Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 457: Entering Nightsea

At this particular juncture, all the guests were stunned and couldnt regain their composure at all. Their legs trembled from this horrifying sight.

Heavenly Phoenix Royal Lord was a Dao Celestial, albeit a weak one. More importantly, he had a Heaven Bestowment-level imperial dao weapon. This made up for his lack of chaos energy to a large extent.

Alas, he still couldnt handle a single blow; same with the High Ancestor with 70,000,000 chaos units. The latter was smashed into smithereens.

It was a sad death for the ancestor who was supposed to be the bodyguard. He died with his eyes wide open from confusion about the swift nature of his demise.

Even Peng Yue shuddered from this scene since he didnt know how this ancestor got smashed into a meat paste. Remember that this ancestor had a similar cultivation to him so he naturally couldnt withstand that attack either.

The royal lord was struggling to break free but the invisible hand easily subdued him and robbed him of any movement.

“I wished to avoid blood on this birthday celebration but unfortunately, you chose to be blind. The gods and devils praised their fortune when I dont cause trouble yet you dare to provoke me? Tell me now, do you wish to die?” Li Qiye finished the wine in his goblet and signaled for more.

The servants hands were trembling as he filled Li Qiyes goblet with the best of wine so that he could keep his life.

“Little, little animal, if you, you dare to touch me, you will die without a grave!” The royal lord was scared out of his mind since death was in front of him.

“Is that so?” Li Qiye chuckled and finished another cup.

The royal lord screamed: “Of course! My daughter is the future imperial queen with millions under her, thousands of High Gods ready to contribute and emperors as dao protectors. Touch a hair of mine and my daughter will bury you! My son-in-law, Jin Ge, is the future Grand Emperor, untouchable in this generation…”

He became emboldened when bringing up his daughter and son-in-law since this always worked in the past.

“Boom!” The invisible palm slightly increased the pressure and blood gushed everywhere. The royal lord became meat paste without the chance to scream.

“No idea who they are.” After crushing the royal lord, Li Qiye cut another piece of beef and savored it.

The crushed royal lord was also perplexed. He wanted to avenge his son but he didnt expect to throw his life away in the process.

The scene was silent, no one dared to open their mouth or even breathe loudly. The only sound left in the entire hall was Li Qiyes careful chewing noise.

At this moment, Peng Yue was visibly trembling. This Li Qiye only had several hundred chaos units yet he easily took care of two Dao Celestials without lifting a single finger.

In the end, he finally finished his steak and elegantly wiped his mouth before slowly standing up. He stared at the two meat pastes on the ground and shook his head: “The auspicious hour is ruined. If I dont kill a few thousands today, my fury wont subside.”

With that, he walked towards Donggong Zheng who was paralyzed on the ground. His pants were visibly wet with a foul stench coming out.

He was trembling as Li Qiye walked over and used his elbows to push himself away.

Li Qiye smiled while looking at him: “So Ive heard that your clan and Heavenly Phoenix want to divide the Peng Clans businesses?”

“My…” Zhengs teeth were chattering loudly and he failed to form a coherent sentence: “My… ancestor, Divine Palace High God, has returned. I…”

The unclear rambling continued.

Peng Yue slightly raised his brow after hearing this and didnt believe Donggong Zheng because this High God had been missing for a long time now. He was presumed dead by everyone. Maybe Zheng was scared out of his mind and making up things.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “One High God? Come on now, no one can stop me if I want to kill, not even a Grand Emperor. My hand is a little itchy, wanting to kill a little. Very well, Ill give you a chance. Run as far as you can, if you can escape from my sight, Ill spare your life for now.”

“Why, why, why should I run…” Zhengs brain stopped working from fear.

“Now!” Li Qiyes expression darkened to the horror of everyone present.

In this split second, Zheng was stirred and found strength out of nowhere. He rolled and escaped outside while lamenting the fact that his mother didnt give him four legs. He mustered all of his strength and ran for the Donggong Clan.

“Time to wash my hands with blood.” Li Qiye leisurely said and went outside while Zheng was running for his life.

His nonchalant attitude made everyone shudder as if the nightmare-inducing words came from a devil.

The guests glanced at each other before quickly following outside. They wanted to see what Li Qiye was going to do. In the blink of an eye, only members of the Peng Clan were left.

Peng Yi and Peng Yue also exchanged glances. Peng Yue calmed down first and gave instructions before chasing after the group.

They could smell a bloody stench already, not from the two meat pastes earlier. It was from afar when they envisioned the scene of Li Qiye massacring everything.

Donggong Zhengs hair became disheveled as he ran towards his clan. He didnt care to maintain the graceful appearance he had earlier in Outer Realm. Running towards the safest spot was the only thing on his mind.

Alas, he didnt know he was leading a death god towards his own home, a clan-extinguishing disaster.

He made it back to the clan in the shortest time and didnt realize he could run this fast before. The guy was crazily ecstatic after seeing his clan in the distant.

“Quick, quick. Close the gate and ring the alarms, let the ancestors know that an enemy is coming!” Zheng shouted after jumping inside. His shrill scream echoed across the clan.

“Clang, clang, clang…” Alarms resounded through the clan at a large scale.

This clan was majestic and vast with walls reaching the clouds. The entire place turned into a fortress under vigilance. No one could take half a step forward.

Though their emperor had died to the execution, they still had plenty of resources. Of course, they have fallen just like the Peng but not too many lineages in Outer Realm would dare to look down on them.

Li Qiye leisurely walked up to their gate with a horde of spectators far behind him, ready to watch the fun.

In fact, the crowd got bigger with random people joining in. They didnt know what was going on.

Li Qiye took a look and chuckled: “Kneel and surrender or must I kill my way in?”

“Braaa-at! Dont be arrogant!” Zheng appeared on top of the fortress. He was much calmer now and his clothes were tidy. After returning to his clan, Zheng felt much safer so he shouted down at Li Qiye: “Brat, leave right now if you are smart and I, I wont pursue this any further. Im a benevolent person so Ill for-forgive you. Otherwise, youll have to face our entire clan!”

His tone was one of weak uncertainty despite its loud volume. Nevertheless, his clan was ready to meet the enemy with its disciples standing in the right positions.

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