Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 478: Leaving

Li Qiye saw the aggressiveness in Feng Yi and smiled: “Looks like you really love your master and will do anything for him.”

Feng Yi replied: “I was an orphan. Master gave me everything I have today, so I ought to help him.”

“Fine, if you are interested in doing this, Ill join you. Just a trip there is no problem.” Li Qiye was unperturbed by the challenge.

“How decisive.” Feng Yi said with excitement: “Looks like theres something special about you that I cant compare to.”

Li Qiye glanced at Tamedragon Child and leisurely asked: “You want to go too? The more, the merrier.”

Tamedragon Child was startled and instinctively looked at the dancing lightning bolts in the ocean.

Feng Yi took this opportunity and challenged Tamedragon Child with a cold smile as well: “Tamedragon, well do a bet too if you want, the three of us. Whoever can last longest in this lighting field will be the winner.”

Tamedragon Child withdrew his gaze and said: “Feng Yi, no need to try this, Im not afraid of you! However, I dont want to steal this gentlemans thunder so I wont involve myself with your bet so that you wont lose too badly. If you can survive after your match, then we can pick another time to fight!”

Tamedragon Child turned to Li Qiye and cupped his fist: “You are indeed exceptional with such decisiveness. First, I hope that you will be victorious to suppress Heaven Searchings arrogance. Hmph, let them know that they cant act so imperious just because they have a strong background!”

“Yes.” Li Qiye smiled and nodded his head.

“Very well, I wont force you either. Well settle our score in the future.” Feng Yi didnt bother messing with Tamedragon Child.

“Ill be waiting!” Tamedragon Child snorted: “Well see just how much you have learned from your sects imperial arts.”

Feng Yi ignored him and gestured at Li Qiye: “Sir, this way.”

Li Qiye stood up and went to the edge of the ship while Feng Yi bowed at the princess: “Your Highness, excuse me now.” He then followed Li Qiye to the side.

Tamedragon Child began cheering: “Lets do it, down with Heaven Searching! I will wait and cheer until you return triumphantly!”

Li Qiye smiled and looked at the lightning field: “Lets get started.”

Before they could begin, the captain loudly stated: “The ship is not responsible for the lives of those who leave.”

Of course, these two didnt ask for Eternal to take responsibility.

Feng Yi cupped his fist towards Li Qiye: “Sir, I do not know my own limits and will be going first. Let us meet over there.”

With that, he rushed out with the momentum of a dragon and might of a tiger towards the lightning field with an amazing speed.

Eternal was quite fast and was praised for having an imperial level of speed. It slowed down in this lightning field but still maintained a frightening speed.

However, Feng Yi soared through the sky at a faster pace than the ship. It couldnt catch up to him.

“Damn.” Even those who didnt like him couldnt help giving him some respect.

Everyone saw the power of this lightning field but he dared to rush before the ship into the field. Just his courage alone was commendable enough.

A big shot recognized the movement technique Feng Yi used and said: “Dragon Path. This is an amazing art created by Heaven Searching Immortal Monarch. Rumor has it that the monarch could have a speed above a True Dragon with this art. Feng Yi must have grasped its fundamentals to have this speed.”

Even those who werent aware of this art could appreciate the high-level movement technique Feng Yi was using because he was able to go faster than Eternal.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Lighning bolts as large as mountains assaulted him. Each bolt could destroy an entire zone or turn many experts to ashes.

“Activate!” Feng Yi was not afraid at all and crazily roared. All of his chaos energies erupted with divine laws in the form of chains coming out. They weaved together to form a golden armor on his body.

Golden, feathery wings spreaded from the armor. They looked like the protection of an Immortal Monarch, glowing with a world-creating light.

“Boom!” The wings and the imperial glow stopped the lightning onslaught.

After his brilliant wings stopped the bolts, he increased his speed even more to get deeper into the lightning field.

“Golden Winged-armor, a formidable defensive art. Thats an imperial lineage for you, hes only using imperial techniques.” A big shot from the last generation became envious.

Heaven Searching had four Immortal Monarchs. This was a top lineage in Pure; it had many imperial arts.

Of course, Feng Yis talents played a big part since Heaven Searching wouldnt carelessly pass these arts down to just anyone.

After seeing Feng Yi leaving without looking back, people shifted their attention toward Li Qiye. They were curious about his method of entry. They felt that with his cultivation, jumping into the lightning field might end with him being turned to ashes.

Li Qiye only smiled at the stares. He took one step to leave Eternal and disappeared completely. In the next second, he was within the lighting field. With another step, he was even farther away.

Each step was very casual, almost like a stroll. However, he made great distance with each one, resulting in a speed even faster than Feng Yi.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The bolts didnt hesitate on attacking this second intruder.

Li Qiye didnt bother to look at them and open one palace. This palace was full of chaos energy as if it wanted to open a new world.

“Buzz.” All the bolts were stopped by the palace and disappeared inside.

“What the hell is that movement technique?” The shocked crowd murmured after seeing that Li Qiye was even faster than Feng Yis Dragon Path.

“Thats not a movement technique.” An older character saw the clues and shook his head: “This is spatial manipulation, he can freely cross through space. Its not an exaggeration to say that distance is meaningless to him.”

This fella was discerning enough. Even though he couldnt see that it was manipulation via the Space Scripture, he could still see the nature of Li Qiyes movement.

“Thats unreal, a palace that can stop these bolts? Just how tough is it?” A different expert was startled by this sight.

Everyone knew that cultivators were scared of things resembling the Heavenly Execution the most. Though these lightning bolts were not part of one, they were still power belonging to the heaven and earth. Once they did damage, recovery was quite difficult.

But now, Li Qiye used his fate palace to stop the bolt. It was simply unimaginable in the mind of the spectators. For cultivators, the palaces were too precious. They would rather block the bolts with their own body before exposing their palaces. A destroyed body can be rebuilt again but it was game over if the palaces were destroyed.

“Who the hell is this brat, daring to enter the lightning field to challenge Feng Yi with only a Dao Serpent cultivation? Thats too much.” Someone who didnt know Li Qiye commented.

“Looks like youre behind on current events.” A guy who knew him said: “Thats Fiercest. Of course hell be ferocious and lawless to a devilish level. Hes the one who flattened the Donggong Clan and smashed Heavenly Phoenix Royal Lord into meat paste!”

“What, he did all of that? The guy is really out of control then, so fierce.” The people who have just heard about him gasped.

“Thats nothing. He killed Jilin disciples inside the clan but nothing happened. The clan still treated him like a VIP. Look, didnt you see earlier too? Jilin Princess does whatever he wants, maybe hell even become the Jilins son-in-law. Hes not ferocious for no reasons; his skills can back it up.” The guy continued.

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