Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 460: Deadlock

“Rumble.” The ball became larger and heavier after each vibration.

“Go.” Once it reached a particular level, Li Qiye smiled and gave the order.

In a flash, the huge ball crazily spun with an insane speed towards the central area.

Meanwhile, the ancestors of the clan poured out a monstrous amount of chaos and primordial energy into the defensive barriers, causing them to shine even more. Powerful supreme runes appeared on the layers; these belonged to the blessing of their ancestors for generations. Time did not diminish its power.

“Rumble.” The ball left behind a deep trail on the ruins. After its velocity reached a certain point, it left the ground and accelerated even more before flying towards the ancestral ground like a meteor.

The Donggong disciples felt their heart hanging on a string. Some covered their mouth to avoid screaming.

“Boom!” The world quaked with an explosion nearly rupturing everyones eardrums. They felt as if the world was sinking down.

They saw the gigantic ball slamming into the defensive barriers. These barriers became unreasonably caved in till the limit. It was only a bit before the ball could touch the mountains in the central area.

Nevertheless, under the boost of the ancestors, the runes on the barriers exerted the brightest of light. This eternal power resembling an ocean stopped the ball.

“Bang!” The ball was bounced back all the way out of Outer Realm City and disappeared into the vast sky.

“Yes!” The disciples couldnt help but cheer loudly. Their final defense finally stopped the might of this ball.

They heaved a sigh of relief and could finally breathe easy. This meant that their clan was still able to fight against this disaster. The ball that had easily destroyed their clan earlier robbed them of their confidence. But now, they have regained some of it back.

“Its still an imperial lineage with a certain level of prowess.” The older cultivators had to admit.

“Li Qiye, our clan isnt so easily bullied. Our High God wants me to tell you that it is not too late to give up.” Zheng appeared again and shouted.

The crowd was skeptical after hearing this and felt that Zheng was only posturing. Everyone knew that their last High God had already been killed by Star Stomper. This message was only a way to scare Li Qiye using the prestige of a High God.

“The fun has only just begun, why end now? The ball is coming, prepare your defense.” Li Qiye was unperturbed before answering with a smirk.

Zheng was shocked after hearing this. He immediately looked up at the sky and bellowed: “Barrier, get the biggest barrier going!”

The sky turned dark to the astonishment of the spectators. A huge planet was descending down. No, it was the repelled ball earlier.

It was of an unimaginable size right now. An attack of this magnitude seemed to be wanting to put an end to the entire city. Remember, this city itself was made of a gigantic star.

“Oh mother!” Many felt their legs giving in and began to flee lest they would be dragged in as well.

“Rumble!” When the ball was about to hit the ancestral ground, the explosive noises finally came from the horizon. This was indicative of its immense speed.

“Boom!” The entire city was blown away as if another sky was slamming into the existing one.

Some dropped to the ground in the fetal position. The cultivators here that a world-ending calamity was coming. That ball was going to annihilate this entire star.

“Rumble!” The shockwaves from the impact traveled freely towards all directions. The ruins collapsed completely. The end of days was near.

The defensive barrier instantly shattered, unable to stop this calamitous power.

The mountains in the central area collapsed in a slow-motion scene in the eyes of the crowd. These mountains were large enough but they seemed so insignificant before the attacking star. Pebbles scattered everywhere, resulting in an unforgettable scene.

The ball continued to aim for the depth of the ancestral ground, wishing to deliver the fatal blow before stopping.

“Buzz.” The place where Eastern Palace Heaven Emperor used to stay became resplendent. The benevolent mark of an emperor instantly appeared in the form of a peerless figure. It was quite faint now but its aura still emanated across this world like the coming of an emperor.

Its palm spreaded, one that could blot out the world, and managed to halt the rolling star.

Under the full effort of the figure, the balls rolling speed decreased but didnt stop completely. More deafening blasts echoed.

“Progenitor!” The escaped disciples from the clan applauded.

“Grand Emperor!” They kneeled on the ground with tears streaming down their cheeks.

At this juncture of life-and-death, their progenitors spirit had returned. His prestige filled the mind of his descendants.

“The spirit of an emperor.” People commented with respect.

This was a power belonging to imperial lineage. As long as they had emperors, their clan would have auspicious landmarks and places left behind that stored the wills of the emperors. These wills would come out to protect their descendants at critical moments.

Unfortunately, Eastern Palace Heaven Emperor had died to the Heavenly Execution. If he was still alive, then the power of this auspicious mark would be even greater, no different from if the emperor was here in person.

Of course, people normally wouldnt dare to attack an imperial lineage with surviving emperors, unless they were on the same level. Otherwise, they would risk facing an emperor in their sect-extinguishing effort.

The disciples from the clan were moved after seeing the spirit of their progenitor. A glimmer of hope flashed in the abyss of despair.

“Rumble!” The ball still didnt stop. The rolling speed crazily increased again; it was actually contending against a Grand Emperor. No, it was even pushing the majestic figure back, leaving an ever-growing chasm on the ground.

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