Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 462: Titanic Crescent Saint Child

The strongest god of the Donggong Clan stood there and calmed the universe. He was the supreme ruler of Outer Realm City, no, this entire spatial domain.

There was no wasteful movement but everyone felt as if his touch was pulling the whole sky, that it was rotating around him. No one doubted the fact that one palm from him could shatter this place.

The experts here got a cold chill. Many were already prostrating on the streets under this suppressive aura. The city became very quiet.

Everything paused including the celestials. All were waiting to listen to the High God.

“Junior, you have gone too far.” He finally spoke with a thunderous voice that echoed in the sky. Each of his resounding words turned into laws and mantras capable of suppressing the myriad realms.

His demeanor was still calm but this didnt stop people from trembling due to his prestige that command respect.

“There are countless feuds in the world, destroying my clan should be enough yet you wish to end us?” Flowers descended from the sky with his voice filled with divinity. They pinned into the ground and left no room for change.

While everyone was prostrating, Li Qiye stood there nonchalantly and said: “There had been countless lineages turning into specks of dust and disappearing among the river of time. It is a kill or be-killed world. If I dont extinguish your clan today, your clan will annihilate the Peng tomorrow. This is only a change of order with me seizing the initiative.”

People didnt dare for Li Qiyes background anymore. To be able to articulate so clearly in front of a ten-totem High God with such calmness and resolution already impressed them. The big shots from the last generation kneeling on the ground felt that his courage was peerless and worthy of respect.

“So you wish to intervene for the sake of the Peng.” The High God responded.

“Not quite.” Li Qiye smiled freely: “I am a human, this type of battle is inevitable. This is only a warm-up.”

The experts from the hundred races shuddered after hearing this. After Emperor Hunt, the racial tension had lessened and few large-scale battles have happened.

However, after the recent ambush of Jin Ge, both sides had High Gods interfering. Only the emperors havent joined yet.

Perhaps the situation wasnt as optimistic as they thought and another great war could break out!

“If thats the case, broaden my horizon with your supreme techniques.” Divine Palace didnt waste words and tried to grab Li Qiye.

“Boom!” As this huge palm was coming, space and time shattered with black holes appearing. Everything would be destroyed before this terrible and unblockable attack.

Dao Celestials with 300,000,000 chaos units were still scared out of their mind because this attack could instantly annihilate them. Anything below the realm of High God were less than insects.

It wasnt an exaggeration to say that this strike could kill every single person here.

“Bang!” The resulting blast wasnt as loud as expected. It was just like a palm attack of a mortal yet everyone could hear it.

When the dust settled, this attack was actually stopped by someone. No destructive shockwaves could be found.

The crowd was astounded. A palm attack from a ten-totem High God was stopped so easily?!

In the beginning, people thought that it was Li Qiye stopping this attack. However, they found that it was an old man.

He was tall and sturdy like a majestic mountain. His hair was gray and face filled with wrinkles. However, his features seemed to be carved by a knife. Each line was full of power, especially his unyielding pair of eyes. Nothing in this world could touch them.

There were no divinity or supreme laws accompanying him. He stood there calmly yet was able to stop the shocking attack from Divine Palace.

The old man revealed a bright smile after seeing Li Qiye, one that was as comfortable and sunny like the sun.

Li Qiye also leisurely smiled back without being surprised.

“Fellow Daoist Star Stomper, youre still choosing to come out.” Divine Palace moved his hand back and said without any hint of fear.

“These old bones couldnt handle it before so I needed to rest for a bit. But resting too much will make me moldy so Im here to exercise. After several hundred thousand years since our last meeting, Fellow Daoist Divine Palace is still as vigorous as before. Quite enviable.” The old man replied in a friendly manner.

“Star Stomper High God!” The reveal of this old mans identity shocked everyone.

Two top High Gods have appeared in just one day. They were both prestigious, especially Star Stomper who had experienced many battles, including Emperor Hunt that had been eternalized in the historical annals. He was essentially a living fossil that had experienced the change of th hundred races.

“Star Stomper High God!” People from the hundred races voluntarily kowtowed with reverence. It wasnt due to his divinity, only his contribution to the hundred races.

The hundred races wouldnt have their status and prosperity today without Emperor Hunt. Star Stompers effort in the war was worthy of respect.

“Forefather!” Peng Yue was trembling from excitement. This was a pleasant surprise. Their clan was willing to pay any price as long as their forefather was around. They found his presence to be a panacea for the mind, putting them at ease.

The prostrating Peng Yi lifted his head to look at his forefather. He grew up listening to the forefathers tales and knew them like the back of his hand. To be able to see his hero in person was the most exciting thing possible.

Today was destined to be extraordinary in Outer Realm due to the appearances of these High Gods.

In a short time, all eyes were on them. One was a ten-totem High God while the other had nine totems on top of the Nine Cauldrons bloodline!

People became curious about the stronger one of the two. The victor didnt matter since the crowd was eager to see the fight between the two gods.

In terms of battle record, Star Stomper was the more decorated one due to Emperor Hunt and his successful ambush of Jin Ge. He even killed a High God from the Donggong Clan during that battle.

Thus, everyone thought he had the upper hand with regards to battle experience.

However, Divine Palace had his own advantages – the clearest one being his ten totems. Moreover, there were rumors of him saving his strength and resting all this time so his vitality was even more plentiful than younger High Gods. He maintained his peak state just like his youth so if he were to take action, it would always be a decisive blow.

The experts from the hundred races were naturally on Star Stompers side. However, they were worried about his injuries from the previous battle. If he had yet to recover, this would be quite detrimental.

The two gods showed no sign of relenting so the crowd held their breath, ready to see an inevitable battle between the gods!

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