Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 461: Ghost Insect Evil Child

The crowd gasped as the figure of the Grand Emperor was being continuously pushed back. They wondered in dread about the power of this ball.

“Just a four-will Grand Emperor.” Li Qiye shook his head and said after seeing this.

“Rumble.” The numerous explosions signaled the increase in potency of the balls speed and power at a rapid pace.

This was the terrifying aspect of this artifact being made from three ancestral trees. As long as it continued to erupt in this manner, who knows of its actual limit?

The imperial figure was also slowly losing its radiance.

“The auspicious mark of the Grand Emperor will be destroyed at this rate.” A top Dao Celestial became startled.

“This rolling ball is too outrageous, I cant believe something like this exists in the world. How unbelievable. This is worth some rumination.” Someone else commented with emotions.

This was shocking indeed, the massive ball destroying a remnant left behind by an emperor.

The disciples from the clan that had just gained some hope turned pale at this development as if they have fallen into a pit of ice. The destruction of the auspicious mark would also spell the demise of their clan.

“Its almost over.” People murmured at this time and could see that the imperial figure was about to go down.

“Buzz.” Right before the complete demise of the auspicious mark, strands of divine light oozed out from the deepest location of the Donggong Clan. They pierced into the sky like swords, wishing to tear it apart.

“Boom!” A tempestuous power ravaged the entire city like a primordial flood with its waves capable of drowning countless stars.

“Clang, clank, clank.” Divine chains instantly rushed upward like waterfalls. A magnificent figure came out from within the divine light.

Each step was accompanied by a galaxy. Stars hovered around the sun which was his right eye and moon which was his left. Outer Realm City seemed to be having a hard time accommodating his presence.

“This is…” The sudden eruption of a divine power scared everyone in Outer Realm. A High God had arrived.

“An invincible High God!” Someone shouted before dropping to the ground.

Many experts couldnt handle the pressure so they fell to the ground, unable to stand up again. This left them with a blanch countenance.

“A High God with a set of ten totems!” Top Dao Celestials stared at this High God with reverence.

“Divine Palace High God!” A celestial with 60,000,000 chaos units turned pale and prostrated on the ground for he had recognized this High God.

Many experts were horrified to hear this title that was true to his presence in terms of divinity.

“Forefather! Were saved!” The kneeling disciples from the Donggong were stirred and applauded.

Peng Yue became alarmed as well. He couldnt stand still before this divinity despite having 80,000,000 chaos units. The more shocking thing was the suddenness of this persons appearance, not just his divinity. Their Peng Clan wasnt mentally prepared for this.

This was the Donggongs strongest High God. However, for some unknown reasons, he disappeared completely without any news within Exploration Grounds.

Later on, many ancestors from the clan tried to communicate with him, even some High Gods. There was no response.

The later generations lost all hope and felt that something must have happened to their High God, that he was dead and no longer in this world. This was a great blow to the clan since Divine Palace had the power of anima from his set of ten totems.

Some people even thought that Divine Palace High God was more powerful than Eastern Palace Heaven Emperor because this emperor only had four wills. The death of such a High God would be a massive blow even to an imperial lineage.

This was why his sudden appearance truly scared all of the spectators here.

Donggong Zheng did send a message from his High God earlier but everyone thought that it was mere posturing in order to scare Li Qiye. Who would have thought that it was indeed the truth? Their missing High God had returned.

After regaining their sanity, the disciples from Donggong became jubilated. There was still a chance for their clan to survive. No, they could even rise to prosperity and power again!

Peng Yue and Peng Yi lost colors on their face. This High God was still alive while there was no news of their Star Stomper High God. This sent a chill down their spine.

It made them think about the worst case scenario, that their High God was already dead. One of the reasons for this birthday celebration was to show those who have been watching their clan that their High God was still alive.

But now, Peng Yue wasnt confident at all. The Peng and the Donggong had a mortal feud right now. If Li Qiye were to die to Divine Palace, their clan would be next.

He saw a vision of the destruction of his clan after thinking that Li Qiye wouldnt be able to stop Divine Palace.

“There are ten totems!” Everyone was suppressed as this High God walked over. None could get back up on their feet.

Though he wasnt actively pushing them down, just his mighty divinity alone was too much to take.

Just imagine, could one stand up straight when an emperor with four wills like Eastern Palace was in front of them? This High God was even more powerful than the emperor. Even a real expert with 300,000,000 chaos units wouldnt be able to withstand this power and drop to the ground.

“Boom!” Divine Palace raised his palm with a sky-shouldering force in order to repel the rolling ball.

“Rumble!” The ball rolled slower and weakening explosions before finally stopping.

“Yes!” The kneeling Donggong disciples roared in a frenzy. Their forefather had finally put an end to this terrible nightmare.

“Crank! Crack!” The ball disassembled into countless pieces and flew back into Li Qiyes palm. It was as if time had reversed since all people could see was a gigantic ball shrinking back into a three-colored sphere the size of a thumb.

If people didnt see it with their own eyes, they wouldnt believe that this tiny sphere had destroyed the Donggong Clan. Its power was quite awe-inspiring.

They stared at this artifact while salivating. This supreme item was definitely not weaker than any imperial dao weapon. If one could have it, they would be able to rampage through the nine heavens and ten earths. No one would dare to provoke them.

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