Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 473: Easily Massacres All Enemies

Jilin Princess found a ship heading to Remote Wildland for Li Qiye within one short day.

It wasnt so easy reaching this area since it required crossing many dangerous areas in Exploration Grounds. Moreover, the journey was long. The slightest mistake in route could result in death without a burial.

Even though many ships circled between Exploration Grounds and Outer Realm, very few actually traveled to Remote Wildland.

Exploration Grounds was the hiding place for many emperors and gods. However, its immense size made traveling very difficult.

In order to enter, one required a special ship. This ship was powerful on top of possessing an extreme speed to cross through vast space. More importantly, it needed to be sturdy enough.

These ships were normally built with precious divine metals that have been empowered by powerful High Gods or even emperors. Only such a ship could actually enter Exploration Grounds. Ordinary ships could collapse even before entering the place.

Furthermore, only emperors and High Gods could travel alone in this place. Top Dao Celestials found it impossible unless it was only a stroll at the boundary.

Traveling to Remote Wildland was even more prohibitive. Thus, external help was necessary.

For example, Star Stomper High God would need provisions and resting areas in order to make it to Remote WIldland. Fatigue would set in if he wanted to get there in one go.

After the princess found a ship, Li Qiye said goodbye to the High God and left with her.

Outer Realm acted as a port for Exploration Ground. Right outside of this citys sky was a large port for ships. It was very lively here with people coming and going. Many ships were anchored in this place.

These ships had all shapes and forms. Some were only staying here temporarily before setting off for the unknown again. It was very easy to recognize ships meant for Exploration Grounds; they were gigantic in size.

“Soaring Dragon is traveling to Hope Corner, today is the last day, come buy tickets already. Soaring Dragon is totally worth the price, the engines are made from the finest chaos stones. It will travel with lightning speed across Exploration Grounds.” Many workers were hawking for customers.

“To Imperial Change City, to Imperial Change City, stay at Echo Corner for five days! Imperial Mulberry is worth a ride, refined by eighty-six High Gods with one billion units of chaos energy as the engine, as fast as a High God the entire way through. Dont miss it…”

The workers continued to find passengers for these great ships.

Of course, the boarding fee was expensive as well, not something ordinary cultivator could handle. Moreover, the deeper regions commanded a higher price.

As for some places like Remote Wildland, even masters couldnt handle the price.

The princes brought Li Qiye to this area and were greeted by workers even before they made it to the boarding area.

More workers continued to wave and shouted at the port.

“Eternal, the lord of Exploration Grounds, spanning for a million miles and accommodating a million passengers. The ship was refined by emperors and Ancient Gods, using imperial chaos stones only. It is as fast as an emperor and can handle attacks of this level as well. This is the only ship that can make it to Remote Wildland, explore the timeless mysteries in this place. This is a regal luxury, the price is worth it!” One guy, in particular, was especially loud. People could hear him from far away.

Li Qiyes chosen ship was actually Eternal. The word, “gigantic”, was not enough to describe it. It was anchored at the very end of this port. Every other ship next to it seemed tiny in comparison.

It was more accurate to call it a flying continent since its size was unbelievable. It wasnt an exaggeration when people say that it could accommodate one million. In fact, even more than ten millions wasnt a problem.

It looked just as big as Outer Realm City so it could also be considered a flying world. While standing in front of it, people would find that the ship was actually made from a huge star. The makers added divine metals to this star and used an awesome technique to create it.

Because it was made from a star, this behemoth actually had rolling hills and rivers on top since it was more than just a ship. It was a magnificent spectacle.

“Jilin Princess!” Many cultivators recognized the princess at the port.

In Pure, the princess was famous for both her cultivation and beauty. Many young cultivators wanted to chase her.

“Who is that? To be able to walk with the princess like that, are they a couple?” Many talked about them walking together.

Li Qiye looked ordinary so it became a strange scene when he was together with the princess. This attracted a lot of stares.

Normally, only an imperial prince or successors of big sects could walk together with her. Thus, many people became curious when she was with such an unattractive man.

“Hmph, a couple? More like an errand boy.” A young fan of the princess became unhappy after hearing the previous statement.

“Doesnt look like an errand boy to me. Look at their intimate appearance, he could be her fiance.” Another quietly murmured.

“Stop spouting crap, how could an ugly junior like that become the princess fiance? Stop dreaming.” Her fans naturally didnt like hearing this.

The two of them boarded Eternal. Because the princess bought a VIP ticket, they had a peak all to themselves.

There were beautiful landscapes everywhere on this ship. Li Qiyes group actually had the tallest peak.

While on top of this peak, one could see everything nearby. There was no way to describe this beautiful nature. People would be mistaken that they were still in Pure, not on a ship.

After getting in the mansion here, Li Qiye told the princess: “Rest well and meditate, a fierce battle might be coming.”

The princess nodded but she also became curious: “Young Noble, I heard Remote Wildland is unbelievably dangerous, even a Grand Emperor with eleven wills had died there, is this true?”

She had only heard of legends about Remote Wildland. The thing that shocked her the most when she was a kid was the death of this Grand Emperor. She thought that emperors were invincible, and this one even had eleven wills.

Their Nightfall Immortal Monarch had eleven wills and could threaten the thirteen continents. Thus, one could see the looming danger if a similar existence had fallen here.

“Its true.” Li Qiye smiled: “Emperors might be stronger but there are even stronger beings. Dying in Exploration Grounds shouldnt be surprising, especially in Remote Wildland. Ordinary emperors wouldnt dare to say that they could enter and leave unscathed.”

“Even stronger beings?” The princess couldnt imagine this level of power.

“Everything is possible in Exploration Grounds. Even the High Heaven doesnt have jurisdiction over this place so no Heavenly Execution.” Li Qiye replied: “These are remnants of epochs, the things left behind after monumental changes and events, the only place that can shield the emperors from executions. There are no other places like it in this world.”

The princess pondered in silence after hearing this. Juniors like her couldnt quite understand the profundity behind the elusive nature of Exploration Grounds.

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