Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 475: Inside The Kingdom Of Heaven

At this time, Li Qiye already had thirteen palaces so this was already the extreme. Opening one more was no longer possible. At the very least, no one had gone as far as him so if he wanted to break his own record, the difficulty would be prohibitive.

Though there was no way to open a new fourteenth palace, Li Qiyes dimmed palaces have began to recover. The mysteries of the palaces began to derive themselves again.

The number of palaces was very beneficial for him since it allowed for a large-scale absorption of chaos energy.

The chaos energies in Exploration Ground werent suitable for cultivation. Eternal was a mighty ship with a magnificent purifying formation, capable of refining the chaos energies in Exploration Ground. However, the resulting strands still werent right for the majority of cultivators.

Taking in a little amount was fine but too much intake could result in many problems, even qi deviation.

Li Qiye was absorbing energy like a whale but remained untouched. This was partly due to the Mortal Reversion Arts powerful refinement process but more importantly, the thirteen palaces.

They could jump out of all restraints since they had the ultimate profundities. They were strong enough to purify these energies without any effort. The energy was not different from the one outside at all.

At the same time, he didnt need to crazily absorb the energy here as part of a special and sped-up training regiment. He simply wanted to test the power of his palaces, to see if they could escape all shackles within Exploration Grounds.

After multiple attempts, he was very pleased with the palaces magical properties. They were truly freed from any restraining laws. Thus, outside of his dao heart, the thirteen palaces were more precious than any treasure or merit law. It allowed him to have unlimited possibilities.

In the end, he recalled his palaces and stopped absorbing chaos energy.

He slowly opened his eyes that were like two windows connected to the highest location in the world. It was as if they could illuminate and peer into all crevices of the world.

In this blink of an eye, he was no longer Li Qiye. The high heaven he was, the ruler of all. No secrets and profundities could elude his gaze.

Heaven Seer, the name given by Li Qiye to this particular technique. When he used his eyes, he could see all things just like the high heaven.

Immortal Emperor Mu Zhuo gave Li Qiye a yellow piece of paper. It contained the emperors knowledge and epiphany on the high heaven.

Li Qiye, with the help of his wisdom and experience, derived the emperors knowledge into this amazing technique.

The scene in his eyes changed continuously, from a majestic divine mountain to a stately clan then another mysterious location…

It was as if he could see any location in the thirteen continents as long as his eyes were open.

After more change of sceneries, he finally recalled his gaze and his eyes assumed their original appearance. He smiled and said: “I want to test its power eventually.”

Next, he took out an item and placed it on a table. This thing was completely black as if it had been burned before. It was the item from the upper sphere belonging to the Jilin Clan.

His heart became heavy while looking at it. Others werent aware of its origin but he was clear. It came from the place of the ultimate expedition so, in a certain sense, it didnt belong to this world.

Items would always fall down after each expedition. After all, there were so many emperors fighting together so that level of power was extraordinary. Plus, they came fully prepared as well.

Even if it was an unsuccessful attempt, they would still be able to do some damage. Thus, items would certainly fall down at that worlds end.

Li Qiye took a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes again while placing both hands on the item.

“Buzz.” his thirteen palaces appeared and exuded a vibrant light. They crazily derived all the mysteries of the world, including boundless laws and orders. In the end, numerous symbols were formed that became laws as large as the ocean with incredible speed.

Strands of chaos energies hovered around Li Qiyes palms as if they had their own consciousness before drilling into the item from the outer sphere.

There was nothing out of the ordinary after they came in. It took a long time before a crackle came about. Next, the scorched item was opened with a scene resembling petals opening from a black lotus.

A gentle breeze came by and the outer layer of the item instantly dried up and scattered away, leaving one thing left with radiating brilliance.

These items from the outer sphere were also called items of the high heaven. For example, Divine Palace High Gods Limit Severer. He spent one hundred thousand years just to obtain the weapon and another one hundred thousand years to open it. The same period of time was required for research and comprehension.

Ultimately, a High God with ten palaces required three hundred thousand years before completing a Broken Half-scroll.

Of course, he was no match for Li Qiye. It wasnt only due to the latter possessing matchless experience. More importantly, he had the peerless thirteen palaces that were above all shackles. Thus, it was able to open this outer layer in the shortest time.

Li Qiyes eyes narrowed while staring at this bright item. It wasnt overly dazzling but it was difficult to look through the light. Li Qiyes gaze became profound with an extraordinary calmness. The focus of this gaze could tear apart the primordial chaos.

It took a lot of effort before he could see the item inside. It resembled a pebble but certainly wasnt one. There were faint markings on the surface, even older than time and the heaven and earth. It came upon inception, not from external causes.

Li Qiyes eyes ached from a long exposure so he had no choice but to withdraw his gaze. He began to touch and feel its rhythm. In the end, he gently sighed and said: “It makes sense why this item flew back to the Jilin Clan.

Items that fell down from the high heaven didnt have special appearances. Its eventual form was decided by its first master, the person that understood it the most.

Just like Limit Severer, it wasnt a crescent saber at first. However, during the researching process, the High God decided that it would become an ultimate saber.

“The old mans Limit Severer is only a broken piece compared to the item from the War God Temple, but that item is only scrap compared to this.” Li Qiye tapped the thing and said with forlorn.

During this type of military campaign, more than just one or two items were dropped down. The majority was incomplete and broken. However, this particular one was perfect and essential.

Thus, its value was shocking. It wasnt a coincidence that it flew back to the Jilin. This was part of a plan.

The items that fell down scattered all over the place. They were rare enough and fewer people actually managed to find them. Like Immortal Monarch Jilin had said, it was waiting for the fateful who turned out to be Li Qiye.

He put it away and gently sighed: “I hope this came from the war. If not, then maybe the epoch will change from now on.”

During the final battle, something strange and unknown might even escape into the thirteen continents. That would bring about a disaster to the land.

This was the home to the hundred races as well. If something were to attack the place, the hundred races would suffer just like the three races.

For example, the Ancient Ming brought the flame of war to the entire place. Even one lineage with nine emperors turned to ashes back then.

If something like that were to happen in this generation, mournful wails would be everywhere. This was much more terrorizing than any war.

Thus, it made sense for World Emperor and the others to seal the place. It wasnt only to scheme against Li Qiye. They did see signs of strange phenomena so all the emperors, including the ones from the nine worlds, made this decision.

Of course, they werent aware that these strange phenomena appearing in this generation were caused by Li Qiye himself.

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