Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 453: The Fleeting Pas

Donggong Zheng and Heavenly Phoenix Royal Lords arrival was only the beginning. Many more guests came in the next two days such as the Sunset Glow Valley, Divine Dragon Mountain, Heaven Searching Sect, and Dragon Citadel… Many of the great powers from Pure sent their disciples for the celebration. Certain imperial lineages came as well.

The majority of the imperial lineages were from the hundred races. Even though none of the big shots from these clans came, just sending their disciples alone was enough to show that they havent forgotten the High Gods contribution to the races.

In fact, Peng Yi didnt expect this at all. Their forefather was still hiding in Exploration Grounds and couldnt show up even on his grand birthday. This was the reason why their clan didnt invite outsiders to the feast.

At the very least, few lineages from the three races came to Peng Yis relief. Most of the guests truly came with goodwill.

If there were more people from the three races, then it would look much more unfavorable for their clan. It would be a pack of wolves wanting to feast on their clan.

Nevertheless, the sincerity of the guests didnt weaken the clans vigilance. Despite the happy appearance, the clan was still ready for battle.

If anything major happened at this party, their clan would come under great scrutiny. If they couldnt take charge and stabilize the situation, then the result would be very negative and might even spell their doom. Everyone would try to get a bite of their resources.

After all, they had enough businesses here at Outer Realm. Remember how busy this place was since it was the starting area to the Exploration Grounds. Imagine if their clan were to fall, so many would covet what they had, including old friends.

These were sleepless nights for the disciples at Peng despite their jubilant appearance. They kept their weapon by the side the whole night.

Then came the birthday finally with all the guests gathering. The mansion had lamps and decorating flowers. Each disciple had a red ribbon symbolizing longevity and prepared all sorts of colorful and delicious meals to each table.

The guests quickly took their seat while the Peng had their own experts and ancestors participating in the celebration. However, their real goal was to look out for trouble.

The strongest ancestor from the Peng was also here. This was their Profound Ancestor named Peng Yue. His hair was as gray as the early morning dew but his eyes were still spirited and sharp.

This was the only capable ancestor left from their clan outside of Star Stomper. He was a Dao Celestial with 80,000,000 chaos units. This was a peerless master compared to ordinary cultivators.

Despite his powerful aura, he was really quite old with withering vitality. He rarely cared for mundane matters but he had to preside over the situation this time. Other ancestors couldnt handle this mess.

He sat on top and made the guests much more polite. After all, having a Dao Celestial here changed the atmosphere. Any cultivator must think twice before doing anything unwise. A peak Dao Celestial or a High God needed to show up in order to deal with him.

Though there were many disciples from imperial lineages here, they werent big shots or anything. Thats why they acted respectfully towards someone of Peng Yues level.

The truth was that Peng Yue would be a big deal in any place on the thirteen continents. Of course, it would be a different story if a High God was here. There was still a big gap between him and the next level.

Heavenly Phoenix Royal Lord sat closer to the top with Donggong Zheng alone. The other guests didnt dare to sit with them because they were only ordinary disciples. He, on the other hand, was a lord on top of being Jin Ges father-in-law. This was an immensely prestigious character.

More importantly, he was on the side of the three races. After the ambush, racial relations became tense again. Thus, who from the hundred races would dare to sit with him?

Li Qiye was also a participant even though he didnt really care for it. He agreed because Peng Yi asked him.

Peng Yi took quite a risk to do so. The outcome could be easily imagined since the victims father and the murderer were attending the same party. However, Peng Yi couldnt just ignore the guy due to his great gift. This more than qualified him to sit in this place.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye kept a low profile during the whole thing by picking an inconspicuous corner. People didnt even notice someone like him.

Of course, he wasnt afraid of trouble, not because of someone like Heavenly Phoenix Royal Lord. No one here could get in his sight. Nevertheless, this was a birthday celebration so he wanted to get through it peacefully.

Alas, regardless of his wish, an aggressive pair of eyes was fixated on him the moment he sat down.

It was no other than Heavenly Phoenix Royal Lord! He had seen Li Qiyes portrait before so he could recognize the guy even if he was burnt to ashes. A murderous glint flashed in his eyes just like a poisonous serpent staring at its prey. The fact that he didnt attack right away was indicative of his patience and grace.

Peng Yi was sweating after seeing this. The thing he didnt want the most was happening. He and the Profound Ancestor exchanged glances after all the guests sat down. He went up to the podium and the only thought on this mind was for this to be over as soon as possible.

“Gentlemen, we as the descendants can only wish our forefather happy birthday from afar because he is still staying at Exploration Grounds.” He began his speech: “Your presence at our humble abode honors this lowly one. Please forgive any slight in the reception and hospitality…”

The guests applauded after he finished his speech. Many wanted to see Star Stomper High God but if it was inconvenient for him to come out, they didnt dare to voice any displeasure.

“Brother Peng, congratulation on this joyous day. There are so many esteemed guests here today but my knowledge is shallow. Will you introduce me to some friends from all over the world here?” Donggong Zheng stood up and asked after the speech.

The crowd nodded approvingly after hearing this. People here were from all over Pure and didnt know each other prior to this. It was a good opportunity to make friends.

Of course, Zhengs eyes were locked on Li Qiye in the corner by himself. He knew what was going on the moment he saw the royal lords gaze.

The guy was purposely causing trouble and Peng Yi became anxious, knowing that something big was going to happen. However, this was inevitable at this point.

“May I ask which Fellow Daoist you want to know, Brother Donggong?” Peng Yi asked while exchanging another glance at the Profound Ancestor.

“This Fellow Daoist looks exceptional so in my opinion, he must be from a famous sect. Will you introduce me to him?” Zheng was heading for Li Qiye.

Li Qiye sat there nonchalantly with a faint smile on his face while the royal lord continued to stare at him.

“His name is Li Qiye.” The royal lord answered before Peng Yi and stood up. His voice was cold to the extreme, same with his gaze.

Many of the guests were surprised to hear this. Some began to whisper among themselves.

“Thats Fiercest?” A few have heard of Li Qiyes title but havent seen him in person before. They assumed that Fiercest would look quite brutal and aggressive instead of this ordinary appearance.

They didnt expect he would be here on top of sitting in that lonely corner.

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