Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 454: Huang Jiaofu

In a short time, all the guests stared at Li Qiye with hushed discussions.

“Thats Fiercest, I heard he killed Heavenly Phoenix Crown Prince.” An expert whispered.

“Shh.” His friend instantly signaled for him to stop and quietly said: “Lower your voice, dont let others hear you because this is a big deal.”

The guests nearby shuddered as well. Some of them glanced at the bloodthirsty royal lord.

There was no way the lord would forgive someone who killed his son. More importantly, because his son-in-law was Jin Ge, the War-Monarch Clan might come for revenge as well.

Li Qiye sat in the corner as if he didnt hear the royal lord. He took his time sipping his wine and enjoying the snacks. From start to finish, he didnt look at the lord or Donggong Zheng at all since he didnt want blood to stain this celebration. Ignoring them was the best way.

Everyone should be happy that Li Qiye wasnt causing trouble, including the emperors. Unfortunately, the royal lord didnt understand this fact just like so many others in the world.

His silence was viewed as weakness. Many guests thought that he was afraid of the lord.

“Little animal, you think you can avoid this by not speaking?” The lord walked towards Li Qiye. He swore for retribution regardless of the cost.

Li Qiye slightly frowned but he maintained his neutral stance and sat there like a quiet, handsome fella.

“Not to mention the quiet corner, even if you run into a rat nest, Ill still capture you.” The lord lost his cool and rushed forward.

“Your Majesty.” Peng Yi quickly blocked his path and hurriedly said: “Please calm down. If you have any grievances, please wait until after the celebration. Im sure Brother Li doesn ’t want to run, it is only a matter of time to settle the scores. No need to rush it, am I right, Brother Li?”

Peng Yi naturally didnt want to see killing during his forefathers celebration. It wouldnt only ruin the party but also rob their clan of face.

A fight at this event would be trampling over their clans prestige. If they couldnt control this situation, they wouldnt be able to stay at Outer Realm any longer!

Donggong Zheng smiled after seeing this and said: “Brother Peng, it is not His Majesty not giving your clan any face. Remember, this Li fella is his mortal enemy with an irreconcilable feud. But Brother Peng, you are letting him sit in this hall like an esteemed guest. Does your clan wish to oppose His Majesty too? Or are you on the same side with him all along?”

Zheng was fanning and adding oil to the fire in order to ruin this celebration. Star Stomper killed their High God, this was also another irreconcilable feud!

Peng Yi grimaced in response. He knew no good would come from their visit but he couldnt chase guests away without a justifiable reason.

“Brother Donggong, no need to make baseless conjectures.” Peng Yi responded: “Today is our forefathers birthday so we welcome all guests who want to offer their respect. How could we turn anyone away?”

“Virtuous Nephew Peng, I have no intention of antagonizing your clan either but this person is my sons murderer. I vow to never let this go until I kill him!” The royal lord aggressively declared with a cold and murderous expression.

He and Donggong Zheng came with ill-will in the first place. Star Stomper ruined his son-in-laws ascension and killed a High God from the Donggong. If the two of them actually came with sincerity, that would be the hardest thing to believe in the world.

Peng Yi had a hard time controlling the situation. He was in the same generation as Zheng so he could stop the guy but the royal lord wouldnt give a young person like him any face.

“Cough.” The old Peng Yue spoke feebly: “Royal lord, I can sympathize with the pain of losing a son. However, today is our forefathers birthday, all are guests here at our mansion. Please let today pass and you can settle the scores later.”

All the experts held their breath after hearing this and stared at the royal lord. Those from the imperial lineages were aware of the unfriendly nature of the royal lords visit.

Nevertheless, a Dao Celestial with 80,000,000 chaos units had some weight to his words.

“Ancestor Peng, I want to be considerate and do not want to cause trouble on this day, but my will for vengeance is insuppressible!” The royal lord maintained his aggression.

“So you are saying you want to ruin our feast?” Peng Yue frowned and became serious.

All eyes were on the two of them at this moment.

The royal lord was also a Dao Celestial. His talents were only average among cultivators so it was hard for someone his age to reach this realm. In fact, his power and talents werent worthy of the throne in his own country.

But ultimately, he was fortunate enough to have an amazing daughter. Not only was she incredibly talented and laid down a strong foundation for their branch, she also married Jin Ge. This marriage alliance gave their country an unprecedented advantage and heightened their status in Pure.

Because of this, the royal lord easily took the throne. After his coronation, the ancestors in the royal clan helped and gave him enough spirit medicines to break through any bottleneck. He barely stepped into the Dao Celestial realm after having 50,000,000 chaos units.

“Do not blame me for this. This is your clan inviting someone like this here, it will herald a disaster to this place!” The royal lord said.

“Thats right.” Zheng smiled deviously and followed up: “Brother Peng, you need to think carefully as the clan master. One can lose everything with one wrong move. It will bring about a clan-destroying disaster!”

“Brother Donggong, what are you implying?!” Peng Yis expression darkened. Even if it wasnt for Li Qiye, these two would have come up with another excuse to cause trouble.

“Nothing.” Zheng sneered: “Im only advising you out of kindness. After all, this isnt like the past any longer. Many great powers are rising like the suns with no lack of clans facing the dusk. If you arent careful, this land might have a new owner!”

Peng Yis expression changed completely. Zheng was blatantly referring to the decline of their clan.

The guests looked at each other after hearing Zheng. They realized that the royal lord and Zheng didnt come here to celebrate.

“Is that so? I want to see who can change the master of this land!” Peng Yues old voice slowly uttered each word.

He spoke powerfully this time around. As an experienced ancestor, he wouldnt allow someone to bully them in their own territory. Even if they had to go all out, they must maintain the prestige of their clan.

The guests took a deep breath. Peng Yue had made it clear. Anyone else who dared to cause trouble would become enemy with their clan.

“Ancestor Peng, I dont give a damn about your land.” The royal lord said coldly: “Today, anyone who dares to stop my retribution will become the enemy of my kingdom and we do not stop until our enemies are dead!”

The royal lord was just as fierce. Both sides simply wouldnt relent.

“So you intend on ruining our event?” Peng Yues eyes turned cold with a stately and oppressive aura.

“Ancestor Peng, no more playing games. You might be an expert with 80,000,000 chaos units but Im not afraid of you. If your clan is smart, dont stand in my path for revenge or I wont show any mercy!” The royal lord was unperturbed.

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