance. Ancient was a strange word to describe someone but there was no other way to envision him outside of this word.

It was as if he came from an ancient era, carrying its timeworn atmosphere. The surrounding haze made him look like an old immortal.

He was as majestic as a mountain. Being beaten by the long years didnt bend his proud stature. Nothing could wear down his appearance.

“Qin Baili!” Someone recognized him and shouted in astonishment.

Even those who didnt recognize him knew of his name and gasped in response.

“Its Sect Master Qin.” Members of the crowd quietly reminded.

Qin Baili was a resounding name in Pure. He was even more famous than Jin Ge in the past.

He was once the ultimate genius of this generation. He came from Heaven Searching and rose to prominence with an unprecedented speed. People thought that he was the most likely to become an emperor from the hundred races.

Unfortunately, Jin Ge was even more exceptional. A fight between the two was inevitable and Qin Baili lost despite debuting earlier.

In just one night, Jin Ge became famous and took Qin Bailis spotlight. Baili rarely appeared from then on. Some believed that he was mentally shaken by the loss; others said that he was cultivating in seclusion.

Nevertheless, his prestige was still strong despite losing. After all, he had experienced many battles and his power was recognized by people.

“Is he a god now?” Even top experts with 80,000,000 chaos units couldnt see through Qin Baili. He was unfathomable like an abyss as if he had jumped out of the Dao Celestial realm.

He didnt shoulder a Heavens Will to become an emperor so godhood was the only explanation.

In the present, he was extremely strong and acting as the sect master of Heaven Searching with full authority. If the elders gave him full authority at his age, it meant that they valued and trusted him. The guy was capable enough to take on this responsibility.

Keep in mind that Heaven Searching had four emperors. This place was full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers yet he was still the chosen one. The ancestors surely had great confidence in him.

“Qin Baili has come into being again, does he want to challenge Jin Ge?” Someone murmured.

He rarely showed up after the defeat so it made minds wander.

“Master. I was useless and have harmed your reputation.” Feng Yi bowed in shame after seeing his master.

Qin Baili frowned and shouted: “Your reckless action has harmed the prestige of the sect. My reputation is trivial in comparison.”

“I understand.” Feng Yi didnt dare to retort.

Feng Yi was a big shot in Pure but he looked like a child before Qin Baili.

“My disciple was thoughtless and acted without permission. Please forgive us for bothering you, Your Highness.” Baili apologized to Jilin Princess.

“Dao Brother, you are too polite. It is only a trivial problem, no need to worry.” The princess slightly shook her head.

Baili continued: “My lousy teaching is quite embarrassing. Please dont laugh.”

At this time, Li Qiye had returned. Baili cupped his fist and said: “Fellow Daoist, you must be the famous Li Qiye.”

“Indeed.” Li Qiye looked at him and nodded.

Baili gently sighed and turned towards Feng Yi: “You took unauthorized action, I shall take away ten years of your cultivation. Apologize to Fellow Daoist Li as well in order to regain our sects prestige.”

Having said that, he pointed at the youth and took away ten years worth of training.

“I wholeheartedly accept.” Feng Yi accepted the punishment without resisting.

“My disciples arrogance conduct had offended you. I have punished him as an apology to you and Her Highness.” Bai Li cupped his fist again at the other two and lamented.

People shuddered after seeing this. He was both severe and just, quite a convincing fella.

If it was any other imperial sect master, they would have chosen the side of their disciples with no regards for right-or-wrong. Even if the troublemakers were their disciples, they would try to win face back first. Justice didnt exactly matter.

“Dao Brother, you are being too serious.” The princess sighed but didnt interfere.

Li Qiye smiled and looked at Feng Yi: “This person has a promising future. You can be considered lucky to have a disciple like him.”

“Thank you, Fellow Daoist.” Baili maintained his cordial tone: “Goodbye for now, I will certainly discuss the grand dao with you over a nice tea in the future.”

Many became disappointed after Baili left with his disciple. When he appeared, everyone thought that he would stand up for his disciple and fight Li Qiye.

Who would have thought that the guy was so magnanimous and took away Feng Yis cultivation as an apology? This was quite admirable.

After Bailis appearance, the stalwart Tamedragon Child was nowhere to be found. Earlier, he was gallant with a stately temperament while looking down on imperial lineages. Of course, the guy ran so fast after Baili came along.

“Actually decent in cultivation.” Li Qiye smiled and commented after Baili left.

Qin Baili had an extraordinary attitude as well. Other imperial lineages wouldnt be able to accept such embarrassment. In their eyes, apologizing to an unknown junior was impossible, even more unbearable than chopping their head off. They would rather fight to the death than acknowledging their mistake.

After all, they have never been afraid of anyone. Those who dared to oppose them would have miserable ends. They were always the last ones smiling.

Feng Yi was Qin Bailis favorite disciple but Baili didnt try to even the score. He even took away ten years of cultivation from Baili. This wasnt easy to do at all.

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