Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 466: Other Shores Secre

The spectating low-level High Gods shuddered at the sight of the blade as well despite its incomplete form. Intuition told them that it still could easily harvest anyones life.

“What is a High Heaven War Scroll?” A junior asked their senior.

“Your master isnt so sure because our sect never had one before. Rumor has it that they are items that fell down from the ultimate expeditions, not all have to be weapons. Normally, its first master would determine its final form. What you comprehend is what it shall be.” The senior mused before answering.

“Why is it called a Broken Half-scroll?” The inquisitive junior inquired again.

“Items falling down from the ultimate expeditions come in all shapes and forms. But at the most fundamental level, they arent only simple treasures, they themselves contain the composition of the heaven and earth. A complete item will have a complete composition. Later on, some supreme emperors separated the compositional laws from the items, wishing to turn these laws into amazing hereditary techniques. However, the majority of the items falling down are usually flawed or incomplete, this makes the compositions inside flawed as well. Thus, people usually call this a Broken Half-scroll.” The senior patiently explained.

“Is this half-scroll very powerful?” The junior asked after seeing his masters austere expression.

“Not just powerful, this is a ferocious weapon. Normally, no one wants to separate the item and the laws. Only the fusion of the two would result in a real murderous tool. It can be said that they are capable of killing gods and devils; theres no sheathing them before they taste blood.” The senior said.

The spectators who understood these weapons were quite solemn, Star Stomper included. His eyes were flashing while staring at the blade.

“Fellow Daoist, if I were to lose, please treat this weapon well.” Divine Palace said slowly.

“Perhaps I will be the loser and my blood shall be the sacrifice.” Star Stomper replied.

Both sides showed humility at this moment because they were evenly matched. There was no point in boasting in this death match. An opponent was too rare at their level and should be treated with respect.

“Its name is Limit Severer.” Divine Palace gently tapped the blade with such meticulous tenderness and unwillingness to let go as if he was caressing a lover.

“Its a good name, I will remember it.” Star Stomper seriously nodded.

Divine Palace closed his eyes while holding the blade: “Come, to the death!”

There was no point in using his eyes, the blade in his hand was all-seeing. All of his divinity and oppressive lights disappeared, leaving only his fluttering robe in the wind.

Divine Palace seemed to be no more. Star Stompers foe was this incomplete blade.

It had no murderous intent or unstoppable momentum, only a faint glimmer that could make the soul jump.

Star Stomper stopped focusing on Divine Palace as well because that High God no longer mattered.

“Boom!” Star Stomper erupted with a blinding light after exerting his nine totems to their limit. They circled above him with countless stars. His Star Stomping Stallion Armament also exuded an orange glow, just like a god spreading their two wings.

The runes on the armament became extremely clear. The dao profundity of this armament had been completely understood by Star Stomper so its majestic power engulfed the entire area.

“Buzz.” He pulled back the bowstring and readied the arrow. The starry lights nearby all gathered on this arrow. People began to feel as if this arrow could penetrate three thousand worlds!

“Pluff!” The sound came after the release of the arrow. There was a glorious and blinding trail illuminating the entire spatial sphere. It was even more dazzling than the explosion of ten thousand suns. Many couldnt look straight at all; their vision had been temporarily compromised from the flash.

Low-level High Gods were astounded. One of them said: “This arrow isnt comparable to the one released by Immortal Emperor Diyi Jian back then, but it can definitely slaughter a four-totem High God!”

“Boom!” The arrow crossed the countless distance and made it to Divine Palaces throat. Despite containing the power of endless stars, it was only the size of a finger. Nevertheless, its sharpness could pierce through all things.

In this split second, Divine Palace finally slashed his blade forward in a direct and simple manner.

There was no decoration in this slash but it was enough to split the invincible arrow into two halves. The trail of light disappeared and the arrow lost its power.

“Whoosh!” Star Stompers two weapons to his left and right immediately raided in a criss-cross manner. It looked like a golden-dragon scissor, capable of severing the yin and yang, the reincarnation cycle, and the three thousand worlds. Nothing could be connected after its cut.

This scissor also aimed for Divine Palaces head, wishing to decapitate him with unbelievable speed. There was no chance for people to retaliate.

The scissor was fast but Divine Palaces saber was even faster. No one could see it clearly but he had knocked away the two ambushing weapons.

Next, this saber was coming for Star Stompers chest through endless space. Distance seemed to be meaningless before its offense.

This all happened in the blink of an eye – from the first slash stopping the arrow to the second stopping the scissor to this third attack. It was as if Divine Palace had slashed three times instantly. The slashes were flawlessly connected.

There was no technique or variation to this third place, it was only a simple cut without the profundity of the dao. Just the beautiful slash itself was enough, no need for garish spectacles.

Star Stomper was very fast due to his stallion armament. However, he couldnt evade this slash either. Even low-level High Gods couldnt see it at all.

“Bang!” The slash finally connected and blood stained the blade. One could hear the pattering noises of blood dripping down the blade, the crimson blood of a High God. Each drop was full of divinity.

Star Stompers armor had been cleaved open by the slash. There was a shocking wound on his chest since one could see the ribcage. The slash had almost split Star Stomper into two halves.

The thing that saved Star Stompers life was a short halberd. Alas, a scar had been left behind on the weapon.

This halberd looked ugly and seemed to be a rushed job but it was taking in and out a frightening aura. It could break the heaven above and punish hell below. Nothing could ever stop this halberd from achieving victory.

It looked as if it was made for killing – this was too apparent due to its destructive aura. It also had an imperial presence and the supreme will of a Grand Emperor. This will could slaughter everything in the world.

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