Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 468: Tian Lunhui

“Pluff!” The slash was still going to hit Star Stomper. In this interim, the High Gods body suddenly emitted an ancient light as the runes on his skin floated around. It looked as if he had an old armor on.

“Bang!” The saber image struck the armor with sparks flying everywhere.

The armor managed to stop the initial slash but the blade shadow continued for Star Stompers body.

A terrible blade wound appeared on his body. However, with buzzing noises, this wound quickly came together and disappeared. The first wound earlier was gone as well.

The Nine Cauldrons bloodline was incredible due to its unshakable property. It resembled nine cauldrons calming nine continents or locking the myriad ages. It was capable of withstanding many attacks!

Divine Palace was surprised to see the failed attack and quickly retreated through ten spatial spheres.

“Wow… this is too heaven-defying, capable of stopping a High Heaven War Scroll. Even the emperors might not necessarily be able to do so.” A low-level High God saw through the fight and took a deep breath.

“Thats an ancestral bloodline for you.” Li Qiye commented as well: “Theres a reason why people say that bloodlines determine everything in the thirteen continents. Even a grand completion Indestructible Diamond Physique might need a thousand years of recuperation in bed after that strike.”

Physiques werent a thing in the thirteen continents, only bloodlines. This was because bloodlines have exceeded the physiques. For example, Nine Cauldrons bloodline was different from the diamond physique but their effect was similar.

However, this bloodline was even better than the diamond physique. It didnt only protect ones body, it also boosted the users vitality, talents, and True Fate…

In the nine worlds, the physiques only boosted ones body while the bloodlines at the thirteen continents were all-encompassing.

The low-level High Gods couldnt believe it. A physical body was able to stop a High God with ten palaces using a Broken Half-scroll.

Divine Palace was very confident in his saber. Not to mention a nine-totem High God, he thought he could even take down one with eleven totems.

“The Nine Cauldrons bloodline is unbelievable!” Divine Palace was caught off guard by the power of this bloodline.

He was certainly stronger than Star Stomper but he lost all of his advantages the moment Star Stomper used his bloodline.

“Lets settle this with one move!” Star Stomper laughed and exuded endless light from his body. He looked just like an ancient bronze statue now.

“Heaven-Breaking Thrust!” Star Stomper roared. All of his bronze light gathered on the halberd before piercing through the sky. The galaxy itself seemed insignificant before this heavenly halberds powered-up form.

“Boom!” The halberd swept by with an annihilative momentum. All laws collapsed; they were so fragile before this attack.

This was a Heaven Punishing technique created by Immortal Emperor Min Ren. He didnt use it and passed it down to Star Stomper instead.

Low-level High Gods thought that this attack could instantly render them to ashes!

“Activate!” Divine Palace crazily howled and did another reverse-slash with his saber.

Limit Severer was accompanied with boundless primordial chaos and the power of the high heaven. The sharpness of this slash could cut through everything in this world.

“Clank!” The two weapons collided with a force shaking three thousand worlds. The ensuing fiery sparks could destroy many galaxies and pierce through the void.

However, the slash was stopped and didnt leave a mark behind on the halberd. The first slash left a scar behind, not this time around.

This wasnt only because of the Heaven-Breaking Thrust because the peerless bloodline played a big part as well. It made Star Stomper virtually invincible and when he channeled this energy into his weapon, it became untouchable as well.

“Boom!” Limit Severer went flying after Divine Palace lost his grip.

The halberd slammed down on Divine Palace. Many could hear a horrifying sound of bone breaking!

The High God screamed before collapsing. His vitality dissipated as he left one last comment: “Still one step below…”

Having said that, he closed his eyes and embarked for the Yellow River! This was the end of a ten-totem High God.

The entire place became quiet. The only audible noises were the ragged breathing of the excited crowd.

The curtain had finally fallen for this battle. Divine Palace High God had lost his life.

No one mocked him at this moment since none was qualified to do so. If it was another High God, the outcome might have been even worse. Not to mention low-level High Gods, even an ordinary emperor might need to think carefully before challenging Star Stomper!

“No!” After coming back from their stupor, the disciples and ancestors from the Donggong Clan miserably bellowed. They all fell into an abyss of despair!

Their forefather had died in battle. This also meant the end of their clan. They must leave Outer Realm in the future or even the cultivation world. They had a hard time accepting this but were also powerless to do anything.

Star Stomper brought Divine Palaces corpse back to the Donggong Clan. He handed it to a disciple from that clan and said flatly: “Find a treasure land and bury your forefather.”

Despite being enemies, all grievances and animosities have ended with Divine Palaces death. Someone of Star Stompers level wouldnt bother dealing with these Donggong juniors now.

These young ones didnt dare to say anything and accepted their forefathers corpse with teary eyes.

“From today on, your Donggong Clan is disbanded. Your businesses shall be taken by our Peng Clan. I allow you all to pack up your treasures and leave.” Star Stomper declared.

There was no resistance to this demand. It would only be throwing eggs at a rock for the Donggong disciples. They might as well just try their best to stay alive in order to keep the clan going. The ancestors and disciples quietly packed up despite any unwillingness. They didnt wish to leave the land and home that had fed them but there was no other choice.

There was no place for them in Outer Realm any longer. The Peng Clan was already merciful enough for not kicking a dog while its down.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Even an ancestor like Peng Yue couldnt help but applaud three times. The rest of the Peng disciples cheered as well.

They could finally breathe easy now since this battle had solidified their position in Outer Realm once more. Their High God had returned triumphantly. Nothing could be better than this for them.

Li Qiye simply chuckled at this outcome since it was within his expectation. Star Stomper was once his follower so he was confident in the guys abilities. After the end of the battle, he returned to the Peng clan with the same calmness as always.

In just one day, the situation at Outer Realm had changed completely. The declining Peng Clan was shining again. Perhaps they would be able to herald a new golden age. As for the Donggong, this name was no more in Outer Realm. Their disciples wouldnt be seen in this city in the future.

This news created quite a stir after it got to Pure. Even though High Gods werent too rare, one at Star Stompers level who had also participated in Emperor Hunt wasnt common at all.

This victory stopped anyone from having doubts about his past exploits and prestige!

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