Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 39: Princesss Arrival 1

“It has been a long time since someone has mentioned that name.” The moment Li Qiye finished speaking, the old face on the tree opened its eyes and smiled.

Ye Xiaoxiao stared at this strangely-fitting face on the tree and curiously asked: “What is the feeling of the seeds taking root inside you? Do you feel like a puppet?”

“No, Im not a puppet.” He kindly smiled like a grandpa next door: “Im only another experiment. As for the feeling? It feels pretty good, like leaves returning to the earth. People will have to die in the end, but as for where and how… the choice is different for each individual.”

“So you chose to stay in this place?” Xiaoxiao curiously perused the ancestor. For treants, only the treefathers would be able to take root in the earth. However, Terminus current status was quite strange. He accomplished this magical task without being a treefather.

“Yes.” Despite being a famous character, he was still talkative like an old man: “There is nothing bad about this place. At the very least, it gives me the feeling of being at home. People will inevitably feel nostalgic.”

Li Qiye only smiled after hearing this. Of course, the situation wasnt as simple as the ancestor made it out to be. There were other reasons for him to make this choice.

“Young lass, you must be the descendant of the Golden Bamboo Ancestor, I didnt expect to see a friends descendant after so many years.” The ancestor carefully looked at Ye Xiaoxiao before smiling.

“A friends descendant?” Xiaoxiao blinked doubtfully and asked: “It should be a rivals descendant. You wont attack me because of this, right?”

The ancestor loudly laughed in response: “Lass, there are some things that are different from how the descendants imagine them to be. Yes, your ancestor and I used to be rivals for the treefathers position. However, you juniors might not know that we were also good friends who were together all the time.”

He sentimentally sighed after saying this. Despite the passing of the years, he still remembered the world he had left as he continued to nearly forget about many things. When this topic was brought up today, he recalled his youthful passion in the past, his heroic and fiery demeanor that soared to the sky.

Xiaoxiao charmingly smiled: “Really?”

“I dont need to lie to you.” Terminus spoke while staring at her before being astounded: “Lass, your bloodline…”

“What about my bloodline?” She felt a bit happy after noticing that she might have found some clues and hurriedly asked: “Do you know my bloodlines origin?”

The ancestors from the Golden Isle had always been confused about the origin of her bloodline. They knew that it was very precious, but they couldnt pinpoint the exact reason.

But now, Terminus was able to see some clues, making her quite elated. Perhaps he could dispel the mysteries of her blood.

He looked at her for awhile before slowly answering: “Your bloodline is extremely ancient. If your ancestors were still alive, they would be very excited.”

After hearing his insightful response, she quickly asked: “What bloodline is it and how is it useful?”

He looked at her and pondered for a bit before replying: “Im not too certain of your bloodline since I have never seen such an ancient one, but I know there is a place—”

“A place like that indeed exists, but it depends on who brings her along.” Li Qiye leisurely spoke before Terminus could finish.

This prompted the old tree to take another look at Li Qiye with a glint of surprise in his eyes. Anyone else aware of Terminus identity would be scared out of their mind if they had to meet this gaze. However, Li Qiye was completely unperturbed and stood there with a smile on his face.

After taking a good look at him, Terminus eyes suddenly changed. He stopped looking and fell into silence.

Ye Xiaoxiao, on the other hand, felt excited again and asked the ancestor: “What place?”

Terminus awkwardly laughed: “Ah, well, I have only heard about this legend. Alas, I am rooted here and cannot leave so I cant take you there. The young noble next to you, Im sure that he can take you there instead.”

She couldnt help but glance at Li Qiye then back at Terminus after hearing this strange response. She then showed a fiery glare while placing both hands on her slender waist and said: “Ego King, did you do something bad again? Hmph! You must have done something behind my back.”

Li Qiye only leisurely responded: “Something bad? I didnt do anything suspicious at all.”

“Hmph, youre still denying it?! Earlier, he clearly wanted to tell me about a place, but now hes all quiet. Who else but you could have caused the mischief? Tell the truth right now, what are you trying to do?” She gave him an ugly stare. Despite her young age, she was far from being stupid and understood that there was a reason for the sudden change in Terminus attitude.

Li Qiye nonchalantly smiled: “Whatever you think then, but just know that you are wrongfully accusing a good person. Who is the Terminus Divine Ancestor? He took root here and isnt afraid of anyone, will he actually change his tone just because of a junior like me? I cant believe that you are suspecting a kind-hearted man like me, is there no justice in this world?”

Although Xiaoxiao felt that Li Qiye was up to no good, she carefully thought about it again and felt that her suspicion was without base. Terminus was the rival of her progenitor and couldnt possibly be afraid of a young junior like Li Qiye.

He noticed her hesitation and laughed while patting her shoulder: “Okay, little girl, you are viewing my kindness as malice. If you think I have ulterior motives, then you can stay and talk to the ancestor. Sigh, my feelings are so hurt.” Having said that, he turned around to leave.

“Alright, alright, Ego King. I know Im wrong, why are you in such a hurry to leave?!” She thought that she was wrongfully accusing him and quickly gave chase.

He stopped and looked at her with a grin on his face before pinching her nose: “Changing after knowing that you are wrong, good kid.”

She gave him the side-glance and a kick as well before assuming her usual powerful posture: “Bah, dont take a mile after I give you an inch! Ego King, Ill follow you around, but you need to bring me to the place you mentioned earlier!”

She was talking about the place Terminus brought up. In fact, she had no clue as to where or what it was, but her intuition told her that it was very important to her.

Li Qiye chuckled: “Of course, why else would I be taking you to the ridge? However, were not in a rush right now. Ill take you when the time is right.”

After gaining some ground, Xiaoxiao felt quite content and proud. She smugly raised her delicate chin towards Li Qiye and said: “Hmph, thats more like it.”

Her arrogant demeanor amused him: “We should go in now.”

“Grandpa, see you later.” Xiaoxiao waved towards Terminus. Despite her fiery temperament, she still had a cute side.

Terminus revealed a kind smile and took down a green branch to give to Xiaoxiao: “You can come to the Divine Tree Ridge and play whenever you want. Also, if theres any trouble, just let me know.”

“Okay.” She didnt think much of it and casually accepted the branch.

She naturally didnt know of its importance. As the divine guardian of the withered and this city, his branch would allow for Xiaoxiao to travel unhindered. It guaranteed her safety in many locations in this burial ground.

Li Qiye only chuckled and brought her inside the city.

Terminus couldnt help but ask before these two left: “Young Noble, how long will you be staying here?”

Li Qiye leisurely responded: “Well, I havent thought about that just yet. Im here to see a person, I wonder if they are still in this world? If possible, I would like you to help me arrange a meeting. If I am satisfied, I will leave immediately.”

Terminus shut his mouth again after hearing this. Li Qiye laughed and finally walked into the city with Xiaoxiao.

Meanwhile, Terminus watched the two and murmured: “Such a magnificent bloodline, it looks like the Golden geezer has his successor.” He sighed with emotion after saying this.

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