Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 463: A Few Secrets Of The Nether Crossing Swamp

During this confrontation, Divine Palace fully activated his divinity with sharp rays tearing apart the sky. He looked like the ruler of the world; each of his gestures could destroy everything; a single thought could dry up the ocean.

On the other hand, Star Stomper was very ordinary looking like a neighborly old man. There was no oppressive aura but he presided in the world like a mountain. Just this casual stance alone was unshakable and impenetrable.

“It looks like a fight is inevitable today, Fellow Daoist Star Stomper.” Divine Palace slowly spewed out mantras. Each word was powerful and resounding.

“I agree.” Star Stomper smiled and said: “Fellow Daoist Divine Palace, dont you want to experiment your new techniques on this old man anyway?”

“Looks like you have heard quite a bit, Fellow Daoist Star Stomper.” Divine Palace thunderously said: “Such quick information meant that you have eyes and ears everywhere.”

“Its no secret.” Star Stomper said flatly: “You entered an ancient ground back then went back to your lair without any news from then on. Your appearance today certainly symbolized a fortuitous harvest, one that is enough for you to concoct a grand plan.”

Many people glanced at each other after hearing the conversation. So it turned out that Divine Palaces disappearance was due to gaining something amazing.

Remember, this was a god with a set of ten totems. His merit laws and refined treasures were not necessarily inferior to an emperors!

Thus, just imagine how wondrous this fortune must have been and made it worth it for a High God to go into seclusive cultivation? Ordinary things couldnt get into his sight so everyone became curious.

“Very well, its time to settle the feud between our clans.” Divine Palace said slowly: “This city is a bit small, and as the adage goes, one mountain cannot have two tigers. Today, let the winner takes everything. This will be the end of our feuds.”

“So be it, we shall have our conclusion today. If I lose, my clans businesses shall be yours.” Star Stomper smiled.

Everyone was slightly shaken after hearing this. The two sides were betting their clans several hundred thousand year businesses.

Of course, these resources were nothing to High Gods. The two simply wanted to settle the score so this shouldnt be too surprising. It was only a matter of time.

Both the Peng and the Donggong were in decline. In order to rise again, they must swallow the other. With the appearance of their High Gods now, one would surely rise again on the ashes of the other.

Moreover, the Peng was part of the human race and the Donggong was part of the heaven race. The tension was naturally inevitable. It certainly didnt help when Star Stomper killed the Donggongs High God. The Donggong would never forget this feud, one that was both personal and racial. There was no chance of them sitting down for a peaceful resolution.

Members of both clans were shaken with no words to describe their current emotion. They didnt know whether to be happy or sad at this moment.

This battle was going to determine their fate. If their ancestor were to win, then a golden era was about to come. They would be the sole tyrant of Outer Realm. But in case of defeat, they would lose everything, including their home in this place.

The disciples held their breath and quietly prayed for their ancestor to return triumphantly. They palpitated from the anticipation.

“Fellow Daoist, let us fight up there.” Divine Palace suggested and stepped into the sky.

“Very well, hurting the sceneries of this tranquil land is a scene.” Star Stomper smiled and also stepped into the upper sphere.

The two High Gods still maintained an air of courtesy despite their fight to the death. Both were still as amicable like old friends, no trace of anger in any of them.

Just their graceful attitude towards the enemy was admirable enough. This was the style of High Gods; a manner worthy of their position and status.

“Come, lets watch.” The capable big shots all rushed to the sky and opened their heavenly gaze to watch from afar. They didnt dare to enter the upper sphere because remnant shockwaves could render them to ashes

“Go back now, tell the ancestors to activate the heavenly mirrors.” Some juniors immediately ran back home in order to watch with the mirrors.

In the depth of space, two High Gods calmly stood there and were surrounded by many large stars and floating meteorites. All of this was a part of the galaxy system here.

A fight between them would have a devastating effect on the surrounding thus they needed to fight in space. Outer Realm City wouldnt be able to handle the impact. Even ordinary ancient battlefields wouldnt be able to contain them either; it needed to be a high-level one.

In a short time, big shots everywhere and clans used heavenly gazes and mirrors in order to watch this incredible battle.

“The Nine Cauldrons bloodline of the human race is full of legends. This fight will be worth it because I will get to see it.” Divine Palace spoke. His left eye was the moon and his right the sun. An endless light poured out and turned into a yin-yang symbol.

The lucky spectators became even more excited. The Nine Cauldrons was one of the eight grand ancient bloodlines. Not just anyone could see it; just an ancestral blood was already amazing enough, let alone an ancient one.

More importantly, this was part of the Human-monarch bloodline. The first time it appeared was on the Six Dao Monarch, a human. This meant that the particular immortal bloodline originated from the human race. Though there was a chance for all members of the hundred races to have it, it was still the strongest when the host was a human.

This was similar to the Eternal bloodline of the deities; Authority bloodline of the heaveners, and Bestowment bloodline of the devils.

Bloodlines could be mixed together through interracial marriages. For example, humans can have the devils Bestowment bloodline or someone from the divine race could have the Human-monarch bloodline.

However, the true power of these bloodlines still came out with the corresponding race, meaning that a Nine Cauldrons bloodline would be much stronger in a human.

“You will have the opportunity to see it.” Star Stomper smiled and casually attacked.

“Boom!” Multiple meteors flew towards Divine Palace with a ferocious momentum.

This annihilative force was quite horrifying right outside of Outer Realms spatial border.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The entire space was quaking by the impact of these meteors.

“Buzz.” DIvine Palaces eyes turned ablaze and spewed out a light that could instantly refine the yin and yang. This yin-yang ray swept forward and could cut this space into two halves.

“Rumble!” The meteors exploded one by one after being touched by the ray.

Just imagine, numerous stars instantly exploded – this was such a magnificent scene with engulfing smoke and fire illuminating the entire area. Everything else paled in comparison.

This might have been the most incredible scene of fire the spectators had ever seen.

“Uzz.” After the yin-yang ray destroyed all the meteors, the black and white portions came together to form a pulsing ray with the radius of a thousand mile. This new beam shot straight at Star Stomper!

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