Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 471: Treasure of the Oasis

At this moment, their forefather, Star Stomper High God, actually performed such a grand gesture towards Li Qiye and even considered himself a junior. This scared the soul out of Peng Yue and Peng Yi.

Remember that he was a prestigious High God, even on the same level as certain emperors. Just who the hell was this Li Qiye?

This made the two shudder with cold sweat. He might be a supreme overlord walking in the mundane world, quite a rare and horrifying occurrence.

Peng Yi was even more affected. In the last two days, he had been calling Li Qiye, “brother”. If his forefather was assuming the role of Li Qiyes junior, it meant that he was overstepping his bounds. This thought made his legs tremble even though he was no coward. It was already impressive that he didnt drop to the ground.

Star Stomper also sat down with a happy expression. Even though they werent master-disciple in status, Li Qiye had indeed taught him before. His current achievement was due to Li Qiye. Back in Emperor Hunt, he followed Li Qiye everywhere and rampaged the battlefield on command.

Star Stomper was one of the longest followers of Li Qiye among the High Gods but he stopped seeing Li Qiye after the guy went back to the nine worlds. Thus, it was understandable for him to rejoice after seeing Li Qiyes real body.

“The two of you, come over here. Quickly greet His Excellency. This is your fortune.” Star Stomper gestured at the two kneeling men.

The two regained their wits after hearing their forefather. They quickly came over and prostrated with fear: “We lowly ones greet you, Your Excellency.”

They didnt know who he was but it couldnt be wrong to kneel right now.

Peng Yi didnt dare to look up and eventually said: “I was too blind to know about your presence, please forgive me…” His words were trembling from having been too casual with an overlord.

“Rise, you didnt know.” Li Qiye looked at him and smiled.

The two of them heaved a sigh of relief and prayed their fortune that this person was benevolent enough.

Star Stomper couldnt help shaking his head while looking at the two: “Thats my unworthy descendants. Looks like the clans decline is inevitable just like the setting sun.”

This god might be powerful but he couldnt stay in the mundane world. He needed to hide in Exploration Grounds. Thus, even if he wanted to help, he didnt have the time or the energy to put in the effort.

The two lowered their head in shame. Their clan had enough resources and ordinary lineages didnt dare to provoke them when their forefather is still alive.

However, they couldnt produce any talent recently. The older generation was withering while the young had no accomplishments. This resulted in the clan not being as prosperous as before.

Li Qiye chuckled in response after hearing the negative evaluation: “Peng Yi is still cultivable. His talents are a bit lacking with an unpolished dao heart, but he is reasonable and understands propriety. Even if he wont have any achievements on the dao path, hell be just fine being in charge of the clan. There is still hope for a resurgence.”

Peng Yi was indeed mediocre in terms of cultivation. However, he was capable of reading situations and act accordingly. His biggest flaw was his lack of experience.

“If Your Excellency thinks so, then he is worthy of grooming.” Star Stomper nodded and told Peng Yi: “Stay with me in the next month then, Ill personally train you! Do not disappoint us, the responsibility of the clan falls on your shoulder!”

Star Stomper was aware of His Excellencys ability to see through everything. Peng Yis evaluation showed his potential. Because of this, he decided to keep the boy around for training. The Peng Clan required talents in the future.

Peng Yi was stunned to hear this and couldnt calm down. It took a while before he kneeled down and said: “I will do my best, forefather!”

This happiness came too sudden. He didnt expect to be able to spend time with his forefather just because of a single comment from Li Qiye.

Peng Yue was excited for him too. It was very difficult to hang around the forefather, only the most talented of disciples. Peng Yi was an exception to the rule now; this was an amazing opportunity for him.

“Leave.” The High God gently waved his sleeve. The two kneeled and bowed again before leaving quietly.

After they left, the High God had to ask: “Your Excellency, youre here now with your real body, are you about to go all out and declare war against the three races?”

“Going all out is for certain but whether Ill be declaring war or not on the three races is dependent on their own awareness. If they still think theyre the only ones qualified to be the masters of this world, then it is time for a rude awakening. But if they are willing to live in peace with the hundred races, I dont think Im a war-loving fanatic.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Thats hard, even if World Emperor and his group can change their stance, the other lineages from the three races like Celestial Court might not accept our status. World Emperor is a visionary but he alone cant decide everything for the three races. He needs support from top players like Profound Emperor. Otherwise, its hard for the other lineages to not be influenced by Celestial Court.” Star Stomper shook his head after this reflection.

Despite hiding in Exploration Grounds, he had lived long enough to have an insightful outlook on the current political climate of the thirteen continents.

“Thats fine, itll just be another war at worst. It wont just be Emperor Hunt anymore, itll be named Emperor Massacre instead. In short, I dont want to see any thorn before I embark on the final battle. Ill take care of everything first.” Li Qiye leisurely said.

“I am willing to follow you again for the second time, to the final battle.” Star Stomper said with excitement.

Li Qiye replied: “There will be a chance. But for now, you need to cultivate in peace back in your abode. According to my calculation, you havent caused a visual phenomenon for a while now. The Heavenly Execution might come soon.”

“Yes, I do feel that one is coming.” Star Stomper said: “I wouldnt have left so early during the previous ambush but I was afraid of one.”

Even top emperors with twelve wills couldnt do anything, let alone a High God like him. Staying in the mundane realm was certain death. His only choice was to go back and hide in Exploration Grounds.

“You have done enough, always thinking about the hundred races wellbeing. Even if you dont come into being again, no one is qualified to criticize you.” Li Qiye said slowly.

Star Stomper had participated in enough battles. It could be said that he had joined everything without hesitation if it had something to do with the hundred races. This was the reason why he enjoyed such great prestige despite not being a peak High God.

“I never dared to forget about your guidance. I look at you as my role model and believe that it is my responsibility to protect the human race. Thats why I have always tried my best when any contribution was possible.” The High God replied.

“The human race has their own path. The emperors have helped enough but they need to grow themselves instead of always relying on the protection of the former sages.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Indeed.” Star Stomper nodded: “The human race did have a few geniuses in recent generations. For example, Arrogances Virtuous is capable. Unfortunately, he had also lost his chance to seize the Heavens Wills, having met the retribution of the three races.”

Virtuous was the supreme genius from Arrogance, on the same level as Jin Ge. The ambush against Jin Ge was started by him. Jin Ge failed his ascension and the same thing happened to Virtuous. The three races also ambushed him for revenge so he lost his chance as well.

This wasnt surprising at all. The heaveners lost a Grand Emperor because of him so they couldnt take it sitting down. Nevertheless, Virtuous was still strong enough to survive the ambush.

“Everlastingness requires polishing.” Li Qiye said: “Grand Emperors, Immortal Monarchs, and Immortal Emperors all have a long future ahead of them. Shouldering the Heavens Will is only the beginning and require a firm dao heart. Otherwise, having amazing talents alone might not be a good thing. Fortunes and disasters are always intertwined.”

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