Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 467: Meditation

After seeing his forefather bleeding, even an ancestor like Peng Yue was scared out of his mind and shuddered. He didnt calm down until the forefather had successfully stopped the saber.

On the other hand, the disciples and ancestors from the Donggong were ecstatic and found it regrettable that it wasnt the end of the battle. Nevertheless, this gave them hope that their forefather would be the victorious one.

“What weapon is that, capable of stopping a Broken Half-scroll?!” Top Dao Celestials were stirred and took a deep breath.

Remember that Star Stompers armament was incredible and capable of stopping imperial dao weapons yet it was cut open so easily by the slash. One could imagine just how sharp and terrifying this saber was.

However, the short halberd was able to stop it. There was no doubt that this particular weapon was superior to his stallion armament.

“This is…” A low-level High God recalled a rumor to his horror.

“A Heaven Punishing Imperial Weapon!” Divine Palace raised his brows after seeing this weapon with an emotional stir in his voice.

“Keen you are, Fellow Daoist.” Star Stomper didnt bother to look at the wound on his chest and let blood continue to stain his armor. An injury caused by a High Heaven War Scroll was hard to close so he wasnt in a rush. Moreover, he was already used to having injuries.

“I didnt expect you to have a Heaven Punishing Weapon. This is quite surprising indeed, normally, emperors wouldnt pass down these weapons to the world so yours is very precious.” Divine Palace spoke with austerity.

People glanced at each other. Someone who has never heard of the item asked: “What is a Heaven Punishing Weapon?”

Even a few disciples from imperial lineages had never seen them before.

“These are weapons prepared by emperors specifically for the ultimate expedition. They have magnificent power, far above regular imperial weapons.” An imperial ancestor elaborated.

“Benevolent Halberd.” Li Qiye gently sighed after seeing the weapon.

The emperors still needed to be careful when facing the ultimate expedition. Choosing to go wasnt a hasty decision; it required preparation and planning. Thus, they would create specific weapons called Heaven Punishing.

“It is thanks to the generosity of Immortal Emperor Min Ren.” Star Stomper didnt gloat. He slowly said: “The emperor had always wanted to go on the expedition so he experienced creating many weapons. Unfortunately, some failed and couldnt compare with his True Immortal Armament. During Emperor Hunt, he personally bestowed this weapon to me for protection.”

The crowd was shocked since they didnt expect this weapon to have such an amazing origin.

Immortal Emperor Min Ren was a title that could be heard anywhere in the thirteen continents. Even though he was a quiet emperor was from the nine worlds, he was simply unstoppable during Emperor Hunt. His cultivation was strong enough on top of possessing a True Immortal Armament. This gave him the ability to fight against the peak emperors from the three races!

Some considered him to be on the same level as Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng, Empress Hong Tian, Immortal Emperor Fei, and World Emperor… Thus, he was absolutely part of the highest echelon of the imperial order!

The fifth expedition was started by him. This and his achievements in Emperor Hunt gave him an everlasting fame throughout history.

“Immortal Emperor Min Ren is a hero. It is an honor to witness the emperors Heaven Punishing weapon. Fellow Daoist, let us finish this.” Having said that, he aimed his Limit Severer at Star Stomper.

“Buzz.” His saber emitted strings of light that werent overly bright yet as they were spreading out, they looked like remnants of light from the beginning of the heaven and earth.

They pierced straight to the soul. Not to mention ordinary experts, even top Dao Celestials felt their soul being peeled off. Their neck uncontrollably presented itself for a decapitation without a chance to resist. The low-level High Gods shuddered as well. Their true fate was untouchable but it still trembled all the same.

“Very well, lets go again.” Star Stomper loudly responded with a voice as crisp as a bell.

“Boom!” His vitality crazily surged into the sky like an apocalyptic tsunami. This energy condensed together to form an ancient cauldron.

With another loud explosion, the cauldron illuminated everything before fusing with the High Gods body.

Runes appeared everywhere on his body as if each of his muscles had been polished by them.

In the blink of an eye, faint bronze rays exuded from him. It wasnt blinding but there was an ancient power within. At this moment, it looked like his body was created by this ancient cauldron.

“The Nine Cauldrons bloodline lives up to its fame!” Divine Palace was slightly moved at this sight. Even a god found this bloodline astonishing.

“One of our two human ancestral bloodlines.” So many people became envious.

All races would love to have this bloodline since there were only eight in the world. To see one in person was a stirring event.

The members of the Peng Clan were even more shaken. This bloodline has been their pride all this time because even imperial lineages couldnt have one.

Some of these imperial lineages even wanted a marriage alliance with them just to have the chance for this bloodline. Thus, for the descendants to see this bloodline was an exciting matter. Unfortunately, it also reminded them that no one else in their clan had it outside of Star Stomper.

“Time to end this!” Star Stomper took one step forward in this new cauldron state. It could shoulder the world or cover the thirteen continents, even calming the myriad ages!

“Boom!” Star Stomper instantly closed the distance and thrust his halberd forward. The weapon pierced through the void and aimed straight for Divine Palaces chest.

“Boundless Severer!” Divine Palaces expression turned dark and answered back with a reverse slash from the ground up.

“Clank!” The saber dragged a trail of long, faint image. Its faintness could still sever the myriad ages. The six dao and time itself were instantly cut off.

This image of a saber crossed through the halberd thrust but also managed to stop it entirely.

“Pluff!” This long saber image instantly made contact with Star Stomper, wanting to annihilate him.

It wasnt only fast but also destructive enough to grasp the entire universe. No one could escape. Star Stomper had no choice but to face it directly.

The spectators gasped as the blade was going to hit Star Stomper.

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