Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 455: Secret Of Nightsea

The guests took a deep breath after hearing the royal lord. His comment wasnt only aggressive but also refused to give any face to the Peng Clan.

Remember that this was their forefathers celebration. But now, causing trouble due to past grievances was directly ruining the feast without giving any consideration for Star Stomper High God.

The humans among the guests scowled in response. Star Stompers contribution to the hundred races was too famous so it didnt matter whether the Peng was in decline or not, the hundred races would always view him with reverence. But now, this royal lord wanted to ruin his celebration? It was also an attack towards the hundred races.

“So I should be testing your kingdoms imperial arts then?” Peng Yue stood up without hesitation with lightning coursing through his eyes!

Heavenly Phoenix was indeed powerful on top of having a mighty son-in-law. People should fear them but the Peng Clan would never swallow this indignation.

“Ancestor Peng, you need to rethink this. You might be stronger than me but Im not someone you can provoke! I came with sincerity to this celebration today but when your High God ambushed my son-in-law back then, this was already a declaration of war against the Monarch Clan. If it wasnt for my son-in-laws magnanimity, your clan would already be flattened by now! Today, you dare to protect my son ’s murderer? This is an unforgivable sin! Hand him over now and apologize on top of accepting your punishment to my son-in-law, or my daughter will mobilize against your clan! She has millions under her banner with more than ten High Gods and the War-Monarch Emperors behind her. You better think twice right now! ” The royal lord was oppressive in tone, no longer holding anything back.

All the guests were stirred by his speech and felt a chill running down their spine.

The royal lord actually wanted the Peng Clan to submit to Jin Ge and compensate for his losses? This was no longer a slap to the face, more like a stomp.

The cultivators from the hundred races were angered but no one dared to step up and say anything. They needed to think about whether they could afford to do so. His daughter had a massive army with emperors as her backing. It meant that she was simply unstoppable. Who would dare to provoke her?

Everyone understood that Jin Ge had gained enough allies after the ambush last time. He was determined to win in the next competition for the Heaven ’s Wills.

In fact, no one here knew that the royal lord was only boasting, borrowing the prestige of a tiger.

It was true that his daughter had a massive army with a few High Gods listening to her. Moreover, Jin Ge had also won the support of some Grand Emperors.

However, she didn ’t demand any reparation from the Peng Clan. On the contrary, she wanted to keep a low profile in order to amass more strength. At the right moment, she would use all of her accumulated resources and forces for her husband ’s next attempt.

She was worried about a second ambush from the hundred races. Thus, she did everything possible in order to have a smooth sailing. There was no way she would waste one good soldier on another cause!

She even went as far as talking to certain sects from the hundred races such as the Jilin Clan, Dragon Citadel, and Sunset Glow Valley. She wanted to please them and had thoughts of forming alliances.

The royal lord didn ’t feel the same way. He believed that because of his daughter ’s current military potential, he was unstoppable.

He tried to get her to agree to avenging her brother but she refused and even persuaded him, asking him to calm down.

Alas, her words fell upon deaf ears. He was hellbent on retribution.

Recently, he heard of Li Qiye staying at the Jilin Clan. This further convinced him that his death had something to do with that clan. However, his power alone couldn ’t do anything if the clan wanted to protect him.

This was why he secretly persuaded some friends and allies under the guise of his daughter ’s banner. He hoped that a strong alliance would be able to pressure the Jilin.

He came to Outer Realm City precisely to talk to the clans out here in order to recruit more High Gods. Meeting Li Qiye here was unexpected. His murderous vengeance erupted with a touch of greed. He wanted both revenge and to swallow the Peng Clan ’s wealth!

Peng Yue ’s expression became ugly. No one would be able to stay calm after hearing this, demanding them to yield on their forefather ’s birthday celebration. Even if it wasn ’t for Li Qiye ’s matter, Peng Yue wouldn ’t have backed down anyway.

”Royal lord, you are out of line! ” Peng Yi was also furious. His face turned red as he glared at the royal lord.

Some of the guests were naturally unhappy about the lord ’s unreasonable attitude. However, Jin Ge and the War-Monarch Clan were indeed untouchable in Pure.

”Brother Peng, you can ’t say that. The royal lord is sincerely giving your clan a good chance. If His Excellency Jin Ge were to come with his army, not even an inch would be left of this land. Changing war into peace by acquiescing is the best course of action. ” Donggong Zheng smiled deviously and added.

”Shut your mouth! ” Peng Yi as the clan master was going to stay calm during this celebration. But now, this matter related to the prestige and honor of their clan. To acquiesce was to let all of this go. They might as well get the hell out of Outer Realm at that point.

”Peng Yi. I ’ll be frank. ” Zheng ’s expression also turned cold as he called Peng Yi by his given name: ”Don ’t think your clan is so amazing anymore. The respect from everyone else is no longer there, your clan is a withered flower, a setting sun now. Hah, your only backing, Star Stomper High God, is grievously wounded and can ’t come out. But even if he can, so what? Offending the War-Monarch Clan could only end in death! The moment His Excellency Jin Ge mobilizes, our clan will be the first to heed his call! No one will speak up for your clan. ”

Zheng no longer tried to be amicable in appearance. Their clan specifically came to check on the Peng for this celebration.

Peng Yi turned pale with his chest huffing and puffing while Peng Yue became even more livid. His eyes flashed with bloodthirst but he couldn ’t kill Zheng because of his status as a senior.

”The War-Monarch Clan ain ’t shit. ” A leisure voice interrupted Donggong Zheng ’s gloating moment.

Everyone looked towards the source of the voice and saw that it was Li Qiye. He was still enjoying his meal and wine.

After he made his statement, he elegantly picked up a tender piece of Fierce Bull ’s meat and carefully chewed before swallowing.

Everyone forgot about him since the royal lord was going at it with the Peng Clan. Now, they finally remembered that he was the main actor.

”Such a big tone! ” Zheng snorted and aggressively said: ”Ignorant brat, do you know who the War-Monarchs are? It is a clan with five emperors, the leader of Pure. If they want to kill you, it will be as easy as crushing an ant! ”

Some among the crowd grimaced. Pure was the territory of the hundred races. Since when was the War-Monarch Clan its leader?!

”Only five emperors, no big deal. ” Li Qiye gracefully wiped his mouth and hands, still as nonchalant as before: ”A clan with nine emperors and a Heavenly Scripture like the Qian might, just might, be able to utter some words before me, as for the War-Monarch Clan? Mere trash. ”

From start to finish, Li Qiye didn ’t bother to look at Zheng and the royal lord as if they were beneath him.

Everyone was astounded after hearing this. The War-Monarch Clan ’s power was unquestionable, even in Pure. No one could touch their status in this land because if they could, this clan wouldn ’t still be here right now. Pure belonged to the hundred races, after all.

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