Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 465: The Other Shore

The entire Outer Realm fell into a hush. Many big shots from Pure were shaken by todays battle as they watched on.

The fight between a nine and ten-totem High God was magical and brilliant. The two sides were nearly even as well, resulting in a rare spectacle.

For many people, an imperial battle was too unreachable. After all, the emperors would bring about Heavenly Execution so they would easily come out to fight.

However, the battles between High Gods made up for this. An imperial fight might happen once in every ten thousand years but a divine fight commonly occurred. Because of this, experts were able to witness true invincibility and broaden their own horizon. The memories would become a foundation for their future path towards godhood.

A fight between low-level High Gods wasnt that exceptional but this one was different. They were nearly at the apex of this branch and werent weaker than some emperors. Their style, grand dao, and profundity truly benefited the spectators.

The low-level High Gods were shaken. Some even came out in person just to watch this amazing battle.

“Warm-up time is over, time to fight for real now.” Star Stomper stretched and laughed.

“Very well, to the death!” Divine Palace was not afraid at all and let out a roar.

It was only an appetizer earlier between the two with physical techniques. They havent used their weapons just yet. It was an assessing attempt so neither used external powers.

The crowd was startled. Just their warm-up was already frightening enough. If the two were to use their real murderous attack, even low-level High Gods wouldnt be able to withstand a few moves.

“Kill!” Star Stomper made the distance of several planets with a single jump and appeared inside Divine Palaces sphere.

“Clank!” His armament instantly appeared. He was riding a celestial steed with a cosmic bow. This particular set emitted an orange glow of the stars.

“Pluff!” Light particles turned into an arrow that was already next to Divine Palaces chest in the blink of an eye.

This speed was virtually peerless. Even Divine Palace felt that way.

“Boom!” He was one thought away from death but he chose the right course of action. A shield of the Heaven Bestowment rank blocked his chest. This was a divine dao weapon of the Heaven Bestowment level; one that wasnt inferior to any imperial weapon.

“Boom!” Even this shield couldnt stop the arrow and was penetrated. Meanwhile, Divine Palace was blown away by the force.

“Rumble!” Divine Palace took out multiple powerful weapons and built an unsurpassable wall.

“Buzz.” In the same time frame, Star Stomper gathered the force of endless star to shoot another arrow.

This wall was pierced again and Divine Palace was blown away by the impact of this arrow. He actually spat out a mouthful of blood this time around.

Star Stomper had seized the upper hand after using two fatal moves instantly.

“Star-Stomping Stallion Armament.” Divine Palace praised after being pushed back by several spheres.

Star Stomper was wearing a postnatal Orange Martial armament with six dao fetuses. It had a bow and arrow, a heavenly stallion, an armor, and two more weapons.

Such an armament wasnt considered rare in this world. However, this was Star Stompers main armament of choice. His dao and merit laws were created around it, hence their great harmonization. It was an amazing fit.

Moreover, this armament worked so well with the anima of his totems. This was the reason why he chose to use it all this time. It had experienced years of refinement and battles with him.

From start to finish, he had many weapons and saw countless treasures. Only this armament stuck with him all along. To a certain sense, this reinforced the notion that there wasnt a strongest weapon, only a most suitable one. After reaching a certain level, cultivators needed to make the right choice about their dao weapons.

People were shaken to see this incredible set adorned by the High God. He looked quite majestic and awe-inspiring.

In fact, his god title came from this armament. When people heard his name, they would automatically imagine him in this particular form.

This armament was well-rounded since it had speed, destructiveness, offense, and defense.

There was no doubt that without an armament, one would be at a disadvantage even if they had a powerful dao weapon. This was the reason why Divine Palace still couldnt stop Star Stompers offense despite using many powerful weapons. This was why so many experts would try to obtain an armament for an entire lifetime.

It was the Donggong disciples turn to be nervous. Earlier, they felt quite good because their god had the advantage but the situation had reversed so quickly. Their god was wounded now.

“It is time for you to use your move, earned after several hundred thousand years of rumination, Fellow Daoist.” Star Stomper didnt give chase. He stopped and calmly said.

He clearly had the upper hand but instead of pushing for victory, he became quite vigilant and careful.

“The grand dao isnt easy, the power of an individual isnt enough to gaze into the heavenly way.” Divine Palace sighed sentimentally and uttered a confusing response.

“Clank.” He slowly unsheathed a crescent saber completely shrouded in a cold aura. The blade wasnt as white as snow; there were only faint pulsing lights of a gray shade. People got the illusion that this grayness was death itself!

This saber wasnt complete since a side of the blade was broken. However, it seemed to be born in this manner, that it was already a broken blade upon inception.

Despite lacking an invincible glint and oppressive aura, people still lost control of their mind after gazing at it. This blade seemed capable of reaping their lives without any problem.

“A High Heaven War Scroll!” A low-level High God was astounded and blurted out.

However, there were young cultivators who had no idea what it was.

“No wonder why you have been so reclusive for so long, it is all because of this saber, a war scroll. I suppose it is worth it.” Star Stompers eyes became serious after seeing this weapon and said.

“Its only a Broken Half-scroll.” Divine Palace said: “One hundred thousand years to break the seal, another to incubate the blade, then the same period to comprehend the text; all of this was required to have todays result. An individual is too weak, its not easy to gaze at the claw of the high heaven at all.”

Star Stomper looked at the saber and said: “Its enough already. This is a primordial form of this scroll and you are its first master, grasping the oldest primal force, its the same as wielding the high heavens trusted tool. This saber will allow you to do whatever you want, no wonder why you came into being today. If it was me, I would also want to test this saber against a High God of the same level.”

“Maybe Ill be the one sacrificed to the saber.” Divine Palace didnt become complacent: “This ferocious blade will either kill the enemy or its user. Its first slash must taste divine blood. Who knows if it will be your blood or mine.”

The crowd was creeped out after hearing this. Even those who didnt know about a High Heaven War Scroll still gazed at the crescent blade.

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