Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 476: Imp Qin Guangwang

Eternal continued forward while Li Qiye had gotten bored of staying at this peak for too long. He decided to go for a walk with the Jilin Princess.

There were spectating platforms on the ship. One could drink fine wine and taste delicious dishes while watching the waves hit the ship. It was a fun event basking in the special breeze from the oceans in Exploration Grounds.

The two of them were sitting in the VIP section to look at the sceneries. They ate the finest meals from the ship and enjoyed the breeze.

Li Qiye was very familiar with this sea breeze. Time continued to flow and the world kept on changing. However, Exploration Grounds remained the same.

The princess was a supreme beauty and should be in the top three of Pure. Thus, many people recognized her due to her fame.

Having someone like her as company was an enviable matter. Because of this, Li Qiye attracted a lot of attention. People didnt know why someone so ordinary could earn the favor of the princess.

She even listened and catered to all of his whims. This incited a flame of jealousy in all the men nearby. The gazes became unfriendlier by the moment. Numerous people wanted to tear Li Qiye to pieces.

“Boom! Boom!” Bolts of lightning suddenly crossed through the sky, issuing loud explosions.

“To your position! Were crossing a lightning field!” The ships captain shouted.

“Rumble!” The ship was now crossing through an ocean of lightning instead of time. It was still as bright as before with flashing glimmers.

Below the ocean were erratic, thick lightning bolts that could be mistaken for dragons.

When Eternal got deeper into this region, a gigantic tsunami of weaving lightning bolts rushed for the ship. It looked just like fireworks spreading on the night sky.

“Buzz.” Steel walls were erected all around the ships; they were part of a powerful formation.

The bolts were led around through the formation and became an electrical network that eventually entered a translucent bottle.

This bottle was refined by an incredible person. After all the lightning came inside, they were instantly refined and turned into a liquid drop of the thunder affinity.

“Boom! Boom!” Eternal soared through this area without any trepidation. The tsunamis of lightning were all refined into liquid drops inside the bottle.

The first-timers on deck were astonished and became lost in the scene. Everyone felt at ease after seeing the powerful ship. It was able to run through this lightning field without a problem. There was no need to worry about any potential problems ahead.

Enjoying wine under the sea breeze while watching the flashing lightning in the night sky was actually very romantic.

Li Qiye nodded approvingly and said: “Its really a good ship. Only emperors can create something like this. The captain is quite discerning as well to purposely pick this route and collect some thunder liquid. Thats just more profit.”

“I heard this ship has an amazing origin. The emperors created it, theyre the real owners.” Jilin Princess added: “I wonder which ones they are.”

Li Qiye only chuckled. He could tell who the creator was after seeing the particular methods and craftsmanship.

Eternal was indeed stirring. His Roaring Conch was strong and large enough but it still had a way to go compared to this ship.

While the two of them were enjoying their time, a gallant youth came over.

He had a proud stature with an oppressive momentum. Chaos energy erupted from his body while his every gesture was domineering. This was clearly an expert at the Dao Celestial level.

In fact, this youth had been eyeing Li Qiye for a long time now. He finally came over after being provoked by the twos intimacy.

He bowed towards the princess in a respectful manner: “Your Highness, long time no see.”

The princess slightly nodded: “Young Noble Feng Yi, long time no see.”

“Oh no, Your Highness, you are too kind but this puts me in a difficult position. Please just call me,Little Feng”. The youth hurriedly replied.

The princess only nodded again without any change of expression.

The youth continued: “Your Highness, my master is also on board but he is cultivating right now. May I ask when you are free? My master wishes to talk about the dao with you.”

“Qin Baili is also here!” Some experts nearby took a deep breath after hearing this.

“Ill meet Brother Qin when theres an opportunity.” The princess calmly said.

The youth was a bit lost after seeing her expression. His eyes fell on Li Qiye and still spoke with a respectful attitude: “My name is Feng Yi of Heaven Searching. May I ask for your name?”

“Only a no-name junior, not worth mentioning.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled and said.

“Qin Bailis disciple, Feng Yi.” Those who have heard of Feng Yis name before were startled.

Qin Baili was very famous in Pure. He was on the same level as Jin Ge despite being defeated eventually. This didnt deter his prestige.

He came from Heaven Searching, a sect with four Immortal Monarchs and immense resources. Moreover, their progenitor, Heaven Searching Immortal Monarch was the first monarch of the hundred races. Therefore, one could easily imagine how powerful this sect was.

“Qin Baili is amazing indeed, even his disciple has more than 60,000,000 chaos units. Just how strong is he then?” An expert from the last generation could gauge Feng Yis power and murmur in shock.

Feng Yi slightly raised his brow after seeing Li Qiyes nonchalant answer. Very few in Pure could stay calm after hearing the name of his sect.

“Sir, you are surely an amazing man. I am always looking to learn, regardless of the sources. I wish to talk with you so we can study the grand dao further.” Feng Yi said.

Li Qiye couldnt help but smile after seeing the youths demeanor. He looked at him and asked: “Your master likes Mengying?”

The princess became a bit awkward and wanted to speak. However, he gently waved his sleeve so she stayed quiet.

“My master and Her Highness is a perfect match created by the heaven and earth.” Feng Yi confidently said without hiding.

So it turned out that Feng Yi wanted to step up for his master. In the past, Heaven Searching wanted to be in-laws with the Jilin Clan. Both powers were from the hundred races; Qin Baili was a supreme genius while the princess also possessed an extraordinary gift – a perfect match indeed.

However, the Jilin wanted the princess to inherit their dao legacy so this proposal was unsuccessful.

Nevertheless, Feng Yi believed that only someone like his master was worthy of the princess!

Alas, his master focused on cultivation without caring about romance. This made him very restless. He naturally hoped that his master could win her hand in marriage one day or at least try to court her.

Now, the two met again on Eternal but his master didnt try to pursue her again and this Li Qiye was with her. Moreover, their relationship wasnt simple, judging by their actions.

Because of this, Feng Yi wanted to separate the pair for the sake of his master.

The princess frowned after hearing this but because of Li Qiyes gesture earlier, she didnt bother to correct him. This marriage thing was only a proposal from Heaven Searching.

“Youre a good disciple, thinking for your master.” Li Qiye didnt become angry at all.

“Sir, my master has a love for talents and always want to learn from the heroes of the world. Alas, he is cultivating right now. I might be a worthless disciple but I still want to talk about the dao with you in my masters stead. What say you?” Feng Yi slowly asked.

He wanted to defeat Li Qiye so that the guy would give up after realizing that only his master was worthy of a girl like the princess.

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